Bat Dream Interpretation

Bat in dreams can be a powerful symbol and foresight into the future. Depending on the context and emotions of the dream, bats dreams are not necessarily evil and bad. Below we will go over many common themes and how to interpret dreams with bats in them. Consider your waking life situations and make judgement calls and interpretations on what the bats may reflect, like many animal related dreams, bat often point to specific individuals in your social circle.

Dream About Bat Related Actions
Dream About Bats Biting
Being bitten by bats typically relate to being gossiped on by someone that you tried to be close to. For example, the dream signifies that the girl you are trying to woo is not the one for you. After trying to woo for a long time, the girl is complaining to her group of friends about your advances or tactics. The bats bite can signify unreturned love which can sting, hurt, and blind at the same time.

Dream About Bat Attacking
To be attacked or scratched by bats in dreams, suggest that you are making certain decisions blindly and quickly without good considerations. As a result you will suffer the consequences.

Dream About Bats Flying Into You or Crossing Your Path
Dreaming of a bat bumping and flying into you is a sign of a close call with danger, the danger is hugely unexpected and unseen. Watch for the hidden dangers that may lurk around the corner.

Dream About Bats in House
To dream of bats living and staying around your house or apartment, suggest that something negative is going to happen to someone around you. Although the event will not affect you personally and directly, but is will affect everyone in the household to some extent.

Dream About Killing a Bat
To kill a bat in the dream suggest that you are removing particular negative thoughts from your mind, however, it’s usually done by ridding yourself of negative influences and negative persons in the waking life. It should be noted that the negative thoughts are not particularly bad or evil, but more along the line of negativity and inactive thoughts.

Dream About Flying Bat
Dreaming of a single flying bat going solo, it suggests that something bad yet within your control is approaching. Be prepared about the minor obstacles that you may encounter in the near future.

Dream About Being Chased by Bats
Being chased by bats in dreams suggest that you are getting mixed signals from someone you find attractive and mystifying. You feel fear and strong emotions at the same time. However, if you feel that your life is in danger in the dream, it foretells that a terminal illness is in remission, consider double checking your health to make sure every part of you is healthy.

Dream About Bats Swarm Infestation
To see a bat swarm in place, suggests that you are holding yourself back with negative thoughts and crowds. Perhaps the dream signals for the need to search for new opportunity and growth elsewhere. It’s a warning that you need to think better of yourself rather than a part of the bat swarm.

Dream About Bats Flying During Daylight
Dreaming of bats flying during broad daylight, suggests that you need to move forward in difficult times. There may have been situation where you are forced to move under bad circumstances, however you will have to keep on moving to get to your comfort zone.

Dream About Other Bat Related Themes
Dream About Bat Poop
Dealing or encountering bat poop in dreams relate to to unclean and ill-gotten gains or profits. However, the dream signals that you have the power to use the illegals gains for good by reinvesting those gains back to the people who matter.

Dream About Bat Wings
Wearing or seeing bat wings in the dream, reflects that you need to be nimble and fast in your decisions. It foretells that you may need to act on your instinct to deal with upcoming obstacles. The dream hints that you may not have all the information available, but rely on your basic senses and intuition.

Dream About White or Albino Bat
White or albino bat in your dream it can signify a death of a family member, typically as a result of old age or long term disease.

Dream About Dead Bat
Dreams of dead bats are good signs, they suggest that certain unforeseen dangers have been thwarted by outside forces. Perhaps someone has protected your certain danger without you knowing.

Dream About Black Bat
The dreams of black bats represent the coming of a disaster into your life.

Dream About Big and Giant Bat
Dreams of Big or Giants bats refer to certain issues that you have chosen to ignore. Pay close attention and be extremely discerning when investigating and considering all the facts hidden and obvious. There may be some obvious and apparent items that you have missed. Look past illusions to get to the truth.

Dream About Vampire Bat
Dreaming a vampire bat indicates that you are being “drained” of your self-confidence or resources. Someone in your life may be getting joy from emotionally abusing you and putting you down.

Dream About Green Bat
Green bat in dreams refer to your exceptional communications skills. Follow your intuition to figure out hidden things that other people are not saying directly. With that information in mind, you will understand exactly what is happening and what to do.

Dream About Pet Bat
Having a pet bat in the dream suggests that you need confront and “own” things that might be scary or unfamiliar to you. Embrace the new and the unfamiliar as your own, you will be able to find joy and satisfaction through your courage and hard work.

Dream About Red Bat
Red bats in dreams are associated with darkness and negative part of your personality of yourself or someone close to you. It typically relates to more fiery negative emotions like hatred and jealousy derived from passion.

Dream About Baby Bat
Dreams of baby bats suggest that you should make a greater effort at self-improvement and work on your hidden spiritual and psychic capability.

Dream About Brown Bat
Brown bat dreams hints that you might want to re-evaluate your life and see if you are making any decisions blindly. You might have some dark feelings that have been bottled up and are trying to come out.

Dream About Fruit Bat
Fruit bat in dreams refer to hidden diseases that lie within harmless appearances. Be aware of others who appear to be innocent, although they do not mean directly harm to you. Being closer to them can bring out bad circumstances to your whole well being.

Dream About Bat Cave
To be in a bat cave in a dream is to reflect dark thoughts and influences that might be coming from our your conscious mind. If the bat cave is more like a Batman’s cave or a cave full of treasures and gadgets, it reflects that you are trying to hide particular hobby or project from the public view.

Dream About Batman
Dreaming about being Batman typically reflects some form of dissatisfaction with the waking world. Perhaps you are living or working at a job which you believe is unjust and tricky. You want to do the right thing but your job requires you to be sneaky and hide the truth. Dreaming of batman allows you to reveal those hidden truth and balance your mind with the righteous psyche. Consider finding ways to balance the need between the truth and half lies, and you might bring more positive changes to your thoughts and inner peace.

Dream About Batman vs Superman
To have a dream about known characters such as Batman or Superman, consider how they relate to your waking life situations. Batman and Superman may refer to the super egos for either you or people on your team at work or school. You may have friendly yet cut-throat competitions with coworkers or other students. You have the power to make or break each other, take note and be serious about your relationships with them. Embrace the competition, continuously challenge yourself and others, and you may propel yourself to a new level, while obtaining life long frenemies.

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