Dish Dream Interpretation

To see dishes in your dream represent ideas, attitudes, and potential opportunities that have not yet been realized. If the dish is used for eating, it relates to the necessary nutrients of life and relationship. Consider what you are doing with the dish and its purposes and conditions to get better ideas on what the dish might represent in the dream.

Washing Dishes in Sink
To wash dishes in kitchen sink suggest that you are moving on from your previous project. Perhaps it represents your daily routine. You are getting rid of your negative feelings so that you could take on more positive in the near future.

Breaking a Dish
To dream that you are breaking dish intentionally in the dream, it reflects feelings of disgust and frustration. You will have conflict with someone and that you will likely to burn the bridge and relationship with that person.

Polishing and Cleaning Dish Plates
Dreaming that you are cleaning and polishing plates or dishes with towels to make them shining, suggests that you are doing the best and putting forward your best impression. Perhaps you are preparing an important social or family gathering party.

Collecting Dish
To shop and collect dishes represents possibilities that are waiting to be realized. In this dream they could relate to trophies or memories of your past successes. You are able to save the reward or monetary offerings of your achievements.

Sweet Dish or Candy Dish
To see a dish full of candy or dessert, suggest good luck, fortune, and promising outlook. You are saving all the sweet treats for yourself in the near future.

Giving a Dish as a Gift
To give someone else dish as gift in general during holidays or birthday, suggests that you are dishing out certain things or actions to others.

Placing Food and Meals on a Dish
To dream that you are placing prepared meals or food item on a dish, is a sign that you need to make the first move. You are interested in something or someone, and you are getting ready to enjoy what you have worked for. Consider the type of food item on the dish and what they might hint, for example fish dish like sushi, meat, or rice.

Dirty Dishes or Dirty Plate
To dream about dirty dishes, reflect negative habits and hygiene that arises from everyday living. It relates to conflicts and possible problems that you have in a relationship. If you are using dirty dish in the dream, it indicates that you are settling with a spouse or significant that is not necessarily good for your health.

Cracked Broken Dish
Dreaming about shattered or cracked dish in the dream, signify feelings of poverty and inadequacy. You or someone is not meeting the expectation of others.

Dish Soap
To see dish soap in the dream symbolizes that there are people who are waiting for advice from you. In addition, they will be likely to pay for your advice if you start a consultation role.

Dreaming about dishcloth, indicates that you are reviewing your relationship with other people in your life. You are contemplating if they are worthy of your time and effort.

Dreaming about dishwater in the dream, is a sign that you are soaking up all the negativity from your environment, work, and family settings. Other people are enjoying themselves at the expense of your wellbeing. It is time to let go some of that responsibility and enjoy yourself.

New Dish
To dream about new dishes, predict a period of financial wellness and adequacy, you will be well fed and taken of compared to others.

To see a dishwasher machine, suggest a desire to outsource some of your routine work and responsibility in life. However, you will still need to be proactive and assign the tasks to the right individuals.

Big Dish
See a big dish or big dish bowl, symbolize your hunger for life. You have a big appetite and you want to have more and more on your plate, and you are making sure that you make enough room in your stomach.

Porcelain China Dish
To see a luxury porcelain china dish, suggests that you have a good taste for luxury. You are proud of how you live. However, the dream indicates that you might be impractical with your ideals.

Golden or Silver Platter Dish
Dreaming about gold dish or silver dish, foretells good and abundant fortune. The dream signals that you might soon have some type of monetary or lucky windall for lottery or sweepstakes.

Empty Dish or Empty Plates
Having a dish or plate being empty in the dream, indicates that there is an emotional void in your waking life. You are feeling left out because you have incorrect priorities. You end up coming up empty in your endeavors. The dream suggests that you will work a lot for very little return.

Satellite Dish
To see a satellite dish in the dream relates to internet, it indicates that other people will provide you with plenty of information on how to succeed in life. However, you will need to be selective at picking out the best advice that applies to your specific situation.

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