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To see bananas in your dream, typically suggests repressed sexual urges and desires due to its physical figure resembling the masculine sexuality. However, depending on the state and context of how you see the banana in the dream, they can represent several other potential interpretations.

Dream About Banana Condition
Yellow Ripe Banana
Yellow banana that is ripe to eat in the dream reflects contentment and happiness. You are ready to jump and enjoy the fruit of labor.

Green Banana
Green bananas indicates that the time is not yet ready. It could signify something new such as a new job or new life on the horizon. However, you are not ready to jump at the opportunity yet.

Rotten Banana
A rotten banana that is starting to decay and smell, suggest that your business may be going down south. You have missed the golden opportunity to harvest or eat the fruit on time.

Dream About Banana Related Symbols
Banana Tree
To dream that bountiful bananas are growing on a tree, it signifies good fortune and profits from a business partnership.

Banana Leaf
Dreaming about banana leaves symbolizes fertility. Big healthy leaves growing on a banana tree suggest that a new child is on the way.

Banana Peel
To see banana peels in your dream implies that you need to be careful about slipping up and making a mistake. If the banana peels are rotting, then it represents some irreversible mistake.

Banana Flower
The banana flower in the dream symbolizes female sexuality. Seeing a banana flower may suggest a desire for physical intimacy.

Dream About Common Foods with Banana
Eating a Banana
Eating bananas in a dream suggest that you are working alot of a little gain. If a rotten or black banana is found under a ripe surface, it reflects that you have gotten a raw deal in real life. Perhaps you have overpaid for something only to find dissatisfaction after you took it home.

Banana Split or Boat
Dreaming sweet desserts that include banana with other items such as ice cream or chocolate syrup, reflects a desire to be indulged in sexual encounters. Perhaps you or your partners want to experiment and try more ways of physical intimacy.

Banana Bread or Banana Cake
When you dream about food items created or derived from banana. The banana itself has lost its initial shape and representation of the male sexuality. That desire has now transformed into something else. Perhaps you have shifted your sexual focus in life into other goals.


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