Bible Dream Interpretation

Seeing or reading the bible in your dream symbolizes your desire to seek truth, inspiration, and knowledge. You wish to learn more about the world that you are unsure, and you are actively searching a higher purpose from a higher authority.

Dream About Receiving a Bible
Dreaming that you are receiving a bible from someone, foretells that someone will share their believes or religion. They will try to recruit you into their church and faith system, or something that others truly believe in.

Dream About Buying a Bible
Buying the Bible in the dream, foretells that you will donate and put money into the causes that you believe in. You wish to learn more about the world, by willing to spend and sacrifice your resources for additional knowledge.

Dream About Holding a Bible
Holding the Bible in the dream, suggests that you are trying to justify your actions. Perhaps you do not feel emotionally well about doing something, but you are trying to justify your actions both spiritually and ethically, you are doing what needed to be done.

Dream About Burning a Bible
Burning a Bible with fire in the dream is a bad sign, it means that you are subconsciously ignore ethical behaviors and you are embracing chaos and lack of rules. You are breaking down everything that you have been taught by your elders and forefathers. You are in the path of breaking down traditions and values of the past.

Dream About Giving a Bible
To give someone else a Bible in the dream, suggests that you believe in passing down your wisdom and knowledge to others. You want to inspire others so that others can take a higher path. Be careful about pushing your view among others too much.

Dream About Writing in a Bible
Writing in a Bible in the dream, is a sign that you are reconciling your faith and ideology with your own practical interpretation of life. You are balancing between what you believe is right, with how you are planning to act. You need to have more confidence in the God and Christ that you believe, to act out accordingly with your faith and the teachings of the Bible.

Dream About Ripping off Page from a Bible
Ripping off pages from a Bible and tearing it apart in the dream, is a bad sign that you are venturing away from your faith. Perhaps certain events in waking life has seriously damaged your belief and confidence. It also points to a poor understanding of the Bible, it indicates that you are taking the scripture out of context, and you might be distorting the teachings.

Dream About White Bible with Blank Pages
To dream about an empty Bible with blank pages, foretells that you will be tested of your faith. You will be hit with situation where you will have little precedence to rely on. Focus on the your faith and your true belief to move forward. Pray consistently so that you could be revealed with the wisdom and find solution to your problems.

Dream About Bible Verse or Scripture
If you dream of a specific verse, book, or chapter from the bible. It is a revelation and points to advice that you could use and implement in your waking life. Follow the wisdom and you may be blessed with good things around you. When the things become cloudy and uncertain, keep the faith and follow the passages to not lose hopes in life. And when everything is going well, still refer to the scripture verses so that you do not go astray from the righteous path.

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