Apricot Dream Interpretation

Apricots in the dreams suggest that there are hidden truths behind the surface. Something is not what it seems with your first impression. Try to look deeper into the situation and avoid relying on first shallow intuitions.

Dream About Eating Apricot
Eating apricots by itself suggest that you are approaching an onset of an unfortunate or unpleasant situation. At first the situation may not look negative when you approach it, but you may become increasingly unhappy about your circumstances.

If the Apricot in the dream was used as a part of a dessert such as pie or cake, it could suggest that someone is intentionally hiding the facts so that you land yourself in unpleasant scenarios.

Dream About Apricot Tree or Orchard
A blooming apricot tree or orchard in the dream suggest that you are not connected with reality. You may be envisioning some form of rosy future that may need to disastrous results. You should think twice about entering any deals or business dealings that may appear too good to be true. Hidden dangers and disappoints lies beneath the beautiful picture.

To plant an apricot tree suggests that you or your partner may become pregnant with a baby girl.

Dream About Dealing with Apricots
Buying and selling apricots can suggest some form of business dealings where one side might be taken advantage of. If you sell apricots in your dream, it can suggest that you will be able to sell some items at a profit where the buyer will lose out. Likewise, if you buy an apricot in the dream, be careful about any future contracts that you enter, you may be getting a bitter deal.

Giving or receiving apricots in a dream from an opposite sex suggest the sexual power. The person giving away the apricots is yielding to the sexual attraction of the opposite sex.

To pick up an apricot from the floor or from a tree, suggest that you are not satisfied with your surroundings and you are easily upset by others in your life.

If the apricots is green, unripe, or dried out, it is a bad sign that your relationships may collapse and suffer great disappointments.

If the apricots is ripe, juicy, and sweet, it indicates that relationship will be happy and contended.

Dream About Other Apricot Related Foods
Dreaming about apricot jams suggest that you will receive some bad news, however you will be able to make it into a positive force to propel yourself further.

Making and eating apricot desserts or pie means that circumstances in your life is not desirable, but you may be cheating yourself by saying that all is good. If the desserts were given to another as a present in the dream, it suggest that you may cause problems for this person.

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