Abroad Dream Interpretation

Did you dream about foreign countries or being abroad? It typically relates to a new perspective or outlook on life. Perhaps you are viewing the situation with different perspectives and lifestyles. The dream relates to new challenges and the ability to tackle issues from different angles. Perhaps you find what you know and live by, is no longer adequate and satisfy your curiosity about the bigger world out there.

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Dream About Going and Traveling Abroad for Vacation

Dreaming about vacation of traveling abroad like on a cruise ship, is about accepting new experiences in life. You do not know what you are missing until you expose yourself to other culture. You need a change in scenery and desire to escape from a current situation.

Dream About Being Lost Abroad

To dream that you are lost being abroad, foretells that you will soon experience unbalance and chaos in your future endeavors. The dream foretells that you may undergo a period of intense learning and confusion after you arrive at a new environment such as school or work. Perhaps you are afraid of upcoming changes.

Dream About Living and Being Abroad

To living abroad as an expat, indicates that you need to make drastic changes in your life to expand your horizons and experience. The dream suggests that you need to find opportunities, peace, and freedom by looking in initially uncomfortable places. Be open minded and try different things, and you will experience new sense of identity and spirituality.

Dream About Visiting Abroad

To visit family relatives and friend abroad in the dream, is a sign that you need to seek out perspectives of friends with foreign and even totally opposite opinions. Their perspectives and believes might have a deeper impact on your outlook of life.

Dream About Flying Abroad

To see yourself flying an airplane to a foreign country, reflects an experience of great awareness and higher consciousness.

Dream About Marrying Abroad

Dreaming that you are falling in love and even marrying someone abroad, is a sign that you are accepting and embracing the changes, opportunities, and experiences. You incorporating these new found ideas into who you are, you are accepting the good and bad of what you love. However, it also points to growing pains and difficulties with intimacies, due to deep rooted cultural or belief differences.

Dream About Moving to Study or Work Abroad

To see yourself moving abroad to work and study, foretells that you will encounter many obstacles and changes for your new job. It foretells that you are planning to do some type of career change or pivot into new industries or studies. You may have hard time with the new customs, lingo, and workplace culture in general. You are not considered as a peer yet, but only a rookie in this new environment. Consider working as hard as you can to blend in and be a part of this new community, and you will soon find success.

Dream About Being Abroad

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