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  1. I dreamed I had MY toy gun pointed at me by an angry ugly man that came into my kitchen. I picked up a large knife before I saw it was my own toy gun! The man tried to shoot me and it didn’t go off, of course. Then he lunged at me and connected with the knife. I have to laugh. That is exactly what is going on with my family and a couple of cousins. Now I can not feel guilty and I can laugh at it. The interpretation fits like a snuggly glove. Thanks!

  2. Had a dream I was concealing a silver 9.mm but when I got to my home I took it out for a second to get ready to put it away and when I reached for it seconds later it was gone. Someone in the dream I saw his face but did the recognize him, he said he took it and got rid of it for safety reasons.

  3. Okay well I was at a camp over seas. Like a military one. And we were all joking around the cadets and I. Then it like slipped to us racking up and I keep fighting with the dust shield on the ar I had and then I jumped out of the humvy and ran behind a while with my team and then it skipped agin to it being blackish blue outside and gun fire and bombs went off repeatedly and I’m yelling commands and saying fall back and cover fire and all this stuff and then air strike came and saved us but I had to stay there while everyone got to go home and I was cleaning my stuff and laid in bed holding a note I didn’t get to see what was written in the note.

  4. In my dreams I am constantly getting shot at and in one case was actually shot in the face for making eye contact with a “drug dealer”. I never die, but the fear is palatable. With every dream as soon as I am confronted by the gunman or gunmen I run, hide or return fire usually never being shot and it always involves some sort or illegal activities..I am a dominate personality in my circle which has ties in a lot of unsavory activities so I find it necessary to put forth a certain image, but I’m not a violent person and do everything I can to stay out of trouble. These dreams, I feel are showing me that I am always on the brink of violence and it helps me to understand that that’s not something I want to be apart of. No matter how badass you are, you can’t outrun a bullet or cartel.

  5. I had a dream that I got into a blazer type vehicle and I had my youngest son in the front drivers seat in a carseat appearing as if he was a baby ( he is 7) and I was in the front drivers seat scooted to the end of the seat because of the carseat???.. Anyways my other two sons get in the back along with Miss.Hubbard one of my sons old teachers. We drive off as I’m talking from some place and I see a car and a truck parked ahead (guess a red light or stop sign) as I slow down trying to come to a stop I see a man 6 foot at least in jeans and button up shirt brownish blonde hair get out of the truck walk to the back drivers side and lift a rifle out of the back of his truck and he starts loading it and I’m not familiar with the gear shift placement in the vehicle I’m driving and begin fumbling to put it in reverse and he looks at us andvi know its a shooting and I wake up. What does this mean???

  6. I had a dream where I had two loaded gun in a dream going to give it to someone but two police come and take the two guns from me and I started to beg and I told the police the guns were not mine and they took the guns and let me go

  7. I had a dream where I had two loaded gun in a dream going to give it to someone but two police come and take the two guns from me and I started to beg and I told the police the guns were not mine and they took the guns and let me go what does it mean

  8. I had a dream about my sister getting shot and she died in a dream and the same guy that shot her with a gun wanted to shot me as well but I ran away and in a dream he was looking for me everywhere and he was riding a scooter so on a dream I ended up hiking in a car and I asked the people in the car to run away with me and in a dream I saw my other sister who is 7 years old holding a lot of things so I ended up jumping off the car to assist her and guy who wanted to shot me came again but this time my two Aunties where there and some members of my community and I woke up when everyone was saying we want to ask him why does he want to shoot you

  9. Hey, I was hoping you could help me out maybe?
    I had a dream about some random guy pulling out a gold gun on me, and in return I pulled out a normal looking black gun on him but put it down. He began shooting at me and one bullet hit me in my chest. Shortly after, before the ambulance came in my dream I woke up.
    Could you tell me what it means?

  10. what does this mean? i had a dream where i was a princess in a castle. for some reason a guy was being sentenced to death, it was my fault.i went to talk to him in the castle as i left i noticed the guards were trying to find someone so i panicked and demanded a guy to take me to my bedroom. we wore walking then i found out he was the killer (i dont know how i found out) i ran to the elevator where i met another woman, unphased. i ran and ran through flights of stairs and elevators the killer was at the top. then the scene changed and i had my phone in one hand covered? the camera had been covered.. then we were all in the courtyard outside the palace the kingdom went outside to safety. i was in love with the guard and to keep me safe he gave me a gun.the killer showed up again riding his horse me and the guards all shot at him. the guards told me to hide so i did i hid in the bush surrounding the castle. i knew i wasnt safe in there but i just waited. then i woke up.

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