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  1. I had a dream many years ago where there was a Woolworths (Australia) built into the base of a big tree (don’t know the type). The store was owned by my second eldest brother and I walked out the back of the store into this bushland (forest) and came to this school where there were children playing. The teacher was a man and he was tall, light skin, dark-short curly hair. For some reason I was afraid of him and tried to run away.

    Can someone tell me what this mean?

    • The tree represents your roots, your emotional stability and “root chakra” or seat of security. The store is the needs you have within that – home, family, body,safety, security. You walked out the back (disassociated from your needs) to where there were children (safety, playfulness, innocence) but even then you weren’t safe. Wherever there was innocence there was the memory of that person along with it. These are my first thoughts. I didn’t look anything up to confirm.

  2. I had this dream where I was trying to figure out what to buy. I had $10 to spend, and I just couldn’t make up my mind. Then this wierd thing happened where my grocery cat just started rushing away from me, like it was running away from me. Does this mean anything?

    • mine was I had 7 dollars and my mom was paying in coins for some white bread funny thing is we don’t eat white bread then a wealthy irish kid said are you the poor part of the community and offered to help pay with a horse shoe as a credit card then also my dad became gay and i wanted nothing to do with him

  3. What about a dream where I can’t find the grocery store. I was inside where the store was but it was like a maze and I couldn’t get to it. Finally a friend helped me. He put me in a tiny elevator where I barely fit and had to push up the entire elevator to the next floor. From there I could get to the store, but I realized I would not be able to buy anything because it would not fit in the elevator going back down..so I didn’t go in and shop.

  4. I keep having a similar dream that I am at the grocery store and my dad buys me the food items and I am trying to bag my groceries before his wife sees and find out he helped me get groceries. They aren’t good dreams. Why the hell am I in the grocery store for one and why is my dad actually helping me as he does not help me with any life situations that buying me groceries would never ever be something in real life. His wife would lose it and go ape shit to find out my dad gave me a dime let alone was even speaking or helping me in anyway..

