Strawberry Dream Interpretation

To dream of strawberries usually relate to sensual opportunities and advancements that may lead in the foreseeable pleasure. During your strawberry related dream, try to focus on the taste and condition of the strawberry, the actions that you are doing with the strawberry to get the best interpretation.

Below we will go over some of the most popular dreams featuring strawberry as a dream symbol.

Dream About Strawberry Related Actions
Dream About Strawberry Picking
Strawberry picking in dreams suggest that you will obtain some long wished for objects or relationship. Perhaps you have been wooing or going after specific relationship, and the dream suggest that you may see some positive effects that resulting in sensual desires being fulfilled.

Dream About Eating Strawberry
Eating juicy and sweet strawberry denotes requited love, however a sour and dry strawberry suggest that your love will be not be appreciated and ignored.

Dream About Throwing Away Strawberry
Throwing away a rotten or spoiled strawberry suggest that love relationships that are unhealthy with strife, jealousy, and quarrels. Perhaps the relationship was sweet and loving at one point, but your mind is now relating the relationship to be rotten and needs to be thrown away or fixed somehow.

Dream About Selling and Buying Strawberry
Trading in strawberry by either buying or selling them in stores or supermarket, suggest that are you ready to embark on a sensual journey and starting a new love life of your own.

Dream About Strawberry Related Items
Dream About Strawberry Fields
Dreams of strawberry fields full of ripe strawberries for picking denotes the vast opportunities that you have with your love life. However, it can sometimes lead to affairs and infidelity that you may watch out for. If the strawberry field is barren without strawberries, it can represent that the timing is not ready for you to seek romantic relationship.

Dream About Strawberry Plant or Tree
Dreaming about strawberry plant represent marriage or some sort of backbone of the relationship. Consider the health and condition of the strawberry plant to get some clues about how your mind is scoring your relationship. For example, a sick and barren strawberry plant can suggest breakup or divorce in the near future. Somethings might be really wrong with your marriage.

Dream About Strawberry Cake and Shortcake
Having strawberry desserts such as cake or strawberry filled bread, suggest that you are trying to make your relationship more sensual. You might subconsciously feel that your relationship is stale and you want to try more things to feel loved and alive.

Dream About Strawberry Ice Cream or Yogurt
To eat and enjoy a sweet strawberry desserts made with milk, suggest that you will obtain sweet monetary gains in the near future. The gains are somehow related to a woman or female perspective, perhaps you have placed some investments or listened to advice from certain female in your life.

Dream About Strawberry Juice
Dreams strawberry juice denote unplanned pregnancy.

Dream About Strawberry Jam
Strawberry jam or jelly in dreams suggest that you will have a job that relate to the public, it may be a public facing part of your office or institution. You may be asked to initiate some form of outside contact to gather information. The outside contact will prove to be profitable.

Dream About Big Strawberry
Seeing or experiencing a big or huge strawberry, may suggest that you are too proud of yourself in the relationship. Your ego may be hurting the connection that you have with your partner.

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