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Grocery Supermarket Dream Interpretation — 5 Comments

  1. I had a dream many years ago where there was a Woolworths (Australia) built into the base of a big tree (don’t know the type). The store was owned by my second eldest brother and I walked out the back of the store into this bushland (forest) and came to this school where there were children playing. The teacher was a man and he was tall, light skin, dark-short curly hair. For some reason I was afraid of him and tried to run away.

    Can someone tell me what this mean?

  2. I had this dream where I was trying to figure out what to buy. I had $10 to spend, and I just couldn’t make up my mind. Then this wierd thing happened where my grocery cat just started rushing away from me, like it was running away from me. Does this mean anything?

    • mine was I had 7 dollars and my mom was paying in coins for some white bread funny thing is we don’t eat white bread then a wealthy irish kid said are you the poor part of the community and offered to help pay with a horse shoe as a credit card then also my dad became gay and i wanted nothing to do with him

  3. What about a dream where I can’t find the grocery store. I was inside where the store was but it was like a maze and I couldn’t get to it. Finally a friend helped me. He put me in a tiny elevator where I barely fit and had to push up the entire elevator to the next floor. From there I could get to the store, but I realized I would not be able to buy anything because it would not fit in the elevator going back down..so I didn’t go in and shop.

  4. I keep having a similar dream that I am at the grocery store and my dad buys me the food items and I am trying to bag my groceries before his wife sees and find out he helped me get groceries. They aren’t good dreams. Why the hell am I in the grocery store for one and why is my dad actually helping me as he does not help me with any life situations that buying me groceries would never ever be something in real life. His wife would lose it and go ape shit to find out my dad gave me a dime let alone was even speaking or helping me in anyway..

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