Fruit Dream Meaning – Top 40 Dreams About Fruits

Did you dream about fruits? Fruits in general, signify financial gain, growth, luck, love, well-being, and abundance. They could relate to lust, sexuality, and health. They are full of vitamins and good sugar. Consider the contexts of the dream. Think about your interactions with fruits, types of fruits, and the conditions of fruits. Below we will note the most common dream interpretations for fruits as a whole. We also provide links to all the specific fruits that we have written dream analysis for.

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Dream About Specific Types of Fruits

Below is the current list of all the fruits dream meanings that we have covered. We will add more in the future as we add to our library.

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Dream About Preparing Fruits

Washing Fruit
To see yourself washing fruits with water over a sink; point to a process of cleansing and growth. You will soon be getting over certain hard feelings with coworkers or colleagues.

Plucking or Picking Fruit
Plucking fruits from trees or picking fruits from bushes in the dream; foretell richness and pleasure will become readily available. You will soon enjoy the fruit of your labor and love.

Cutting Fruit
To dream that you are cutting open fruits with a knife; predicts that you will cut through your disillusions and apparent success. You will soon get to the core of your problems and successes. Perhaps you will redefine yourself by finding meaning underneath the surface.

Receiving Fruit
To dream that you receive fruit from someone as a gift; foretells that someone is going to do you an important favor. This favor will push you further in your personal success.

Dream About Consuming Fruits

Bird or Animals Eating Fruit
To dream about birds or other small animals like rabbits or dogs eating fruits; represent discord in dividing your fruits of labor. You will soon enjoy abundance and success from your businesses and projects. However, you will have a hard time splitting those rewards with people on your team. Everybody is going to want a piece of the pie.

Drinking Fruit Juice
Drinking fruit juice in the dream; suggests that you will find a fast way to use up and consume your wealth. You will have some instant pleasures and gratifications. Be aware of overindulging yourself in the process.

Eating Exotic Fruit
Eating exotic fruits in the dream foretells that you will soon experience something foreign and abroad. Keep an open mind about what will become available to you. You will go through a positive change and become inspired.

Other Actions with Fruits

Raining Fruit
To dream about raining fruits from the sky; foretells that you will receive an abundance of wealth and pleasure from luck such as the lottery. However, you will not be able to save or make the most of that fortune. Good luck will become wasted because of your inability to manage it.

Sharing Fruit
Seeing yourself sharing your fruits on a dish; foretells that you will share the fruit of your labor with your loved ones and friends.

Stealing Fruit
To dream that you are stealing fruits in the dream; foretells that you will take the credit for other people’s work. You are no longer patient to work for your own result. You want a quick paycheck that comes off the shoulder of others.

Throwing Fruit
To see yourself throwing fruits at other people or in the trash; indicates that your efforts are being wasted in a fruitless endeavor. You are either giving your efforts away or they are not appreciated at all.

Dream About Appearances of Fruits

Beautiful Fruit
A beautiful fruit in the dream points to pleasant events, gain, and profit. However, it might only appear so on the surface. You could view other people’s success through filtered lenses like on Instagram, Facebook, or social media. You do not really know about the success of other people.

Unknown Wild Fruit
To see an unknown wild fruit in the dream foretells that an amazing yet uncertain opportunity will arise. The dream suggests that you should take the chance and embrace the risk. You will never know the result until you test it out.

Large Giant Fruit
A large and giant looking fruit indicates abundance and joy. You will get more rewards than you have initially requested. It could relate to a positive stock market, retirement account, promotions, or other raises.

Rotten Fruit
To see rotten fruits point to unpaid debt, rent, or mortgage. Sadness that comes from unpaid debts will come soon. You will have some misunderstanding of important contracts or financial banking products. This will cost you great pain and loss.

Moldy Fruit
Moldy fruits in the dream forewarn that you will suffer financial losses due to fees and unwanted interests. Consider following up on your assets and bank accounts. Make sure your business is in order.


Dried Fruit
A dried fruit snack in the dream suggests that you should save for a rainy day. Conserve the profits that you are generating now. So that you could use them during times of need. Aim for security for the long term.

Insect or Worm in Fruit
To dream about insects like ants, locusts, or worms eating your fruit; suggests that people will take advantage of your hard work. Be careful about dwindling profits because you are not careful about these outside forces.

Forbidden Fruit
To see a forbidden fruit like from the bible in the dream; forewarns that your future plans will not work out. You will think that you have the capability to take on certain tasks. However, the chance is high that you will fail and become discouraged. You are disillusioned by certain individuals with false promises. Do not listen to advice without double-checking your odds. It could also relate to a premarital sexual relationship.

