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Did you dream about the boss? Bosses in the dream point to the authoritative side of your personality. Consider how you view the boss and the exact interaction with him or her in the dream. Bosses can reflect the feeling and atmosphere of your actual work environment. Or it can reflect how you feel about your career or tasks in general. Below we will not more detailed scenarios for boss dream meanings. 

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Dream About Boss Actions

Negative Actions

Boss Dying
To dream about your boss dying or a funeral; suggest that you feel that your boss is making bad and disastrous decisions. You worry that the missteps might eventually impact your department or your entire company. The dead boss corpse suggests that he or she has lost credibility at work.

Boss Scolding and Yelling
To see boss yelling and scolding you indicate your fear of authority. You feel that someone else is running your life. Others are dictating what you can or can not do. And you will suffer the consequences if you do not comply. However, if he is crying and talking, it points to disappointments and layoffs.

Boss Resigning
To see a boss resigning from his or her position; points to a sign of something that you cannot ignore or postpone. Your boss will give up on certain problems. You are on your own to solve your problems. Specifically, the dream foretells that you will be under-equipped to do your job.

Positive Actions

Boss Giving Money
To see the boss giving you money or bonus; foretell something good is coming your way. You will soon receive a promotion or projects that will benefit your paycheck.

Boss Pregnant
To dream that your boss is becoming pregnant; foretell that there will be new policies or “brain child” put in place by your boss. Your manager will create certain rules or routines out of nowhere.

Boss Driving
To dream about your boss driving; consider the type of vehicles that he or she is driving in the dream. It relates to the speed at which your organization is moving. For example, if he is driving a truck, it foretells that your team will do the heavy lifting. If he is piloting a rocket or airplane, it foretells rapid growth. You will have to work hard to keep up.

Dream About Interaction with Boss

Relationship Interactions

Kissing Boss
Kissing boss on the lips or cheeks in the dream; foretells that you will get over some type of awkwardness at work. However, consider how you are approaching the kiss. Perhaps you will get over comfortable and step over the line. Be careful about how you interpret your boss’s intentions.

Hugging Boss
Hugging a boss reflects the good relationship that you have with your boss. You will soon get over work-related stress or issues. Trust your boss to assist you with problems that need to be resolved.

Holding Hands with Boss
To see yourself holding or shaking hands with the boss; foretells that you will feel certain about your relationship with the boss. Soon you will be trusted with more work and responsibility.

Affair with Boss
To see yourself having affair or sleeping with the boss; signifies your desire for authority and control. You will form an intimate relationship with powerful or well-connected people.

Conflict Interactions

Arguing with Boss
To see you arguing with your boss in the dream; reminds you that there is a higher power. You will need to make peace with and answer to. Your chance of getting your way in waking life is low.

Fighting with Boss
Fighting with a boss in a boxing or physical altercation; suggests that you are dealing with strong conflicts at work. Soon it will get to the surface and you will be forced to take drastic actions. Perhaps you will soon protest against the corporate office or managers regarding certain decisions. You will bring to the forefront. Have the courage to face it.

Other Actions

Being a Boss
Being a boss in the dream points to your self-confidence. You want to be more assertive about your requests and desires. Perhaps you want others to listen to your orders and act accordingly.

Having Lunch or Dinner with Boss
Dreaming about eating with your boss; consider the type of restaurant and food that you are having in the dream. Are you having food like steaks? Fast food like hamburgers? Or food like rice or noodles. It foretells that you will find some type of common ground or hobby with your manger in the near future.

Boss Firing You
To dream about your boss firing you; forewarns someone might want to cut ties with you. He or she does not have your best interest in mind. They are focusing on their selfish needs instead of yours. 

Dream About Location of Boss

Boss at Work
To dream about seeing your boss at the office; reflects that you are very focused on your work. However, you are focused on making someone proud instead of working for yourself.

The boss at Your Home
To see the boss at your home or apartment in the dream; indicates that you are letting your work responsibilities affecting your family relationship. Consider where you see the boss in the dream. Is he or she in your bedroom or kitchen? It could offer subtle clues.

Dream About Boss Appearances

Angry Boss
To dream that your boss is being angry and mean; reflects a fear of your workplace. You are allowing your boss to have too much authority and control over you. It reflects your anxiety about making mistakes at work.

Drunk Boss
Dreaming about a drunk boss with alcohol; reflects your subconscious judgment about the boss being unprofessional. You are questioning his or her judgment about certain problems. Your boss is pushing his luck about something. The dream foretells that he will soon hit a stumbling block.

Evil Boss
To see an evil boss or mastermind in the dream; reflects that you are not happy at your work. Specifically, your work is asking you to do something that you believe is unethical. However, you will go through the plan.

Dream About Different Types of Bosses

Ex-boss or former boss in the dream; relates to stress of work at the moment. Your mind is referring to certain experiences in your past. Perhaps your subconsious is trying to learn something from the past. Stay focused in the current until job is finished. You are trying to think how would other people handle your situation.

Casino Pit Boss
To dream about a casino pit boss; foretells that you will take certain risky investments or chances. You will try your luck to skirt the odds in your favor.

Mafia Boss
To dream about a gangster mafia boss; forewarns that you will soon deal with the wrong people. Be careful about what you say or do in the near future. You do not want to get to the wrong side of people. A certain power or authoritative force can make your life a living hell.

New Boss
To see a new boss in the dream; foretells that a new big decision or change will happen in your life. You have the opportunity to empower yourself. Take control of your destiny by forming bond with new people. He or she will be of great help to your career.

Dream About Items Related to Boss

Executive Boss Chair
To dream that you are sitting or getting an executive boss chair is similar to a throne dream. It symbolizes power, leadership, and authority. You will soon take control of important roles.

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