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  1. thanks for the good explanation. I am always dreaming of passing an exam that i recently undertook just some few weeks to the actual day of release.

  2. please, in my dream i prepared for mathematics but saw agricultural science question in the hall, then my friends had to assist me. i was the only person who taught it was mathematics.

  3. My dream was on representation on news anchoring at assembly,i went out of words said unbroken grammar students listrnubg laughed bt my classmates dint i felt embarraseed bt my fellow classmates whispered to me en i reconnected myself though I felt bad inside that I dnt represented perfectly…my lecturer wasnt happy when I was whispered on reconnected my words…

  4. i dreamt that i ha sent someone to collect my result slip, i had passed Maths with a distinction but had not done so well in other areas, I was however to receive an honor for my Maths results.

  5. I dreamt that i had to write a Science Test but i was Late for it,I knew everything that was going to be in the Test but i had to just Brush through it once Again

  6. I am no longer a student at school and still have to take college.
    I keep having dreams where i am retaking grade school.Having things happen that normally didn’t or something awfully close to how i was way back then.

    I really dunno where it’s all coming from.I still ponder to this day.

  7. my dream was that had failed an English exams. And was about writing another exams which I didn’t know nothing when I looked at the questionsAnd all this exams was written inside a big bus..And the people around me were were student I knew but everyone was encouraging me to relax and write but I was somehow sick inside that bus.

  8. I have had a similar dream twice. In the first dream, i was in exam room and was holding my two year old as i tried to tackle the questions. But the exam was rather hard. In the second dream, (about three weeks later), i was in an exam room and was holding my two year old baby. The questions appeared too hard for me it was like i was not adequately prepared for the exam. I called my sister to come help me out with the baby.
    What could this mean?

  9. I dream that my exam paper has been torn into two am a student, just completed the university and doing my national service

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