Apricot Dream Interpretation

Apricots in the dreams suggest that there are hidden truths behind the surface. Something is not what it seems with your first impression. Try to look deeper into the situation and avoid relying on first shallow intuitions. Dream About Eating … Continue reading →

Strawberry Dream Interpretation

To dream of strawberries usually relate to sensual opportunities and advancements that may lead in the foreseeable pleasure. During your strawberry related dream, try to focus on the taste and condition of the strawberry, the actions that you are doing … Continue reading →

Apple Dream Interpretation

Apple as a dream symbol denotes prosperity, wealth, perfection and beauty. It is generally a good symbol that also relate to harmony, pleasure, fertility, and sexual desire. In this complete dream interpretation for apple, we will go through related apple … Continue reading →

Watermelon Dream Interpretation

Watermelon in dreams is a symbol of the emotions of love, intellect, work and welfare, desire, and lust. It can also suggest fertility and sexuality. Dream About Different Actions Related to Watermelon Buying a watermelon Buying a watermelon is a … Continue reading →

Tomato Dream Interpretation

To see a tomato in your dream symbolizes domestic happiness and harmony. A ripen tomato indicates a happy married state in the dream. Rotten tomato suggests to missed opportunities in romantic relationship. To dream that you are eating tomatoes foretells … Continue reading →

Banana Dream Interpretation

To see bananas in your dream, typically suggests repressed sexual urges and desires due to its physical figure resembling the masculine sexuality. However, depending on the state and context of how you see the banana in the dream, they can … Continue reading →