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  1. For two weeks now l always poo in my dream but once I step on poo with my left. This morning in my dream l was poopooing in the toilet. What does it mean?

    • You are fucked, that dream is going to happen and it is called a healthy baby, on the other hand… It came to me know that you want to have a baby, but you dont expect so much work … so the baby is going to make you work more than you think… but that’s just my opinion..

      babies a beautiful, but you may be overlooking the problems that come with it

  2. I dreamt I was urinating in a public open toilet. The floor has faeces on it. As I urinated on the feaces, it splattered on my body. I was disgusted and embarrassed. I made some effort to clean it off my body. What does this mean?

  3. I dreamed about pooping in someone’s toilet and my family were all around me and another family I know in front of me and we were all talking. I was embarrassed and wanted the other family to leave so I can finish. When I finally finished that others family took my poop and throw it on the ground then I step and touch it.. it was yellow and disgusting. After that I had poop in my mouth and was spitting out on the ground and we had a get together at that same ground were the poop was it…that’s the most disgusting dream I’ve never had.

  4. I dream about pooing in the nite pants but then I mistaken as I saw the yellow poo is on the floor when I was about to go to the toilet

  5. i dreamed my baby neice was trying to poop in my bed. My husband told her not too then he was lying naed in the bed trying not to poop but the poop was just coming out. I screamed at him not to poop and i looked there was poop on the flooe aswell. I just wanted to throw up and ran to the toilet gagging. I didnt end up throwing up but i was gagging and the toiulet was filled to the top with toilet paper

    • I dream seen my wife packing our children feces into our bedroom flour from outside, and I was trying to stop her, how can you pack shits from outside to the room.what is the meaning?

    • I dream seen my wife packing our children feces into our bedroom flour from outside, and I was trying to stop her, how can you pack shits from outside to the room.what is the meaning?

  6. I had a dream where I was at my best friend’s wedding rehearsal. We were outside taking pictures on a beautiful day when I started rolling around in the grass. Then we were in a beautiful house in which I suddenly felt a lump in my pants. I ran to the bathroom and found I had pooped my pants. It was one piece of firm poo but my underwear were covered. I flushed the poo, threw out my underwear, cleaned myself up, and went back out to everyone else without saying a word. What does this signify?!?! I’ve never had dreams like this before.

  7. Dreaming of a baby poop in my finger. I also dreaming washing hands with gel to clean. But i was not angry and not complaining. Was just little happy.What does it mean

  8. I dreamt about driving my car and pooping a big round brown sticky poop in a round solid hard shape. I hid it under my seat and promised myself to deal with it later

  9. I had a dream that I was bathing a newborn and the baby had a pile of orange poop in a pile and then somehow the orange poop got in the baby’s eyes.

  10. I’ve had poop dreams before and they’ve always meant prosperity or money. However, I had a dream that I pooped and it was shaped like baby pigs! WTF All but one flushed because of the size. This,freaked me the hell out!

  11. I have been seeing a lot lately that I am pooping a solid into my bed and happened 5/6 times in a row. Everytimes it’s happening, I am feeling relax and there I no smells in it. What is even this dream meaning.

  12. I dreamt that I visited a friend n decided to poop in their public shared poor standard bathroom. Was grossed out by d place but had to poop.
    D poop was soft and kept coming.
    Wen I wipe,more came out. She came to check if I was done n I complained casually abt it.
    D poop was a lot and it had lots of white poop in it,mixed with d regular brown color.
    I wiped n was walking away from d loo wen I woke up.

    Wat could this mean pls.

  13. I dreamt that I visited a friend n decided to poop in their public shared poor standard bathroom. Was grossed out by d place but had to poop.
    D poop was soft and kept coming.
    Wen I wipe,more came out. She came to check if I was done n I complained casually abt it.
    D poop was a lot and it had lots of white poop in it,mixed with d regular brown color.
    I wiped n was walking away from d loo wen I woke up.

    Any ideas?

  14. Hi I was dreaming that I am eating my pooh but when its already in my mouth I cannot swallow it its to much sticky what its that mean?

  15. I dreamed about two little boys in my house apparently mine but I don’t have any brought in a dog and two minature horses in my house and piles of poop were everywhere. I demanded they clean it all up and get rid of animals immediately. Apparently someone gave them to them. Very vivid dream. What does it mean?

  16. I have dreamt twice recently that my mum gave me 2 big piles of loose poop with grass in them and they tasted disgusting but I had to eat them because she told me they were good for me

  17. I have 2 poop dreams
    1st, I dreamt of washing baby clothes full of poop and was abit upset about it while washing. then after 3 days

    2nd, I dreamt of pooping in a public house then some guest came to stand there and refuse to leave. I couldn’t clean my poop in their presence so I stood up wit d poop in my anus and wore my undies and started looking for where to wash my poop. then I came across my grandma dirty poop water and fetch it and hide to wash my poop then my poop stained the place my mum saw it and said she will clean it so that my grandma doesn’t see it

  18. I dreamt of pooping on my underwear and I was with one of my friends then I took out my underwear in my dream. I freaked out because I pooped so many juvenile lizards! some were still in their shells! some were coming out of their shells they went down my legs and even on the floor! i asked for help, cried and screamed alot in my dream! I woke up feeling itching on my anus! and frustrated and feeling so bad! what does it mean? can you please help me understand that dream.

