Tool Dream Interpretation

Tools in dreams represent your abilities, resources, and skills to accomplish something. Perhaps there are certain tasks that you cannot complete by yourself. You will be able to efficiently do things with the help of others or equipment. Consider the type and purpose of the tools in the dream, to get deeper understand of how you should approach the problems of life. The dream could always reflect waking life tools as mental practice for your DIY projects, below we will go over some situations where tools may represent other meanings.

Buying New Tools
To dream that you are buying new tools, indicates that you will spend money to purchase education, knowledge, and skill sets to help you achieve certain goals. Perhaps you are training so that you could tackle more complicated problems and projects.

Missing Tools
To dream that your tools are missing, suggests that your career or work may be slowed. Your progress will be hindered because you realize that you do not have all the resources and people to help you. Consider take a step back and prepare more in the planning process, so that you could complete the job efficiently. However, if you really cannot wait, you will have to be creative and figure out substitute plans.

Cleaning Tools
Dreaming that you are cleaning your tools, indicates that you should polish and prepare relationship and resources. You want to make sure that your network in top shape before taking on challenges.

Organizing Tools
To see yourself organizing tools, indicates that you need to spend some effort to remain organized. Make sure that you have every ready to do your job such as computer, paper, and everything else that you need.

Carrying and Holding Tools
Carrying and holding tools while doing nothing, reflects issues about you being used as a tool. People are taking you for granted and expect you to help whenever needed. Be careful about being a naive subordinate, as you could get easily replaced if needed.

Hacking Tool
To see hacking tools or software in the dream, suggests that you need to find other people’s weakness in order to achieve your goals. You will need to try to attack problems from different angles, to achieve the results and get through to others.

Electrical Power Tools
Seeing electrical power tools with either wires or battery pack, indicates that you need to find ways to leverage and amplify your capability. Delegate your tasks out to trusted individuals will help you achieve seemingly impossible feats. It suggests that there are problems that you cannot solve on your own, consult and ask for actual help from experts and professional.

Tool Wall
To see a wall of tools, points to the practical abilities and knowledge that you have. The dream reflects your experience and attitude to handle different types of situations.

Assessment or Measuring Tool
Measuring tools in the dream, suggests that you need to assess the problems first before making any meaningful conclusions. Take your time to survey and understand the issue, before jumping in to make hasty executions.

Tool Belt
Dreaming that you are wearing a tool belt, foretells that you will soon put together a core and flexible team. Keep your team small, agile, personal, and flexible, they will be able to assist you in tight spots like the attic or basement when you need them.

Tool Box or Tool Bag or Toolkit
To dream about any type of tool holders, represents your decision to make changes soon. You will have to look at the skills and resources, so that you can fix the problems at hand.

Tool Shed or Storage
Dreaming about storage unit, shed, or garage full of tools, reflects that you are taking a leave and letting others figure out their own solutions. But you are prepared to jump in at any time to help out when needed. You are saving your resources, network, and talent, so that you could be dropped into any situation and excel. However, you are not on the front line actively looking to complete tasks and projects.

Specific Tools
Below are more specific tools and their detailed dream meanings. Consider the purpose and conditions of these tools to help you understand your dreams. Please note that we are still working on them, so please check back later!

Measuring Tape
Wire Cutter

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