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Did you dream about ants while you sleep? Want to know what ants usually symbolize in your dream? We will go through general meanings of seeing ants, as well as the most common interpretation and contexts for the various dream world ants encounters.

Generally speaking, ants represent minor daily annoyances where they are few in numbers. You may be easily irritated and frustrated by minor matters. If you just see one single ant, it may present your own feelings and emotions of being small and insignificant. You are not happy with your current situation or position.

If you see a swarm of ants like an ant wall in the dream though, it can mean conformity of either you or the people around you. You want to be a part of a huge crowd and to feel belonged. However, if the ants dream features negative emotions, it means the opposite where you want to break away from the social norm.

On a positive note, ants can also represent persistence, diligence, hard work, meticulousness, and ability to produce. Seeing working ants hard at work, typically represents how you approach various projects in the work place.

Dream About Ants and You
Ants Crawling On Your Body and Biting You:
A dream about ants crawling on your body may symbolize someone or something that is “getting under your skin” or annoying you. This is especially true if the ants inside your dream take a bite at you. Consider the body parts area where the ants are crawling in the dream or biting you.

The ant bites may not have hugely positive effects but rather annoyances. For example, ants crawling on your arms may be minor annoyances at work. Maybe some workload is delayed or last minute errors were found with your projects.

If the ants bite your feet, it may not destroy your work or cause you to lose balance. However, you will generally encounter some blocks forcing you to slow down.

Ants In Your Hair:
Dreaming about ants in your hair or head represent daily annoyances are getting to your mind. You will have to pick out those negative little thoughts out of your head, before you can move forward.

Ants in Your Food:
If the ants are in your food, it signifies a sense of disgust since ants can be dirty in nature. It could be in business setting, a much smaller competitors is trying to take business away from you. Or with your own business, it could be that you are not happy with how you achieve your goals and profits. You are disgusted by the way that you have conducted your own business.

Ants in Your Bed:
Bed is a place of rest and sleep, a place where you can recharge and refresh yourself. Dreaming about ants in your bed, means that you have minor worries throughout your daily lives. Those worries have been carried to your place of rest. Maybe the worries are little broken parts that need to be fixed up. Perhaps your car needs a tune up, or maybe you have a broken light bulb around your house. Consider fixing those small items.

Lots of Ants Covering Your Entire Body:
The dream with lots of ants crawling all over your entire body is a very negative one. You are being fed on by various people and being consumed. It could be many different people or sources that seek your attention or take away all of your time. The dream represents a collective of everyone who wants a piece of you, this can include your family members, work, and schoolwork. You feel hopeless and being preyed on.

Ants Infestation Everywhere:
When the dream features an ant attack or migration into your household everywhere. It signifies that once annoyances have now turned into huge problems. Deal with them or your entire life and family will be consumed.

Dream About Your Interaction with the Ants
Killing Ants
Take note of the method of how you deal with the ends. Your methods or ways to kill the ants can give you subtle clues about how you deal with your daily problems. Do you use straight forward method of killing them with your finger in the dream? Or did you use tools like fire or pesticides to do the killing. The action of killing ants refer how you deal with your life’s annoyances.

Eating Ants
Some cultures do have ants as delicacy. If your culture does not usually eat ants as a meal, then the dream has deeper meanings. It is usually a sign that you want to relax and work less. Take a vacation and release your stress. Do not be some persistent with your work life.

Destroying an Ant Colony:
You find the work projects that you have been working on is generating great amount of stress.

Rescuing a Group of Ants from Flood
You seek social support or you want to help close friends in need.

Dream About Different Types of Ants
Dead Ants
Dreaming about dead ants can mean that your daily annoyance will soon go away.

Red ants or fire ants
Something small that is making you angry. If you are feeling nervous or anxious around the fire ants in the dream, it represent small dangers present in your daily life.

Black ants:
A shadow aspect of yourself or they may symbolize a seemingly minor annoyance that you are repressing or denying.

Bull Ants or Other Big Ants such as Soldier Ant:
You should work more aggressive toward your small goals. Be more ruthless in taking and attacking for profits. Learn to look out for opportunities.

Carpenter Ants and Termites (White Ants):
Unseen problems are happening right under your nose. Look deeper below the surfaces to make sure that all is functioning well. These ants are pests that usually deal great amount of damage over a long period of time. Perhaps your house needs a check up, or maybe you have a life long habit that is damaging your life, or it could be a chronic disease that have not yet been diagnosed. Pay attention to your surroundings to get insights and clues in the waking life.

Flying Ants with Wings:
You have the urge to breaking free from the routine and predictability of your life. You want to explore and venture out and experiment with new ideas or tasks.

Queen Ants
You seek to expand your business network and size. Maybe it is time to start hiring and think about more ways to branch out. Cultivate and grow your existing team to achieve greatness.

Dream About Ant Colony or Ant Farm
To see an ant hill or colony destroyer:
You may fail at a project that you have been working on.

Observing an Ant Hill Closely
You are afraid to take a big project.

Faraway ants nest:
You are worried about a future work project on the horizon.

Looking at an Ant Farm:
You seek organization and structure in your career. However, it could also mean that you feel smothered by the predictability and system of your work place. You feel that your entire life is a small ant farm and you cannot seem to break away.


Ants Dream Interpretation — 11 Comments

  1. Hi i dreamed of ants crawling see through my skin and it was like seeing thousands of ants seeing crawling under my skin dr had to pop them then ant blood came out but there will small onew and big ones i saw crawling under layer of my skin over my entire body even in my navel. Like s sporn of ants i could see i was vomitting ants the more i vomitted the more ants came out and it started as an itch then they started to bite sore but it spread like a virus onto others skin people all ages started comitting suicide. This dream had a dr whom planted me and other people with ants and he became obsessed doing the under skin ant planting it started spreading to a whole community as for i was first to be seeing ants crawling under my skin. What does it mean?

  2. I guess you don’t answer personal sreams but I would like to know what to DO about it if people are taking too much from you and trying to make you conform? I had an awful dream representing this-it has gone on in my life for so long but I am fighting it and definitively. I have separated from them and declared my truth.

  3. I had a dream about living underground but then
    Bull ants came to take over like bush tucker.
    They ate a few people and started going in my ears
    and all over my head. I then began to speak to them
    and bit by bit redirect their path way from me but others
    continued replacing them.
    I also was regurgitating baby ones.
    It felt horrible.
    Can anyone please interpret that for me?

  4. Hi,

    Last night I dream of so many black Ants in the wall ND kisame. they are just there. not crawling. what t is the meaning of this.

  5. I had a dream where I saw small ants underneat the cloths I washed dried and packed on the floor of the house I live in but as I lifted the cloths I saw huge small ants it was as if they were feeding on dead something under the cloths I took insecticids and killed all the ants and I took the cloths outside to air them but I discovered my son cloths were among them too.what does this dream mean.

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