  19. I dream that I am about to poop on a toilet that is in a wide open space: warehouse, large house with no interior walls, large public bathroom without walls. I sit down on the toilet and there is no seat. I try to poop but people walk by. And I stop myself. Never actually going. I eventually never go I just get up awkwardly and painfully and try to find another place to go. Then the dream repeats. A few times. And then I wake up. Thoughts?

  20. I dreamt pooping. As I was pooping I was sleeping with my boyfriend and still in the dream I woke up to this too much feces. At first the feces was strong and as it was coming out it became like I had a running tummy. What’s this supposed to mean

  21. I dreamt that I had pooped sitting on an elevated platform (could also have been a ladder) just outside a temple. I try to hide it but there is a cleaner woman behind who noticed the poop. She doesn’t necessarily associate me with having done that. Then I run around trying to find something to clean it with but if I recall correctly all the toilets are locked (they are made of grills and completely visible from all directions) and am wondering how can anyone poop so publicly.

    Would love some interpretation of this dream .

  22. Dream pig doin a huge spay shit it went every place I was covered from head t toe an then it did it again lots off pigs round me all running toward people but I was the one that was sprayed on twice

  23. I dreamt that I lied naked on my side in bed. As I turned over to lay on my stomach, I saw that I had three arseholes with soft poo lying in and around all three arsehole

  24. I can’t remember everything about my dream but, I had a dream about a lot of wild boars in the community where u grew up, I was running to get home to escape from them. At one point I was even floating in the air to escape a group of them,when I got I closed the doors so they couldn’t get in. My mom was helping
    me to put a piece of iron behind one of the doors.i remember my house was very dirty with stuff all over the floor, I was on social media but then my finger pressed the wrong button and people I was looking at online could see me and I was doing everything to cut the phone off.i remember feeling poo stuck in my butt and i was walking funny so u went to use the toilet, the toilet was already clogged but I used it
    Anyway,i pooed a lot,the poo that was already in the toilet I wasn’t sure if it was mine or my child’s dad. I tried using the plunger, I was floating in thin air in the toilet kinda like people do in space..but I thought the reason for that was that there was too much water in the bathroom… please help me with this dream. Last night I had a dream about lost of baby rabbits and lots of flowers now this.

  25. I dreamed of floating with poppo at latrine on my right side and down below me is large amount of liquid poppo scattered outside the latrine and the colour is light brown almost yellowish.

  26. i dream poop..its about my young brother that he poop tooo much poop and toooo loong poop.can i know what its mean thats all poop?any other means about this poop?

  27. It does not get any weirder than this! I dreamed I had anal sex with an immediate family member and they pooed on me and in the bed and I could see it. The night before I had a dream where I pooed in the toilet of a church and my step-father brought the entire toilet out to the congregation to see and my fecal matters dropped on the floor and no one was angry. they just told me to use another toilet next time. Who dares to answer this one…Lol.

  28. I dreamt that I felt my cervix was wide open like ready to give birth, but instead I pulled out of me such a huge hard poop it was like the size of a small bat. I was alone in a room, but not a bathroom. I headed to the bathroom and I could hear my mom ask for me from her room so I went to the furthest bathroom away from her. What does this all mean? By the way my mom and I are not on speaking terms.

  29. Weirdest dream EVER. Dreamt of poop in toilet but within it was a perfectly wrapped mini candy bar, like the ones you get at halloween. What the heck could this possibly mean? WEIRD WEIRD …

  30. i dreamt about pooping in a rich man’s house bathroom bt the door was open and his family member where looking at me and i was ashame

  31. I had a dream I had diarrhea and could not find a bathroom. I was in a building and was running around to find a place to go. I finally went in my pants and I was embarrassed and asked someone to help me. The person gave me a sheet and towel.

    What does this mean?

  32. i dreamed pooing several times the first and the second is pooing at the toilet and some is pooing on my own short and it’s wet in feels

  33. I dreamed i was raising dragons they would poop in gold cages i would wrap the poopcages in giant leaves tie them off with gold threads then sell or give the dragon poop to people. Other than me having a couple screws loose, Whats the meaning of that?