Lost Fruit
To see fruit being lost; forewarns that you are going to be cheated.

Dream About Tastes of Fruits

Sweet Juicy Ripe Fruit
Sweet ripe juicy fruit in the dream refers to plentiful and sweet fortune. You will enjoy richness and pleasures.

Sour Fruit
Sour fruit in the dream means jealousy and missed opportunities. You will feel jealous of others who have made a profit with their work or investing choices. You have likely made your personal decisions hastily or prematurely. Thus you are expressing regrets about missed gains.

Fresh Fruit
Fresh fruit in the dream means realizations that are on time. You can count on good timing and fortune. Enjoy your accomplishments. It is the best time to enjoy and indulge in your fruits of labor.

Unripe Fruit
To dream about unripe fruits mean that you are too early with some decisions. Do not be so hasty about doing something. Take your time to let your knowledge and wisdom mature. You will be more experienced to take on more advanced jobs.

Dream About Growing Fruits

Fruit Tree or Bushes without Fruits
To dream about a tree or bush without fruits; meaning that you need to work harder and longer. Take the time to understand the root of the problems. Perhaps you are working in the wrong direction. You are not tackling the right problems.

Fruit Bearing Tree With Many Fruits
To dream about a fruit tree with many fruits; you will have many business leads and prospects. Be proactive and diligent to land on more clients and close sales. You will be rewarded handsomely.

Budding Fruit Tree
A budding fruit tree with bees and butterflies around it in the dream; presents fertility and conception. You desire a child or a budding business. Be patient and you will soon get what you want.

Falling Fruit
Seeing a fruit falling from a tree in the dream; means unhappiness and exhaustion. You are overworking yourself. You are sacrificing your health over financial prosperity. Be careful about spending even more money to restore your poor health.

Fruit Garden
Seeing a fruit garden or orchard; points to a change in your job or working environment.

Dream About Fruit Locations

Fruit Bushels or Barrels
A bushel or barrel full of fruits; indicates that you will be very successful at your job. Your superiors and bosses will note your hard work and reward you accordingly.

Fruit Shop or Stall Market
A grocery storehouse or fruit shop stall in the dream; points to the choices that you will have in spending on yourself.

Dream About Fruit Combinations and Recipes

Fruit and Vegetables
To see fruits and vegetables together as a salad in the dream; means that you are feeling something good about yourself. You are enjoying the simpleness of life. You are full of positive energies.

Different Mixed Fruit Cocktail
To dream about fruit cocktails or fruit platters; means abundance and pleasure. You will soon get a mix of pleasurable experiences such as family gatherings or going on a vacation.

Fruit Cake
Having fruit cake in dreams means that you will be able to grow and transform your expertise into something sweet and abundant. Perhaps you are able to use your experience and wisdom to start a side job like a consultancy. And the dream foretells that you will be hugely rewarded for your efforts.

Fruit Basket
To dream about fruit baskets represent luck and all kinds of interest. You will form connections with people over some important holidays and gatherings. Perhaps you will visit people at their work or hospitals.

Fruit Punch
Fruit punch in the dream points to happy marriage and relationships. You will do well in the connection aspects of your waking life. Soon you will meet someone new at parties.

Fruit Smoothie Blender Machine
To dream that you are using a blender for fruit into a smoothie or juice; indicates that you are trying to discover a healthy, balanced, and shared opinion with others.

Dream About Colors of Fruits

Generally, fruits colors will relate to their natural colors. However, when they have a different original color. They could have hidden or implied meanings.

Black Fruit
Black fruit in the dream means unexpected results.

Blue Fruit
Blue fruits in the dream indicates that you need to trust your wisdom and intuition.

Brown Fruit
Brown fruits in the dream points to waiting too long. You missed your opportunity.

Yellow Fruit
Yellow fruits promises fast healing to ill people.

Purple Fruit
Purple fruits means that you will soon become royalty in some way.

White Fruit
White fruits points to troubles with the mind.

Green Fruit
Green fruits means immaturity.

Dream About Fruit Animals

Fruit Bats
Fruit bat in dreams refers to hidden diseases that lie within harmless appearances. Be aware of others who appear to be innocent, although they do not mean directly harm to you. Being closer to them can bring out bad circumstances for your whole well being.

Fruit Flies
To see fruit flies in the dream is a warning not to flaunt your wealth. It foretells that you will suddenly “gain” many friends and family once they learn that you have money. They will try to take advantage of your good fortune.

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