Flies Dream Meaning (Insect) – Top 28 Dreams About Flies

Did you dream about flies? They symbolize filth, dirtiness, and opportunities towards physical or emotional openings. Your plans will be broken down somehow. An irritating or annoying person or events will happen in your life. Others will try to impact your personal affairs. Consider how and where you are interacting with flies. Below we will help you decipher more detailed fly’s dream meanings.

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Dream About Interaction with Flies

Eating Flies
To dream that you are eating flies; indicates that you will take advantage of certain lies or small ill-gotten gains like bribery. You will take advantage of something that might be contagious. Be careful it might make you sick if you are unlucky.

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Throwing Up Flies
To see yourself throwing up flies in the dream; foretells that your tongue will cause you trouble in the near future. Your advice will be seen as annoying or even detrimental. Your reputations will soon be under a microscope because of your public statements.

Growing Flies
To see yourself growing flies from trash, poop, or leftover food in the dream; suggests that something that started out minor or insignificant is getting out of control. There are issues that you have ignored for too long. They are spreading out to affect other areas of your life.

Catching Flies
To see yourself catching flies with baits and sticky paper traps; indicates that you are no longer putting up with a recurring problem. You are taking initiative to remove negative influences. Perhaps you are locking away your own negative emotions such as irritation, envy, or jealousy.

Killing Flies
To see yourself swatting and killing flies; indicates that you will redeem yourself. Regain your honor after your fall from grace. You will prove to others of your ability to handle many issues.

Swarm of Flies Attacking You
To see a swarm of flies attacking you anyplace like while hiking or picnicking at a park or in your backyard; suggests that there will be people who gang up to take advantage of you. Protect your belongings so that they will not be tainted or stolen from you.

Dream About Flies Locations

Lots of Flies Everywhere
To dream about lots of flies everywhere; points to sickness and virus contagion. Take good care of your health and hygiene. Look out for problems like the cold, flu, or even an epidemic. Someone in your waking life might be ill now. And you worry that you will catch it from him or her.

Flies on Food
To see flies landing on your food like cakes, rice, pizza, or meat in the dream; points to someone who zaps the enjoyment out of your life. He or she will criticize you during your moment of glory and pleasure. Confront them and shoo them away from your life. So that you could enjoy your hard-earned work in peace and happiness.

Flies in House or Room
To see your house or room filled with flies in the dream; forewarns that there will be troublemakers in your life. Others will invade your privacy. Watch out for people nosing into your private business.

Dead Things Covered in Black Flies
To see a dead animal covered in flies; foretells a certain secret from your past that will come back to haunt you from the grave. Someone knows about something that you are trying to hide. And he or she might make your life miserable because of it.

Dream About Flies on Your Body

Flies in Hair
To see flies that land on your hair in the dream; points to feelings of guilt and worry. You are worried about your appearance and how other people perceive you. You sense that many people do not like you. Perhaps you are giving out the wrong signals to draw the wrong crowd in waking life.

Flies in Mouth
To see a fly that wings into your mouth; represents a minor problem or obstacle that you must face. You will simply have to eat it and move on. However, soon you will enjoy delayed success in your endeavors.

Flies Under Skin or Coming Out of Body
To dream about flies that come out of your body somehow or flies into your clothing or skin; indicates that there are unhealthy admirers or even stalkers in your life. You are being “bugged” or watched by others.

Flies in Ears
To see flies in your ears in the dream; implies someone is trying to tell you something that you do not want to hear. You believe that their opinions are a load of nonsense and buzz.

Flies in Eyes
To see flies in your eyes in the dream; indicates that you are finding faults and evil in everything you encounter. Watch out if your perspective is clouded.

Dream About Different Types of Flies

Fruit Flies
Fruit flies in the dream points to people who keep on coming back to take advantage of you. You have someone who constantly drops by to ask for favors or to borrow money. You have tried your best to get rid of them. However, this annoying person keeps on coming back.

Horse Flies
Seeing horse flies in the dream is similar to seeing mosquitoes; you will have annoying individuals who will drain your blood and life force. He or she profits from your energy and resources.

Bot Flies
To see bot flies in the dream; forewarns you to be careful of others whom you do business with. Someone who does project or research with you will be a parasite. He or she will take advantage of your hard work and take credit.

Blue Bottle Flies
To see blue bottles flies in the dream; suggests that something or some relationship is decaying in your household. Try to see if you could revive it.

Dream About Appearances of Flies

Giant Flies
Giant flies in the dream points to someone who is persistent and determined. However, you will be very annoyed at the person’s request. It could relate to an annoying coworker, customer, or client.

Small Baby Flies
To dream about small baby flies; suggests that you are worried about something. But you have hard time pinpointing it.

Green Flies
Green flies in the dream point to financial troubles. You are worried about your livelihood. Make sure that you are not overpaying certain fees. Check your bank or credit card accounts.

Dead Flies
To see dead flies in the dream; forewarns future health issues.

White Flies
White flies in the dream point to either metaphorical or even physical death. Certain sudden and drastic illnesses may soon take over. 

Dream About Other Related Flies Terms

Baby Flies Worm
To see baby flies in larvae; point to irritation. You are lacking certain information about your work or school. You might soon have to bother people for more information or directions. At this moment in time you do not have any direction other than busy work.

Venus Fly Trap
To dream about a venus fly trap; represents a devouring female or gold digger. Be careful of any females in your life that have ulterior motives. You may be used, overwhelmed, and dominated if you are not careful about them.

Fly Eggs
To see fly eggs in the dream; relate to questionable thoughts or questions. You are beginning to have huge doubts about certain events. Soon you might seek out more answers to your questions.

Flies and Maggots
Flies and maggots together in the dream points to regret. Something in your life has ended. However, you are unwilling to let it go. You are holding onto a decaying past that may transform into unhealthy thoughts.

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