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  1. Been having alot of disturbing dreams lately. But mine was very specific. I threw myself into the ocean knowing I cant swim to avoid being arrested for something ridiculous and letting myself drown.

    • It sounds like you would do harm to yourself, before you would let somebody get their way, that are being foolish against you.

  2. I had a dream me and a bunch of women and children were on a Call ofDuty Modern Warfare 3 map “Dome” and we entered the room by the bomb in S&D or on the top of the mini map and it started to flood. A door opened and everybody evacuated but I stayed behind INCASE any other kids were left behind who can’t swim. What I see are 3 kids floating face down in the water but since I was afraid to get them, I left them until someone else found them. Then I felt a heavy amount of guilt on my chest. Once I see they are dead I see them in a stretcher and the kids faces are the faces they made like they couldn’t breath. It was terrifying. The I woke up but it’s been on my mind all day. I swear this is 100% true and no troll. I need a reply because I have a huge amount of guilt on my chest but I’m not sure why because this never happened.

  3. I’v been saving a boy child from falling down from an upstair severally in my dreams, but could’nt recently.
    Pls what could that mean?

  4. I dreamt I was working with my father at a past residence in the garden with a fence between us both. My father slipped down a slight hill into thick mud which started to rise up his body, I jump over the fence to help pick him up but cannot move him from rising mud which is now upto his mouth, that is where the dream ends, do you know what this means?

  5. I have been dreaming that I am saving children from drowning, it is really a big fear and I always cry after saving them in the dream.

    What does it mean

    • I had a simlilar dream i jumped into the canal near my house to save a drowning baby girl..who jus kept sinking nd i was tryna grab her…i hav a nine yr old girl so i dont undrrstand wat it means.

  6. I had a dream that my little sister had her wrists locked together and she was pushed into a pool. She was drowning so I went to help her, but I realized I was wearing a straight jacket and I couldn’t help her. I cried very hard as I watched her drown. What does this mean?

  7. i have a recurring dream that i am a patient in a hostpital and the room is completely dark except a spot light on the bed i am laying in. suddenly a window lights up and i get up with one of the hostpital stand with the bag of blood i walk to the window. the blood bag bursts and my iv needle falls out and the room fills with my blood i stand looking out of the window watching people walk by not able to scream for help. a bird hits the window i scream then thats when i usually wake up.

  8. I dreamt about crossing to a flood in a river while carrying a child in my two shoulders. The mother of a child is with us (but in real life she doesn’t have a small kid). The current of the river is strong but we are easily crossed it and reached the other bank easily and the kid were smiling at me when we reach there.

  9. My daughters boyfried had a dream that his dog was drownig in his mums bath tub and he rescued him. What does that mean.

  10. Dreamt of drowning babies (but mine) but couldn’t save them. Twin newborn boys (about a month old) died in my arms and nobody wanted to help and a little girl (about 3yrs) lost in the water. I couldn’t scream or even move fast in the water cuz it was so cold. It was like a tsunami or ocean that broke a wall to my house. It was in my back yard. Cried so much in my dream and woke up crying to my waking life. Meaning?

  11. I had a dream that I was drowning in a swimming pool. I reached for anything to help me but nothing worked. I called for a certain person but they weren’t there. When I woke up I was still calling for that person.

  12. I had a dream i was in the jungle with my old school there and a old house and it was me and a girl and her mother and father the land was flooded everywhere but we were chilling in it then the girl went under i think she was pulled under by something so i screamed start feeling around and dove in this water was a black greeb color but i still opened my eyes and almost drowned trying to find her but i failed but then her parents said she washed ashore by the school so i set off and woke up my brother told me i was mumbling alot and i said “start feeling around” this was last night i cant sleep tonight.

  13. I dreamt tht my son jumped frm a fence on the road.
    But to climb back he has to enter muddy water , he doesn’t knw he will be pulled inside & I see him struggling to stay afloat. I am standing up helpless. Thts when I woke up!!

