Advice Dream Interpretation

Did you dream about advices? They relate to action plans or mind sets that you believe you should have. Pay attention to whom you interact and the type of advice associated with those people. For example, dream advice from a lawyer about legal issues would carry more weight about your law worries and concerns. Whereas, dream advice from a spiritual teacher or guru would relate more towards your search of spirituality.

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Dream About Receiving and Getting Advice

Receiving and getting advice in the dreams, is a sign that deep down your subconscious already knows the answers to your problems and situation. Even though are you being challenged and tested of your skills; you have the ability and skills to finish the task with your existing resources. Trust yourself and follow through on this advice moving forward.

Dream About Giving Advice

To dream about giving advice as a coach or teacher, is a sign that you are judging others based on their actions. However, you want to help them with the best opinion that you can. Deep down, you believe that you could do better given the same scenario.

Dream About Unwanted Advice

Dreaming about unwanted advice and getting into an argument, foretells that you will experience negative influences towards your goals. Someone will try to interrupt and talk you out of certain actions and decisions. But they do not have any right nor reason to do so.

Dream About Conflicting Advice

To hear conflicting advice from multiple sources in the dream, is a sign that you are dealing with a choice that you feel strong emotions to. You are debating hard internally to make sure that you are covering all of your basis and angles.

Dream About Stupid and Sarcastic Advice

To dream about sarcastic advice that makes fun of you without being constructive, points to misleading troubles. You might be in a broken relationship or friendship with people who do not fully understand your situation. They think lightly of the problems that you are experiencing, and will poke fun at you for being too serious.

Dream About Advices

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