Social Network Dream Interpretation

Did you dream about social networks? Dreaming about using websites that focus on your social circles such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, Forum, LINE, or even Pinterest, the action represents your desires to expand your social circle or reconnect with old acquaintances. Depending on the exact actions that you are taking in the dream of using social networking sites; they can have different dream interpretations or meanings.

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Dream About Your Own Page

Changing Your Profile Page
When you change your personal profile page, it represents your desire to express yourself to others. You want certain details of yourself to be known to other people.

Sharing Posts on Facebook in the Dream
Pay special attention to the type of posts, articles, photo albums, or personal information that you have chosen to share. It suggests a sense of pride for certain accomplishments that you want to let people know.

Dream About Adding Friends

Adding Friends on Facebook
If the social network dream features the action of going out to add new people into your social. It reflects your actual desire to expand your social circle. If in the dream no one is replying back to you; it suggests that you should go out there and experience life. Reach out to others in a more direct way.

Approving Friends Requests
When you approve a network connection in the dream, it reflects the idea of being approved and accepted by others. It is a self-verification that you feel that you are a friend worthy.

Dream About Utilizing Facebook

Browsing Social Network Facebook Timeline Mindlessly
To dream that you are wasting time going through Facebook posts repeatedly; suggests that you may not be utilizing your time wisely. You want to know more about the friends that you have. Perhaps it is time to pick up a cell phone and call them up to keep in touch.

Playing Social Network Video Games
Depending on the type of video game that you play, playing games on Facebook can have a different meaning. Consider the type of game that you are playing and the people that you are sending the requests to. These friends may be able to help you achieve your goals in the future.

Using the Search
If you are using the search engine of the social network; it suggests that you are looking for specific people from your past. It may reflect you wanting to go back to a certain point in your life. Or if you are looking up people that you do not know; it can suggest a sense of curiosity and wanting to reach out.

Dream About Social Networks

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