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Did you dream about cell phone? Cell phones or mobile phones in dreams relate to some form of emotional closeness. The dream signals that you are able to reach out and connect with others whenever you want. Cellphone is a communication tool that links you to the outside world. In some cases, you can remotely control things or people to behave a certain way. It should be noted that the dream reading can be very similar to the telephone use. Below we will go through many common dream scenarios related to cell phone or mobile phones. Find all the dream interpretations what the phone may suggest now.

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Negative Dreams About Cellphone Events

What does it mean to dream about cell phone with no signal?
Consider the reason why it might not be working in the dream. It suggests that once convenient relationship in your waking life might have hit a snag. Figure out the reason why the dream implies poor signal reception to get deeper insight. For example, are you in the elevator or basement during the dream?

The dream reflects that isolation, distance, or huge obstacles standing in the way of your relationship. You are feeling emotional stranded. You longer feel connected to important people of your life.

What does cell phone being stolen mean in dream?
If the dream features your cell phone being stolen; it suggests that you are having difficulty letting go of someone or something in your life. You are experiencing a time of loss because life is much more difficult. If the cell phone is robbed by force; it foretells that someone is going to intentionally take away your voice to the outside world.

What does breaking phone or broken phone mean in dream?
Breaking a phone in the dream or encountering a broken cell phone; suggests your feelings about formerly easy connections or access in life being compromised and ruined. Take consideration of how you are breaking the phone in the dream. Are you smashing hammer to destroy it? Or did you simply accidentally drop it on the floor?

The dream portends that some of your close friendships or relationships will or have suffered irrecoverable damage. It will take considerable amount of resource and time to repair those broken connections.

What is the meaning of cracked cell phone screen in the dream?
A cracked cell phone screen glass relates to flawed beliefs and feelings that you have yet try to ignore. You want to have a clear sight with your core feelings but you choose to settle. Perhaps certain individuals in real life are challenging your view of life. However, you are holding on to how you see and view things; even though you might know that they are flawed. The dream suggests that you become accustomed to your flawed perspective as time goes on. That might be dangerous in the future because you are putting your relationship at risk.

What does it mean to receive cell phone spam?
To receive cell phone call spam like the IRS tax, mortgage, or student loan scam; it suggests that you will be pushed with business deals or offers that will rip you off. The dream portends that you might be enticed with bad deals in the near future. Stand your ground to ignore or reject those requests.

What does being locked out of cell phone mean in dream?
Dreaming about being locked of your mobile phone because of error in fingerprint, facial recognition, or password; it suggests that your access to a good relationship is likely to be compromised and difficult to overcome. Perhaps you are having difficulty to speak the same language as your close ones. You are failing and lacking access to be heard by them. Being locked out of your phone is reflected of being locked out by them.

What does dropping cell phone in water mean?
Dropping your phone into water like under the bridge or in the bathroom toilet; is very similar to a drowning related dream. The damaged and wet cell phone reflects that your voices have been drowned in emotions. You can no longer speak out because you feel very emotional and saddened about certain aspect of your life. Consider waiting a little bit and clear your thoughts first, before trying to communicate again.

What does losing cell phone or forgetting mobile phone in dream mean?
To dream of losing a mobile phone suggests that you are unable to reach someone. You have been cut off from being able to communicate to specific group. Perhaps you may experience significant social change in the near future, either intentionally or by accident.

Neutral or Positive Dreams About Cell Phone

What does it mean to hear cell phone ringing in the dream?
To hear cell phone ringing in the dream reflects emotional urgency and alarm. You need to react and act quickly to fulfill your emotional needs. Consider responding to requests to some other people around you.

What does new cell phone mean in the dream?
Dreams of brand new phones like iPhone or Samsung points to new and smooth experiences. You are looking forward to good relationship. You want to obtain new connections to people and your psyche is telling you to work on yourself first. However, be aware if the dream features getting the most flashy, powerful, and expensive phone. It might indicates that you are looking for vanity rather than practicality.

