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  1. Hi i dreamed of ants crawling see through my skin and it was like seeing thousands of ants seeing crawling under my skin dr had to pop them then ant blood came out but there will small onew and big ones i saw crawling under layer of my skin over my entire body even in my navel. Like s sporn of ants i could see i was vomitting ants the more i vomitted the more ants came out and it started as an itch then they started to bite sore but it spread like a virus onto others skin people all ages started comitting suicide. This dream had a dr whom planted me and other people with ants and he became obsessed doing the under skin ant planting it started spreading to a whole community as for i was first to be seeing ants crawling under my skin. What does it mean?

    • I had a dream where ants were coming out of my eyes. Like wherever i was, i would feel something moving in my eye, i take it out and it was an ant… the next moment, ants were crawling out of my eyes.

    • Ants on your body – If your body was covered in ants, according to a biblical interpretation, this dream represents discomfort of any kind. Perhaps you are going to feel comfortable doing something you don’t want to do, but there will be no way out of this. This dream also symbolizes the great way you are dealing with finances and money in general. You seem to have a good idea about handling the budget and everything in that area is running smoothly.

  2. I guess you don’t answer personal sreams but I would like to know what to DO about it if people are taking too much from you and trying to make you conform? I had an awful dream representing this-it has gone on in my life for so long but I am fighting it and definitively. I have separated from them and declared my truth.

  3. I had a dream about living underground but then
    Bull ants came to take over like bush tucker.
    They ate a few people and started going in my ears
    and all over my head. I then began to speak to them
    and bit by bit redirect their path way from me but others
    continued replacing them.
    I also was regurgitating baby ones.
    It felt horrible.
    Can anyone please interpret that for me?

  4. Hi,

    Last night I dream of so many black Ants in the wall ND kisame. they are just there. not crawling. what t is the meaning of this.

  5. I had a dream where I saw small ants underneat the cloths I washed dried and packed on the floor of the house I live in but as I lifted the cloths I saw huge small ants it was as if they were feeding on dead something under the cloths I took insecticids and killed all the ants and I took the cloths outside to air them but I discovered my son cloths were among them too.what does this dream mean.

  6. In dream I was sleeping beside a friend and got awake thinking it was a mosquito bite but upon getting up I saw a friend a line of ants walking in her bone. What is the meaning of my dream?

  7. I had a dream and found myself in the mist of ants.I got up and explain the dream to my husband.The next day after work,we went home and notice ants at the front of the house. What does this mean?

  8. I dreamt i opened the freezer there was a tray of some kind of chocolate slice ive never had before, i went to grab a piece then noticed an ant on it. I pulled my hand away and took more notice of the freezer, up and to the left i saw a forearm sized queen ant and her entire colony in there but didnt notice any eggs, they were black ants and the cold didnt bother them.

  9. Hello!
    I had a dream where I was consistently being followed by a wasp, and hid under the covers of my bed. I felt a sting on my arm and my leg, and lifted up the blanket but saw nothing. I stood up, shook out the blanket, and a whole mass of carpenter ants fell out, and I ran to my sister’s room. She told me that they would follow me like on a mission, and I should have worn socks? I ran downstairs and found my older sister, and we sat on the couch until the wasp began flying towards her, and she waved it at ME and it stung my head. What on EARTH does this mean?

  10. Hi! I had a dream where I was first chased by a wasp, and hid under my covers. I felt a sting on my arm and leg, but didn’t see anything at first. I then stood up, shook out my covers, and a whole army of ants fell out, and ran at me, until I ran to my sister. She said that they would follow me like they were on a mission, and that I should be careful. I went downstairs, sat beside my older sister, and when the wasp flew at her, she brushed it at my face, and it got angry and stung me. It is two in the morning, and I’ve already whispered to my cat that if the ants take me, she should go call for help.

  11. I had the strangest dream. I was in my house and was annoyed that i was not getting help. I told the person if im paying for a roof over your head and feeding you i want help she said “enough said. there were small red ants everywhere a small boy was covered with them and i told him it was ok they would not harm him but one bit me in the palm of my hand it was pulsing like infected i went outside and the fence was covered with ants a board fell and a million more came out i went to spray them
    and there were maggots there with them i sprayed the bugs with bug spray in a can and they sizzled like bacon as they died not sure what this means any ideas

  12. I dreamed that I walked into my daughter bedroom , it was white and bright but empty . Then I saw a circle of the tiniest ants forming in circles and spreading all over the walls then came flying toward me and got on my face , I started running out of the house screaming for my husband , when I found him , told him to hide our daughter because we have ants all over the house , he looked at me and his face was covered with ants , and told me no worries he hid her in a safe place . And he was trying to kill the ants on his face . What does that mean !!

  13. I had a dream where there’s lots of ants on a wall and I’m spraying them to go away but they come back from a different direction

  14. I had a dream where the soldier ants where working together in a single file and taking beetle into the ground where their home is even when someone tried to break them they came back again.

  15. I had a dream where I was using a mechanical pencil and everytime I pushed the button a new piece of lead would drop out and change into an ant. What could this mean? I am 74, a retired graphic designer trying to restart a love of caricature and finding it difficult.

  16. I had dream of 100’s of black ants(the big one) in my mouth and I am trying to get them out but spitting, gargling etc. Can you please tell me what it actually signifies??

  17. I dreamed I went on the lake by myself and I got out the car and I was going to sit but the ants was bad I remember talking to a lady sitting on the ground and ants was crawling on her and the ants was crawling on my feet my arms they was getting bad and I could see them in the grass coming very fast at me and I left the lake and I woke up shaking them off me but they never did bite me

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