Papaya Dream Interpretation

Did you dream about papaya? To dream that juicy and tasty papaya, reflects satisfactory health condition. You could chase other pleasures of life like wonderful sex or profitable work. Below we will go over more of the common papaya dream meanings.

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Dream About Getting Papaya

Buying Papaya Fruit
To dream that you are buying papaya fruit, indicates that you are making a certain change to your diet so you become more healthy.

Picking and Plucking Papaya
To see yourself picking and plucking fresh papaya, indicates that you will have to try something else. You will search and try different methods of meditation to find inner peace and happiness.

Dream About Consuming Papaya

Eating Papaya
Dreaming that you are eating big ripe papaya, foretells lots of good times. You will overcome diseases and sickness that have been troubling and causing you pain. If the papaya is nasty or bitter, it foretells bad decisions that will lead to chronic illness.

Cutting Papaya
Cutting open papaya in the dream, points to hidden and exotic treasures. You will need to dig in and gets your hands dirty to get rewarded.

Papaya Smoothie
To dream that you are drinking or making papaya smoothie with banana, mango, or milk; indicates that you need to add variety to your sex life. Shake things up so that you enjoy the feeling and benefit more thoroughly.

Dream About Conditions of Papaya

Rotten or Overripe Papaya
Rotten or overripe papaya, portends to infection or sickness. Perhaps you have neglected your well being and let poor health stays.

Green Papaya
Green papaya in dream points to a powerful digestive diet and health.

Red Papaya
Red papaya foretells that you will enjoy intense moments of eroticism.

Unripe Papaya
Seeing unripe papaya, points to slow recovery. Perhaps you have experienced sickness from the flu or other accident. You are not yet ready to continue your life. Consider taking good rest or even rehabilitation so that you regain your strength.

Papaya Tree
To dream about a papaya tree, foretells that you are taking every precaution to maintain a healthy lifestyle. You are taking good care of yourself for the years to come.

Papaya Seeds
Cutting open papaya with a knife in the dream, suggests that you need to get to the core of the issue. Learn to remove the hard feelings to achieve peace and bliss with your loved ones.

Many Papaya
To see lots of papaya, indicates that you will hoard success, wealth, and happiness. Be mindful to make sure that you stay healthy in order to spend your good fortune.

Papaya During Pregnancy
To dream about papaya during pregnancy, foretells good birth, and smooth pregnancy. You will have an easy delivery with plenty of help from nurses, doctors, and your loved ones.

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