Test / Exam Dream Interpretation

Dreams about taking a school test or certification exam occurs pretty often. Do you wonder if there is any hidden meaning or interpretation about various test taking dreams? Use this complete dream interpretation guide to help you walk through and understand the test dreams. When you have long past the ages of having to take frequent tests and exams, dreaming about test taking can have further profound meanings in your life.

If you are still a student while having a school Test or Exam dream, the dreams are most likely about the actual test that you have had recently, or the testing experiences that you fear. For example, if you dream about missing a test, it is most likely your natural fear of actually missing an exam is strong. It is your subconscious mind reminding you what would or might happen when your worrisome testing dream comes true.

This complete guide of exam or test dream interpretation assumes that you are not really dreaming about the exams. We will explore the hidden meanings that may come with it.

Dream About Different Test or Exam Subject Matter
The different test or exam subject matter can imply the area of life that you may be focusing on. Is the test related to your careers such as certification exams, science tests like chemistry, or general math tests like geometry, algebra, or calculus? Or is the exam more general in nature like an English test.

See if you can relate the different test subjects and categories to see what may suit your waking life the most. Exam dreams that feature skill certifications or math based generally relate to your job and career. Exam dreams that relate to essays or open ended questions typically represent your ability to communicate and social skills.

Dream About Taking a Test
Always consider your own emotions when you take a test. In general, taking a test or exam typically means that you are being judged or scrutinized. The judgement can be goals that you have set for yourself, or it could be validations that you need from others.

Do you feel great, confident, and at ease? Are you breezing through the test knowing all the answers. Or do you feel anxious, nervous, and frustrated? These positive or negative emotions directly tie into how you are experiencing life at the moment.

You are measuring yourself in all aspects of your life, either socially or career wise.

With test dreams, you may be having an experience you never had before, facing great competition against others, or fighting for an opportunity with no guarantees such as starting a business.

Dream About Passing a Test
Dreaming about passing a test means completion of a phase in your life. Maybe you have had a major change recently such as job change, graduation, promotion, becoming a parent, or even getting pregnant. You are happy and you feel confident about your achievements.

If you are not happy with the score that you have gotten with the passing test results, it may represent that you have set the bar or goal too high for yourself.

Dream About Failing a Test
When you dream about failing a test, take note of the reason of your failure. These reasons may relate to your actual failures in the waking life. Your mind is processing your waking life and trying to make sense out of your unsuccessful endeavors. Below is some of the most common reasons that you may fail a test in your dream, and how they can represent in your waking life.

Being Late:
When you fail a test for being late, the tardiness may be caused by other factors such as traffic or your own misjudgment of time. It signifies that you need to take better control of your time to take advantage of the opportunities. If you were late to the exam because you got lost, it represents that you are unsure about your futures and goals.

Missing Test Completely:
The dream where you miss or forget about the test completely, represents your lack of completion for a given phase of your life. For example, you may be working on a long term project at your work, however you are missing for the last part of the project. Dreams about missing tests represent the lack of completion. You are worried and frustrated, and feel nervous until the test is official over.

Test too Hard:
Dreaming about the test being too hard and fail, can signify your doubt in yourself, as well as the difficult situations that you are experiencing.

Feeling Unprepared:
When the focus of the dream test centers on the nervousness and guilt feeling of being unprepared, it can signify that you feel that you have not worked hard or not prepared enough for your personal goals. Perhaps you have been procrastinating at work to finish your deadlines. Or maybe procrastinating to get that last minute anniversary gift for your husband or wife.

Forgotten Materials:
Test dreams about forgotten items such as missing pens, ID card, calculator, or even reference material can be pretty nerve wrecking. These forgotten items represent the details of your projects. Are you close to the completion of your project and you are nervous about missing important details? Or maybe you feel that you do not have all the tools that you need to achieve your goals. Dreaming about forgotten test materials can reflect your lack of confidence in being prepared and ready.

Misunderstanding of the Questions:
You might dream about failing a test because you misunderstood the question. This type of dreams represent actual miscommunication that you may have in your waking time. Maybe you have lost clients and relationships because you misunderstood the needs and requests of them. Or maybe you unintentionally offended important people in your life.

Running Out of Time:
Dreaming about running out of time and fail a test can be sad and frustrating. It may reflect that you are spending too much time thinking and planning without taking the actions. The dream may be telling you to management your schedule better and act now before time runs out. The dream can also reflect your inability to finish tasks that you have started.

Dream About Cheating on a Test
To dream of cheating on a test represents a lack of concern for ethics and honesty. Dream about cheating on tests reflect waking life situations where you are not afraid of breaking the rules. It is not completely negative as in real life situations, you need to get creative with your strategies to defeat competitions. However, it can be a negative or lack of respect for a situation that requires integrity, for example public accounting or auditing.

To dream of being caught cheating reflects embarrassment, shame, or having done something with low standards. You may also feel irritated or frustrated since your previous methods of cutting corners were working so well. However, it may not purely represent an ethic issue, it could also be your demanding boss asking you to do your job differently and in his way only.

Dream About Creating or Writing a Test
The dream of creating or writing a test of your own, signifies that you have high standards for others. You like to setup rules to live by and you would like others to do the same.

Or maybe you are a management level person who needs to constantly look at people’s performances. You need to judge and compare others based on how they present themselves to you.

If you are in the middle of a serious relationship, writing a test may be indication that you are trying to see if the boyfriend or girlfriend is husband / wife material, before you actually propose the marriage. You are creating a list and set of questions to be able to judge correctly.

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