Alcohol Dream Meaning – Top 20 Dreams About Drinking Alcohol and Liquor

Did you dream about alcohol? It denotes contentment and satisfaction that you have made in the past, regardless of its success or failures. Depending on the context and your interaction with alcohol in the dream, you could get better understanding of how you are feeling and doing in waking life.

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Dream About Drinking and Having Alcohol

To drink alcohol, is a sign that you need for spiritual enrichment. Perhaps you are at a break of your career and life, you need some time off to rethink about your progress and spiritual enrichment. The alcohol can enhance your feelings of celebration in times of success, and depression in times of great failures.

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Dream About Smuggling or Stealing Alcohol

Dreaming that you are stealing and smuggling alcohol or liquor, indicates that you will use improper means to profit off unethical products or method. You will come up with certain excuses to justify your actions, however, the dream foretells that you will soon waste away your ill gotten gains.

Dream About Serving Alcohol

Serving alcohol to others at a bar within the dream, indicates that you wish to hear and listen to other people’s true feelings without inhibition. You are seeking ways to get other people to open up their secrets to you.

Dream About Selling Alcohol

To sell alcohol or liquor drinks in the dream, suggests that you will become an adviser and important enabler for your clients. You are likely to be in a situation where you could generate the most profit when your clients make the wrong decisions. Consider to spend more effort to look out for your clients best interest, as repeated customers are likely to bring you longer term success.

Dream About Brewing Alcohol

To brew alcohol in the dream, indicates that you will look for homemade methods to solve your problems. Be careful about how you are approaching the issues, as you could make things much worse if you do not control the environmental factors well. You might end up with solutions that could seriously damage your well being.

Dream About Smelling Alcohol

Smelling someone reeking of alcohol in the dream, is a sign that he or she may be indirectly asking for help. Your not so obvious sense is picking up signals that someone is trying to forget about certain issues, but he or she is having trouble and instead turned to heavy alcohol use.

Dream About Passing Out From Drinking Liquor

To pass out from drinking too much liquor or alcohol in the dream, is a sign that certain events are weighing down on you. You can no longer function correctly given the immense amount of peer pressure and societal expectations. The dream suggests that you will shut down your senses and the ability to think for yourself, this could lead to disastrous results as you will become easily taken advantage of.

Dream About Vomiting After Drinking Alcohol

Vomiting after drinking alcohol, suggests that your body and mind is rejecting fake narratives and false advice given to you by others. Someone in your life has been feeding you and trying to push their personal views on you. These thoughts and believes have made you feel good for a while, but the dream suggests that you are now realizing and pushing back out the lies.

Dream About Buying Alcohol

To dream that you are buying alcohol, suggests that you feel strongly about something. You will spend certain amount of money to prove your point. You want others to drop down their guards and see the things that you see.

Dream About Getting Drunk on Alcohol

To see that you are starting to get really drunk in the dream, suggests that certain projects of yours is starting to get out of control. The dream indicates that you have had decent amount of success, but you might be pushing your luck too much that could result in eventual bad judgement.

Dream About Drinking Party

To have a drinking party in the dream with plenty of beer, jello shots, and other alcohol with friends, suggests happy times and celebration ahead. However, be aware of going overboard in excess, as you might regret your impulsive decisions soon after.

Dream About Alcohol Store or Liquor Store

To dream about a local liquor or alcohol store, indicates that you will be content with simple pleasures of your life. You are likely to spend time and effort to pursue short trips and simple staycation.

Dream About Rubbing Alcohol

Rubbing alcohol in dreams, relates to sarcastic feedback and comments given by others meant to help you deal with negativity. It may feel painful but yet effective.

Dream About Alcoholic Person

Seeing an alcoholic person or being an alcoholic, represents the situation where you or someone is going too far with their ideas or interests. The dream reflects that you are enjoying with something you really like, to the point of being harmful to your health and mind. The alcoholic dream reflects a life of addiction and delusion.

Dream About Recovering from Alcoholism

Recovering from alcoholism in the dream, suggests that you are exhilarating yourself from negative influences in life. You are waking up and becoming sober to the real world. It suggests a feeling of guilt and self-awareness. Perhaps you are coming to a realization of how your actions and certain believes damage and cause pain to others around you.

Dream About Alcoholic Cooler Beverage or Mixed Drinks

To dream about sweet alcoholic drink like cooler or mixed drinks, indicates that you will strive to be socially accepted in waking situation. Consider get some time off to relax and take easy. You will be free of worries and troubles.

Dream About Blood Alcohol Check

The dream that you are getting a blood alcohol check by police, points to some type of reality check by authority figures. You might have taken things too lightly without doing much work, be aware that important figures with power like your bosses might be observing and judging in the background.

Dream About Alcohol Poisoning

To see yourself suffering alcohol poisoning, is a bad omen signalling that you have been brainwashed by false narratives that supposed to make you feel good about yourself and future. The dream indicates that you might be falling prey to convincing pyramid schemes or even religious cults. You are will be fed with much nonsense and brainwashing that has the potential to destroy your life.

Dream About Hard Liquor

To see or take hard liquors or spirits directly in the dream like whiskey, vodka, and rum, point to a period of hard times. You will take extreme measures to numb yourself through this period of uncertainty and turbulence.

Dream About Wine

To dream about wine alcohol typically relates to festivity, celebration, satisfaction, and success.

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