Gun Dream Meaning – Top 24 Dreams About Guns

This dream interpretation will focus on using and wielding the gun and how seeing a gun can be interpreted in a dream setting. To see a gun in your dream represents fear, aggression, anger, and potential danger. A gun represents the ability to use your own power to defend yourself against the world. However, it can also indicate your hot and quick temper when faced with obstacles.

If you have been watching action films, playing video games, or shooting up some targets at a gun range, it should be noted. The dream may reflect your real-world experiences and have less symbolic meaning.

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Dream About Loading and Preparing for a Gun

Dream About Getting a Gun
If the dream is about shopping, acquiring, or purchasing a gun, note its purpose in the dream can be crucial to understand your subconscious mind. Is it more your own protection, hunting, or do you intend to hurt someone in the dream? In this case, acquiring a gun within the dream means that you are taking steps to achieve your goals. You are using more or less violent means or paths.

To dream that you are loading a gun forewarns, you should be careful not to let your temper get out of control. It may also signify your ability to defend yourself in a situation. You are ready to take action when the right timing presents itself. It can foretell the beginning of a battle that you might face.

Dreaming that you are unloading a gun indicates that a time of intense pressure is subsiding. You are now ready to take a brief rest before handling additional threats. The dream suggests that you should ease up and do not be tense all the time.

Dream About Carrying Guns

Carrying a gun in the open within the dream means that you take pride and power in your own authority and confidence.

To hide or conceal a gun in the dream, especially if the gun is loaded and ready to shoot, implies that you are repressing your angry feelings and thoughts. Try to find ways to express yourself instead of bottling up your rage.

To carry a gun on your belt or in your hands in the dream is a sign that you are ready to go at a moment’s notice. You are well prepared to handle any situation or threat that comes your way.

Dream About Keeping Guns

When you are setting up some safe or basement arsenal inside your home to house your guns, perhaps you are looking for shelter or protection in your dream. You feel threatened by the world around you. Or the collection can be a sign of your power and pride in your life, family, and other possessions.

Dream About Gun Points at You

Having a gun pointed at you often represents some form of confrontation. Take note of your emotions when the gun is pointing at you in the dream. Do you have some power to fight back, such as a gun yourself? Is someone robbing you? Or are you at the mercy of another person or even an assassin via execution in the dream?

The pointed gun can reflect that you have been under the spotlight in uncomfortable situations. For example, a boss or superior may have asked you to take on an unwanted task at a meeting you cannot refuse. Or it could a family member or friends requesting a favor from you. You fear the consequences of rejecting the requests and have to agree to the terms. Perhaps you are in a situation life against your will, and you feel trapped or abused to serve others.

Take note of where the gun is pointing at. You can use it to assess the type of pressure or tension that you are facing. For example, consider if the gun is straight to your head. It can mean that the threat is urgent, and you likely have no other options but to comply. When the dream involves a gun in your mouth, it represents that you are afraid to speak your opinions.

A gun pointed at your back, foretells that someone will betray your trust.

Dream About Gun Fight

To dream that someone is shooting you with a gun suggests experiencing some confrontation in your waking life. You feel victimized in a situation or that someone is targeting you. Take note of whether you were expecting the gunshots to come. Did you see someone pointing the gun at you before the shoot? If the shots came unexpected, some culprits might be plotting against you in the waking life.

Exchanging or returning gunfire for a gun battle in your dream reflects that you are on the defensive about something. Or you may be dealing with issues of passiveness/aggressiveness and authority/dependence.

When the dream features witness or hears a gunshot from where it can reflect the conflicts you have witnessed in waking life, perhaps you saw other people fighting or arguing with one another.

If the dream involves being chased with a gun, you are trying to runway from authority figures in your life.

Dream About a Gun Shooting at You

When you are wounded in the dream by getting shot, take note of the places where you got shot at. The bodily injuries from a gunfight can be based upon dream body parts interpretations. For example, if your arms got shot, it may mean that someone has taken away your ability to work or fight back. If someone shoots at your legs or ankle, it reflects that the attacks have taken your balance of life.

Lastly, take note of the location where the gun battle or shooting war occurs and whether you are a victim or a shooter. The place of the shootout can offer some insights into the background of your anger or aggression. For example, school shooting dreams may involve frustrations with self-growth. A gun being used at a bank could relate to your assets may be under attack.

Dream About A Gun Won’t Fire or Jammed

To dream that a gun jam blocks or fail to fire indicates that you face a last-minute obstacle in the waking situation. Others may have recently asked you to perform or complete sudden tasks. And that you have failed to act when it is your turn.

Having a jammed gun that won’t shoot or doesn’t work may mean that you need to tackle your problems differently. Perhaps it is time to stop and go over your options before attempting again.

If the broken gun malfunctioned because you forgot to put in bullets, or the gun ran out of bullets while shooting, it means that your efforts may go to waste.

Dreaming about a gun that misfires signify that you have been putting your time and effort in the wrong place. You are not making good progress on the effort. If the misfired gun actually shot and injured someone, it symbolizes that your unintentional actions hurt the ones around you. It could be your general display of anger or aggression is hurting your close family and friends. Even if they are not the intended target of your anger. For example, work may have been tiring and stressfulful. But you ended up taking that frustration at home with your wife and children.

Dream About Pointing or Shooting a Gun

To dream that you shoot someone with a gun denotes your aggressive feeling and hidden anger toward that particular person. You may be trying to blame them for something.

When you have pointed the gun at someone or some animals, it means that your anger and aggression are scaring your targets or people in real life. Such as, if you are pointing a gun at a dog or cat in the dream, you may be asking your close and loyal friends for requests. You are making them uncomfortable yet obliged.

Dream About Different Types of Guns

Guns as a Sexual Dream Symbol
From a Freudian perspective, a gun barrel represents the penis and male sexual drive. Thus, the gun may mean power and fertility. In this interpretation, a malfunctioning or misfired gun represents sexual impotence or fear of impotence. This is especially true when guns are installed on other military equipment such as tanks.

Small Guns

The dream of a small gun or pistol denotes that you are trying to target a specific goal. The goal is smaller and short-term in nature since you can easily tackle it.

Stun Gun
A stun gun or taser is less violent and nonlethal than other alternatives; perhaps you are looking for a more peaceful way to resolve your conflicts. However, you still want to be on the upper hand to protect yourself from harm. You are using your power or electricity to finish things your way.

BB Gun or Toy Gun
Wielding a BB gun or toy gun in the dream signifies that you wish for more power and authority. Perhaps you are in a position where you get authority based on your background. For example, you may be using a fake toy gun since working under a boss as an assistant. And with that “fake” power, you can boss around other people in the same department.

Bigger Guns

Sniper Rifle
Sniper Rifle in dreams represents careful planning and selecting your targets in life. Perhaps you are at a point in life where you are pinpointing your goals in life.

The rifle is typically used for hunting; dreaming about the rifle is a sign that you have a clear goal or target in mind. Consider the animals that you are hunting, such as deer or cows.

Machine Gun
Machine guns shoot out tons of bullets in a short period of time in a rapid-firing manner. The machine gun reflects that you need to act faster, shoot first, and ask questions later.

A shotgun is a violent and straightforward way of protecting yourself from burst damage. Perhaps your anger is at the point where you cannot bottle it anymore. Any other additional triggers can set you off.

Yellow Golden Gun or Silver Gun
These “trophy” guns that appear within the dream mean good fortune is around the corner. It is time to reach out and grab your prizes.

Laser Gun
The laser gun is a sign of technology and light. Focus your efforts and strategies to be laser-sharp to succeed.

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