  14. I had a dream that my cousin daughter arm was stuck in the sink and the water fill up helping her end up made my new born baby drown but I panic then help and breath life back in my baby.

  15. I had a dream that I rescued a baby who had fallen into the docks. The patents were not interested but eventually I managed to feel a cold hand and pull the baby up. I had to cradle it and take it to hospital?

  16. In my dream, I was walking on a frozen ocean with my friends and all the creatures were frozen but not dead. Suddenly the ocean started to melt and only I was drowning, I hold onto something to keep my head up. I was looking at my friends and they were just casually watching me saying wait for a while, we’ll come., but something rubbed my foot and I woke up
    What does that mean?

  17. My dream was in a house not sure who? A baby in the tub and I was weak and saw the baby sitting and the water was filling up to the top and he was drowning I got to him and grab him out he was ok but the water was very cloud white and baby starter to cry but eye lids where red and blue with purple .. And saw all theses people around me where don’t know when they got there ..Then I walk up …

  18. I had a dream all my grand children were runnin around playin and im watching them from the inside of the house. My 3 yr old grand daughter was runnin so fast she fell in the river i saw this and immediately ran to the river and jumped in not knowing how to swim i didnt care. I felt for her under water then i jus went under grabbed my granddaughter and held her above water… I dont know how to swim but i wasnt lettin my grand baby go.then i woke up.

  19. I had a dream where me, my partner and daughter (8months) were taking a tour with a tour guide around a rockey lake and we came to a point where only one person could go at a time. The tour guide said it would be fine for him to help my daughter get across, they started walking across and then my daughter fell into the water. My partner and the tour guide just stood there so I jumped into the water down to grab her but once I got to her my arms wouldn’t move at all so I was just looking at her drowning, I tried my hardest to try and grab her. I look up to see my partner just looking and yelling for me to grab her.
    This dream really freaked me out and now with summer coming I don’t think I want to take my daughter anywhere near the water.
    Does anyone know what this dream may mean?

  20. I never dream, I’m a heavy sleeper and once in a blue moon I dream but is rare if I remember the dream. Today I dream about being in this mobile home kitchen (which I seen it before in my dreams) with my husband, mother in law and autistic 7 year old son. We were getting ready packing stuff for something when suddenly a flood came and the mobile home started flooding, I turn my head calling my mother in law name as she walks away to the door and my son follows her without me noticing. I felt abandoned by her at that moment. As me and husband argue the situation we noticed my son is not with us and we see him drawing outside we immediately swim outside trying to get him without success as we see him drawing at that point I panic not being able to get him I started screaming my lungs off statically like never before trying to reach my son. That’s when I hear him behind me running on soil next to me I hug him tight crying and he started crying because he saw me crying…
    I woke up scared and worried about my son.

    About this dream I felt abandoned by my mother in law the only person I only trust with my son also she’s the only one I rely on and only ask for favors when I really really need it and have no choice about it. She’s the only person I have deposit all my trust personally and financially. Since I’m a really independent woman work as a nurse who doesn’t ask for nothing in hard situations.
    I started trusting her a year ago when I saw how much my son loves her and trust leaving with her.
    I wonder what this drawning dream means

  21. I am 36 weeks pregnant. My dream last night was very vivid. I dreamed that I was on a ship that starts to sink and turned to ice on the inside in a room. I made it out of the ship only to return?

  22. Dreamt that I was drowning my older brother,pushing him down in the water with a white cloth around him. And also my late grandfather,also the same I’m drowning them with them having white over them.really bothers me

  23. I had a dream i was sat on a bridge with someone that i aint been in contact with for years, the bridge was really high and there was flowing fast water below, my dog fell off and i watched him falling until he hit the water, he was floating there on his back dead, i was about to jump off even though i cannot swim then i woke up in fear calling his name . what does this mean ?

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