Trash Garbage Dream Interpretation

To dream about trash, relate to bad and negative habits in the past. Perhaps there are troublesome characteristics or memories that are no longer of use to you. It could suggest that you do not want to take responsibility or ownership of something that you have owned. You are ready to let the bad things go, and wish never to see them again.

Dream About Trash Picking
Dreaming about trash picking, indicates that you are fixing issues or broken promises that you have done in the past. You are cleaning up after either yourself or other people’s mistakes. However, it also points to temporary solutions that may or may not solve the overall problems.

Dream About Garbage Bag
Seeing garbage bag in the dream, suggests that you are getting ready to cleanse yourself of negative thoughts. However, you might not be fully ready to move on yet. You are still withholding your decisions, but simply packed them together to deal with them at a later time.

Dream About Garbage Disposal
To see or hear a garbage disposal in your dream represents wasted energy or wasted emotion that you have spent on a situation or relationship. It is time to move on.

If you dream that the garbage disposal is not working or is broken, then it implies that something in your current life is not allowing you to grow or to move forward. There is something that you need to confront.

Dream About Garbage Truck
To dream about garbage dump truck, indicates that you need to rid yourself of old habits. You are at the position that you will be able to better yourself with reasonable amount of effort.

Dream About Garbage Can or Garbage Bin
To dream about garbage can or garbage bin, is an indication that you need to express yourself better. You will have problems or issues that you will try to simply put away or throw away. Avoid bottling or saving your negative feedback for later time. Figure out ways to clear out your negativity is key to free up yourself for other things in life.

Dream About Big Garbage Dumpster
To dream about a big garbage dumpster is a sign that whatever you do at the moment is meaningless to you. You are dealing with tedious work that will show no results, but they will take away a significant amount of your time and effort. You foresee all of your effort and work to go to waste eventually. You will not be appreciate or recognized for your projects.

Dream About Throwing Trash
Throwing away trash in the dream is a positive sign. The dream foretells that you will be able to unload some of your unwanted burden and negative emotions. You will rid yourself of things that no longer provide you with joy and happiness.

Dream About Digging Through Trash
Digging through trash in the dream, foretells unpleasant encounters and memories with the opposite sex. Perhaps you still have certain feelings or memories with your ex boyfriend or ex girlfriends, and that they are not exactly good for your well being.

Dream About Eating Trash or Eating Garbage
Eating trash in the dream, refers to your secret and dark desires. You have dirty sexual wants and needs, and that by fulfilling them, may be hazardous to your waking life.

Dream About Garbage Man
Garbage man in the dream, indicates someone whom you may be used as an emotional outlet. Although you feel that someone is obligated to listen to you, you might want to avoid taking them for granted.

Dream About Garbage Worms
To dream about worms growing out of trash or garbage, is a sign that your negativity is now manifesting itself and multiplying. Some of your followers or subordinates may start exhibiting your negativity out of necessity. They might not be the problem, consider working on your own bad attitudes instead of dumping your trash on others.

Dream About Garbage Landfill
To dream about a big pile of garbage or even a garbage landfill, represents rejected or unwanted aspects of yourself. You are putting away tasks or parts of you that you try hard to neglect. Consider taking a good look at your stockpile of things to do, and try to make a hard decision to either working at it or completely forget about them.

Dream About Recycling Trash or Garbage
To recycle trash and garbage in the dream, suggests that you can still find value in the least expected of places. Try to have a sharp eye to look for useful qualities in the people that you have disregarded. Do not undervalue or underestimate things, as you will miss out on many potential opportunities.

Dream About Bringing Another Person’s Trash Home
Dreaming about taking another person’s trash home, is a sign that you need to view things from a different perspective. Understand why other people think or act a certain way, and see that one man’s trash may be another person treasure. Taking advantage when other people give up on certain business or work ideas, and see if you could find values and profit.

Dream About Home Overflowing with Trash
To see your home overflowing with trash and garbage, indicates that you will encounter health or mental issues due to the lack of care and maintenance. It could also relate to excessive weight, fat or cholesterol issues, your body is filled with unwanted health problems that will weigh you down. You might not realize the issues until it gets too late. Be careful about what you take in with your meals and control your weight.

Dream About Smelling Garbage or Trash
To dream about smelling garbage or trash, suggests that there is an aura of disagreements in your environment. Perhaps the atmosphere of your work, family, or school is not good, gossip and complaints run rampant and the dream reflects that people are talking behind other’s backs negatively.

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