  5. I just woke up from a dream where I went to the grocery store and got guavas and carrots as my mom has asked me to buy with exactly fifty dollars after school. It was afternoon when I got as much guavas and carrots I can that can exactly cost fifty dollars but I wasn’t sure though, if it’s going to be exactly be fifty dollars. For that I’d need to go to the counter guy to weigh it out. The grocery store was like an Indian grocery store where there’s not much rules to apply and people can easily steal things without getting caught yet there’s still peace. When I walked inside the store after getting guavas and carrots from the outside of the store, my eyes were immediately attracted to my favorite childhood cereal chocos which can only be found in other countries but America. As my eyes were glued to them up above the ceiling where it was stored, I was thinking to myself how I should tell mom that I finally found my favorite cereal in this country and she should buy me it sometime. Then I went to the cashier guy and this is the most odd part of the story. I am normally an openflirt in real life so given that fact no one would be that surprised that I started flirting with the cashier guy too. But for me for some reason it’s odd, I started smiling at the cashier a lot and even sat next to him as he smiled back and started weighing the grocery for the cost. He didn’t tell me anything on me sitting next to him. Since I forget my dreams or nightmares in the span of at least twenty minutes of waking up, I’m trying hard to remember on this part. I was wearing a banana republic dress that I like a lot. It was getting evening time at this point while we were flirting. I kept giving him my hands to touch as I like guys touching my hands because my hands are really soft as a lot of them told me including my dad, and he was touching my hands with love and smile. I told him to give me his Instagram and he started showing me a random video on YouTube of a guy confessing his love to a girl and as I was watching it I couldn’t help but think how it was wasting my time for today because it was already evening time and I should start heading home before my mom comes to the grocery to spy on me. Plus the video didn’t make sense because it was I think nine minutes long and the guy was dancing weird steps not getting to the point. So I guessed the confession part will happen at the very end when it’s going to be nine minutes and that’s when I told him hey we’ll watch it some other time for now pass me your Instagram you didn’t even pass me it and I gave him my right hand again motioning him to write the number or Instagram on my hand. Before he does that I felt my hands were really cold for some reason at a time when fall is beginning soon which happens to me normally once winter or any mild cold season starts, I feel my hands or feet cold. So he started warming my hands with his hands and I held his hands tightly too with a flirtatious smile. And then after that I think he wrote me his Instagram on my hands. I asked him what the cost was he said exactly fifty dollars and since I’m also having short term memory loss (not literally, sarcasm) I thought to myself oh my god I don’t think mom gave me all this money it’s too much so I looked into my bag to see how much there was I saw it’s exactly fifty. Then I looked at him with big eyes and smile hey I have exactly fifty dollars too. So then after that I forgot what happened but since it’s a dream, a lot of unexplainable things happen without any logic. So somehow in the grocery store after he gave me his Instagram, he started beautifying me. He did my hair and put a beautiful yellow flower (maybe a little live sunflower) on my hair and also possibly dressed me in his country’s cultural little dress just like my banana republic dress. All this was going on while I was still sitting next to him in the counter and nobody was looking. I for some reason, felt really pretty the way he did me with so much love I couldn’t say no to him for all this. Then I started leaving after taking the bags of guavas and carrots and since I’m also evil, I thought to myself when I picked the grocery up that he and other cashier guy forgot that I’m supposed to also pay those fifty dollars since I’ve been in the grocery for quite long now and people assumed I’m a good friend of the cashier guy I was flirting with. So people must’ve assumed he trusts me anyway so they thought I already paid. Even the cashier guy I was flirting with forgot I’m supposed to pay after all the fun we had. But when I picked it up, since I’m evil I felt oh well I’m not going to pay then since everyone forgot and the guy was sympathetic to me when I told him I got to go since it’s evening time now soon to be night time and my mom will get mad because I’m not returning home now. So he let me leave and that’s when I picked up the grocery fast in front of them hurrying it all up and I realized everyone forgot I’m supposed to pay. So I took the advantage and didn’t pay and left. When I went home, I immediately ran to the bathroom to take the dress off, the flower and do the hair I did that morning to school so that it doesn’t look suspicious to mom, but before that I admired myself in the mirror of how beautiful I was looking in his cultural dress and that hair with my smile. I heard mom talking outside the bathroom when she opened the grocery bags and found the guavas and carrots as she tells me good job and I hear it inside the bathroom. And I also couldn’t wait to get out of bathroom and show her I got her fifty dollars back too I really never paid because my mom gets happy with those tricks. I get out of the bathroom with my bikini and was going to show mom I got the fifty dollars back too and that’s when I woke up. I want to know what this dream exactly means, I can’t find dreams like this anywhere to find a meaning. So I had to write it out over here. Can anyone please tell me what flirting with a grocery store young man means

  6. What about when your in a grocery store buying food but also eating food?? I had a dream last night where I was with a few friends and family members at a grocery store and I was shopping but also eating lol, there were people i don’t know there as well like customers and whatever. I remember buying things for other people as well as myself

  7. I had a dream that I had visited a supermarket and stole make ups.In the evening I saw myself in the tv news that the cctv had captured me stealing and police where after me.I could still see the items in my hand bag and one part of me said i return the staff back while the other thought i should denny the whole thing.I felt ready for being taken to jail…i woke up very afraid.what could be the meaning of this dream?

  8. What happenings what after you give pregnance to the woman you are in love with and then she moves away nishi wishi e chiimwike.

  9. I had a dream a few nights ago that me and my friends were roller skating through a supermarket but the rollerskating part was not very important, we were mostly just shopping. Although, there were a ton of nudists all around the store which was so strange. Now, last night, I had a dream that me and the same friends were in a supermarket and we were taking peoples pants as if the pants were some kind of tax. This left a bunch of naked people all over the store. I thought maybe having two supermarket dreams with naked people was very strange.

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