Avocado Dream Meaning – Top 17 Dreams About Avocado

Did you dream about avocado? Avocado pear in the dream points to richness and indulgence. You will be well rewarded in your intimate relationship and personal projects. Devote the time and effort towards the things that you love. You will fulfill your need for sexuality, potential, and fertility. Consider how you are interacting with avocado in the dream and its conditions. Below we will help you decipher broader avocado dream meanings.

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Dream About Getting Avocado

Buying Avocado
Buying avocado from a grocery store in the dream; indicates that you will have successful business transactions.

Harvesting and Picking Avocado
To dream that you are plucking and harvesting avocado off the fruit tree; indicates that you are not focused on life. You are trying to do too many things at the same time. The lack of a clear and direct approach will cause everything to fall off track.

Avocado Gift
To dream that you are giving someone avocados as gifts; suggests that you will make uncomfortable negotiations with clients and competitors. Be prepared to make sacrifices out of your comfort zone.

Dream About Actions with Avocado

Cooking with Avocado
To cook avocado dishes in the dream; consider the recipe of the type of food that you are preparing. Are you making sushi, taco, burrito, or sandwich? Generally, it suggests that you should work towards your own goals in life. Do not simply follow other people. Add and remove the ingredients that you feel passionate about. You will soon become much more successful, happier, and more prosperous.

Cutting Avocado
Cutting avocado with a knife in the dream; indicates that you will open up your blessings and savings. Good things are coming your way. You will achieve progress and enjoy the fruit of your labor.

Eating Avocado
Eating avocado in the dream foretells what you will experience in waking life. Find the creative and prosperous energy and situation. You will receive the buttery goodness and the vitamin of life.

Peeling Avocado
To dream that you are peeling avocado; suggests that you will approach problems with precision. The success and trophy is within reach. Soon other people will respect and admire your work.

Dream About Avocado Conditions

Big Avocado
To see a big avocado in the dream that is unrealistic large or event giant; suggests that you will be promised big gains. Watch out for apparent deception. If something sounds too good to be true, it is probably too good to be true. Be careful in life about what you decide to do with proper planning and researching.

Fresh Avocado
A fresh avocado in the dream points to new rebirth and restarts. You will find success in your projects. Your opportunities are endless. Take your time to pick the path that fits your passion.

Bad Rotten Avocado
To dream about an avocado gone bad or rotten; points to the disappointment of certain relationship, business, or career endeavors. Something nice will go sour and bad. You will no longer feel the connection and chemistry.

Creamy Ripe Avocado
To dream about a perfectly creamy and ripe avocado; suggests that you will have a romantic proposal soon. Watch for physical and sexual attractions.

Dream About Avocado Recipes

Avocado Smoothie or Juice
To dream about avocado smoothie or juice from a blender; indicates upcoming happiness and romantic love affairs. You will enjoy sweet and simple romance.

Avocado Cake
Avocado cake in the dream foretells that you will have plenty of good luck and fortune. Look forward to profitable businesses and lovely romances. You will soon have a prosperous future.

Avocado Guacamole
To dream about avocado guacamole with tomato, garlic, and onions; foretells that you will soon have guests in your household.

Dream About Avocado Colors

White Avocado
White or moldy avocado; forewarns that something bad and offensive might happen to you. Be aware of people who will pull your legs or betray you due to jealousy.

Green Avocado
A beautiful green avocado denotes happiness and reservation. You count your blessing well. And you are growing and developing yourself further.

Dream About Avocado in Nature

Avocado Pit or Seed
To dream about avocado pit or seeds; suggests that you should take upon those business opportunities no matter how small they seem. They could blossom into big and wonderful projects.

Avocado Plant or Tree
To dream about growing or farm avocado plants or trees; indicates that you will be well rewarded if you devote the time and effort. Do not give up easily.

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