  34. Hi first I smell this poop at church and that was not a dream and I was looking were the smelling come from. Then Monday morning I dreamt of a baby and I was holding this baby and this baby had poop I wiped it

  35. Hi first I smell this poop at church and that was not a dream and I was looking were the smelling come from. Then Monday morning I dreamt of a baby and I was holding this baby and this baby had poop I wiped it but the looking healthy yellowish

  36. I dreamt that, I step on a poop and after stepping on the poop few of the poop touches my body and I went to wash it on that same dream and I woke up, what was that mean please

  37. I dreamt I step on poop, after stepping on the poop few of it stain my body on that dream I took water to washes the once in my body, meaning please

  38. i had a dream where I was taking a shower but there was poop everywhere i felt weird but i was willing to shower anyways I tried to remove it with my feet but the poop came back and it didn’t go away they were big dark brown and black i was wondering what it meant

  39. I dreamt that a family friend sat on the floor naked and the floor became stained with yellowish faeces after she rose from the spot. Then she sat on another spot and the same thing happened. I was disgusted by this. What does it mean?

  40. I dreamt I was in a restaurant during a family travels, went into the bathroom, where the workers kept walking in and out like it was their office. Meanwhile in the worthless stalls, I was pooling ungodly amounts overflowing the toilet and into another.

    When I finally got out. My family was gone and I felt a panic of abandonment + kids were trying to steal my belongings. Wtf

  41. Please sometimes ago I did had dreams of pooing frequently sometimes in a school premises other times in a latrine(pit toilet) and I just didn’t poo once,I would be going back to poo every now and then,I do not understand d dream,I prayed against it a long time for it to stop,I actually stopped having the dreams for some times but I started having the dream again,I see myelf pooing in school compounds and sometimes in pit toilet and bathroom and toilets and in some cases,I would see poop all around me,that I would be trying very hard not to step on any. pls am really worried,can u help me out here? Thanks

  42. I drempt that I was laying on a bed with my husband, and I was on my leftside facing him. I myself was surprised when I started to pooh. It was like I had no choice in the matter, it just came out. It did not have a smell, as no one noticed that I had poohed. Next thing I know the pooh was right in front of my my husband. He was talking to one of our children. Then he looked at what was in front of him. He was discussed and blamed(he wanted to fight) our youngest daughter. I told him, no, it is my pooh, I did it!(he does not fight with me). I then looked around for a rag or something to pick it up(it was stiff), so I picked it up with my hands, it felt like wors or fresh cut flesh. I took it to the toilet.

  43. I had a dream where I shat on my dog while he licked my balls. It was very devastating. I didn’t think my dog was gay but now he big gay and I’m disowning him as my own. Thank God I have a brain that gives me dreams that reveal the truth. Goodbye Buster, see you in the shelter in a few hours.

  44. I dreamt of 3 piles of poop on a carpet and asked some else to clean it.
    Brown, yellow and black/dark brown.
    What does it mean?

  45. I’ve seen many poop dreams lately and I don’t know why.One month ago I saw eating poop and the other 4 times flushing a toilet full of fences..

  46. What about someone pooping on you? Dreamt a nurse was walking an elderly patient and as they passed me by he sprayed me with poop from his open back gown.

    • I dream that i was sleeping and lying down on a mat In a public place,I popped out largely so much that the whole mat was field with pooped.

  47. I got dream that I poop then I see my second son that poop also when he was child he didn’t take of his brief and it flowed out and I told him to go to the toilet and he did he went he poop big and some slices and it full the toilet and some flowing out then I said go and throw a water but a’m the one did it I did throw a water and nearby the toilet there’s a hole then appear 1 woman she put a cloth into that hope so that the smell can not spread the whole house and she said it full already and while me is I go in the faucet to fill the big pail of water to use to throw to the toilet to be clean .can you interfet my dream please and reply back I want to know

  48. I dreamed I was pooping on a toilet and a bunch of people were surrounding me watching, very discomforting. What does this mean?

    • I dreamed of the baby standing inside the toilet bowl with poop. I flushed first it doesn’t go, the second time I flushed then it goes. What does this means?

  49. I saw my self pulling weeds in a dirty field …on doing that ,i pulled out a weed from a poop on the floor…please interpret this for me ….

  50. I dreamed i was laying in bed and at the foot of my bed a camel was taking a big dump and then
    He left dropping little poop all over
    What does that mean

  51. I dreamed my 4 year old was sleeping on her belly and i saw her pooped up.
    It was yellow pooped.
    Then i dreamed the next day that my hand had pooped.

  52. I dream I poop in a public toilet and it went all on the w
    Floor and I clean it up . While cleaning their were passer by
    And they were dissatisfied and continued cleaning and
    Smiling and talking them saying I will
    Clean it or I am cleaning it

  53. I dreamt I dreamt I pupu in a public toilet all over the floor and I begin to clean it with my hands and people coming in the toilet saw it and was dissatisfied. I continued wiping it and talking to them and smiling .

  54. well its the day of the $150Million Aussie powerball, and I have known to have had psychic experiences when I was much younger (dreams coming true). I willed myself last night to see “numbers” for the draw, but instead I dreamt of shit. It was all over me, and I was wiping and wiping, and it wasn’t coming off. It didn’t smell, and I wasn’t upsetting me in the dream.
    Lets hope some of that lottery then comes my way!!!

  55. I dreamed stepping on poop and suddenly many goats and sheep’s appeared and they belonged to me I started taking them to my place any meaning please’

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