What does dream of changing cell phone sim cards mean?
You are embracing new changes on the inside. You are beginning new relationship and business contract with people. The dream foretells that you might change your job to work at the different company. However, your job function to remain communicative stays the same.

Dream About Common Cell Phone Related Items

What does it mean to dream about cell phone battery?
The cell phone battery relates to the wishes and desires that you have out of your waking life connections. They are what drives you to upkeep your friendship and relationship with others. Battery being low suggests that you need to rekindle some of your existing connections. To see a failing phone battery, indicates that your motivations have been permanently lost due to the daily hustle.

What does it mean to dream about cell phone charger?
Cell phone electrical charger relates to something that you need in order to function. Consider finding the time to refuel and improve yourself, so that you can bring more values to others around you.

What does cell phone contact list or number mean in the dream?
To dream of a cell phone number suggests that you want to have connection with specific person in waking life. The dream suggests that you are beginning to understand how and why another person does what he or she does. If the dream features many unknown numbers, it refers to the tendency to gossip and spread rumors.

What does it mean to dream about cell phone case or cover?
Dreaming of a cell phone cover and case symbolizes your focus on issues on the surface. However, these surface issues protect the real issues at the core. Consider figuring out what others are saying, to really find out what they desire in the core. Look past the surface communications to help you reach the inner spirit of others. By looking past the outer appearances, you will be able to develop much stronger and deeper connections.

What does it mean to dream about cell phone apps?
You are taking actions to accomplish your goals more easily in the future. Be careful about thinking too much and not taking actions. These efforts might end up being idle thoughts. They will end up taking out blank spaces without being accomplished. Consider the purpose of the apps such as video games, search engine, mobile banking, or social media.

What is the meaning to dream about cell phone bills?
Dreaming about cell phone bills or fees, suggests that your waking life friendship or relationship is requiring monetary resources. Your friends are asking you out to events or gatherings. You feel that you need to pay and spend to remain in the social circle.

What does cell phone data limit or slow data speed mean in dream?
To dream about slow cell phone data because it has reached limit; suggests that you are experiencing unpleasant rejections or delays. Perhaps you feel that you had special treatments or privileged before. However, you have overused that connection. The dream is reflecting that you have somehow lost that privilege.

What does it mean to dream about cell phone plan promotion?
Dreams of having cell phone plan advertisement promotions suggests that you have been offered new opportunities to broaden your horizon. Consider taking up the offers to travel and experience more of what life has to offer you. Shopping or buying cell phone on deals, foretells you will take advantage of certain shortcuts.

Dream About Using Cell Phone

What does it mean to dream about finding a lost phone?
Finding a cellphone in the dream implies that you are open-minded and willing to accept other opinions and viewpoints.

What does it mean to dream about sending or receiving texts?
You are putting off your urgent feelings of needing communication. You are giving other people time to think about your requests.

What does it mean to dream about hacking or stealing phone?
You are being curious and probing information that others may try to hide. Perhaps you are feeling paranoid about what others say or feel about you. You are trying to go behind them to find out more information. You will do whatever it takes to get your hand to get information and communication history of interest. For example, if you are trying to steal or open a phone of an ex. It may reflect your suspicion that she or he might be cheating.

What does it mean to use a different or backup phone?
You are being forced to speak differently about how you feel. The dreams signals that you have adapt to new things in order to activate your ability to conform. Consider changing the way on how you communicate. You want to be able to get your opinion and message across during waking life at both work and home.

What does it mean to get cell phone software update?
You are covering yourself with certain gaps and vulnerabilities that you do not know you had. Consider getting the help from experts or professional. Perhaps there are certain issues with the way you communicate with others. These problems need to be addressed and patched.

What does it mean to dream about taking picture with a cell phone?
You are getting evidence or preserving the memories of certain events. You wish to keep a permanent record of how you or others have acted in waking life. Consider looking into a camera or video camera related dream.

Dream About Cell Phones Meanings

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