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    • i had a dream i was in my living room in my old house a tower block.
      suddenly a huge piece of metal debris came hurtling past my window as i looked out of the window to the sky a plane was breaking up.
      bodies luggage was raining down on us and one mans body smashed the window and landed in our house what does this dream mean.
      thanks in advance.

  1. i wa dreaming of an airplane seen quick flying raising the mountain in low fly or above maybe 20 ft. what does it mean.. ive only seen not a passenger

  2. I was dreaming that I’m at the top of flying airplane.. And I’m with a guy that ive never known.. He is a foreigner…

  3. I had a dream last night that I was flying with my husband and the plane took a dive. As we were approaching land, I screamed I LOVE YOU and GOD BE WITH ME. The plane leveled off and I woke up.

  4. Dreamt of seven or eight aeroplanes flying and im looking them from ground , one aeroplane coming near to my vision . Please explain

  5. I had a dream I was on a plane and behind me were my two brothers.i seen no body else the flight was peaceful take off and the landing there were only my thoughts.i got off plane peaceful and thought to myself that wasn’t so bad.i have never flown and always been afraid of the idea of flying.

  6. had a dream as a passenger on an aeroplane and I was all happy we reached some where and I could see some of the planets near us,an even viewed the sun just in a distance.were going for a tour and I realized later that I knew the place we were going to tour.

  7. I had a dream that me and a old flame were flying and we were successful with one trip but the next time we tried to take off we couldn’t because the street wasn’t long enough and traffic was in the way.

  8. I had adream that i was to take a flight. To get to the aircraft was a real struggle cox it seemed so deep and i had to use ropes to get there.Apparently there were no seats and seemed people were somehow sitted on the dirt. when taking of time came some guy came and said a prayer. All over sudden passangers started moving infront in a mass and at some point i also joined them. What amazed me was that i do not know how i got out of the plane cox next time i saw myself being left behide. Then i realized the plane never took off but kept on the run way till it disappeared from my sight never to see it again.what could this mean?

  9. I have a dream about an aeroplane it was flying but suddenly it went down n crush into fire ryt next to me,I went to help but I couldn’t ,and later my brother passed away of car accident for real.

  10. I have had this dream of an airplane crashing before landing 3 times.
    In these three occasions , 1 crashed and flames. all the the passengers survived.
    2. This one crashed and only a little boy came out.
    3. In this case two airplanes nearly collided mid air on landing but later landed.

    In all these , I stood as witness seeing it happen.

    Pl’s what is the actual meaning?

  11. I had a dream last night saw aeroplane landing beside my house and some pastor just came out and I helped one of them to carried his box to the church please tell me the meaning ,2 seeing a Man in my dream cutting down a pawpaw tree with full of fruits please tell me the meaning

  12. I had a dream that an airplane was flying through the night sky and three – quarters of the plane had been covered with light bulbs. Usually when I see an airplane flying at night there are blinking plus solid lights on the head, the end and both tips of the wings of a moving airliner, not all that many lights. I don’t know what to make of the dream.

  13. Can someone please help me to interpret this dream? I had a dream I was flying in an airplane with many other people on the plane with me including a relative of mine. When all of a sudden the plane went straight “nose up” not nose down.It seemed the plane was moving in the sky but in a what seemed in an extremely motionless state.(It seemed at times it wasn’t moving at all, almost like floating in the sky)While this was happening it seemed as though the pilot was figuring out what to do in this situation. Then all of a sudden , the plane leveled off. I looked out the window and could see it was nighttime,and I could see all the city lights and I could see we were flying over water slowly, but there was still fear in me that the plane could have other complications and may not land safely. BUT at the same time, it seemed at this point the plane was okay and we seemed to have landed safely. I also remember that the pilot made no mention of making an emergency landing.

  14. Last night I had a dream of plane is flying in sky in smooth suddenly it fall downwards and landed in field and we people inside plane came out of plane and there was no loss but after coming outside of plane we know that plane has broke in two pieces one of it last part has landed but remaining one first part is flying in sky. What would be meaning of this dream can someone interpret this? hoping for response

  15. I had a dream that I was on an airplane and all was ok. Then it suddenly stopped in mid air for a few seconds then all of a sudden it started to go down fast. I then woke up before it was on the ground. What does this dream mean?

  16. Last night I dreamt I was in an airplane with my good friend, just shortly after take off something mechanically goes wrong and smoke is coming from the plane. Everything becomes very tense and uneasy as the pilot informs the cabin that we are having an emergency landing. We land and everyone is unhurt, but in my dream I was overcome with a wave of grief and sorrow. I read that experiencing and emergency landing of a plane signifies a plan to reach a goal is going terribly wrong and to stop what you’re doing and change. I’m not totally sure what this may be directly talking about within my life but its an interesting perspective.

  17. I’ve always been interested regarding dream interpretations and you know it’s quite silly as I’ve also just recently had a dream wherein I was in an airplane ride, and it’s great timing that you listed an interpretation regarding the possible explanations of such dream. I would like to agree with your suggestion that it reflects my life’s current journey. Ha ha, definitely something to ponder on.

  18. Quite different dream, airplanes are taking off, but while taking off they come down on to a sea or ocean that one wing touches the water and then they actually take off, and the dream i saw there were two planes just one on top of other kind of and did this, what could this mean?

  19. I was in the dream this morning and i arranged a pilot to flew a plane but on the way the aircraft was attacked by small aircrafts. The passenger plane struggled to escape the crash but attacking war planes was too many to escape. The result was that aircraft was blown up. But the debris of the aircraft was in pieces scattered. I was not inside the passenger plane I only watching. Reply to email

  20. I had a dream that a plane nosed dive in middle of a city . I was with someone and l told them we need to run in case it explodes. We got to safety. It was just before l woke up . I don’t like dream interpreters. They are always negative when you ask about seeing a plane go down in your dream . Life isn’t perfect and it’s ok to dream large.
    But l think we all know , we get what we need but don’t always get what we want. So dream interpretation people need to state the truth not put fear into people when asked a question.

  21. I dreamed I was in vacation with my family and I am going to the airport by 2pm and my flight was 5pm back to my work place which is far from my home place.

  22. I had a dream of my husband and I on a plane and it very smoothly turned belly up. I woke up as I was in such shock and i still have the sensation in my tummy. Is this symbolically or are we in danger?

    • I agree with Carl Jung when he said that we can never have perfect understanding of many of our dreams. However, we can still get some insight into a possible meaning (or meanings) of this dream.

      There are at least a couple of possible approaches that we can use as we interpret this dream. For examples:
      • Our dreams often have a message for the dreamer, which is best understood in the context of her situation. Is she going through a spiritual/psychological crisis or awakening? Is she (or her family) in the midst of a potential financial reversal?
      • Our dreams will sometimes appear as a series of related dreams. A look at other dreams can sometimes help us understand the meaning of a dream.

      Now for the specific interpretations:
      1. Should the dream be considered a warning to the dreamer?
      a. Whenever feasible, I consider a literal or an almost literal interpretation of a dream. In this dream, it may be the husband actually represents the dreamer’s husband rather than a part of her unconscious (to use the Jungian term). Thus, whatever is happening affects both the dreamer and her real-life husband.
      b. Or it could be that the dream husband is part of the dreamer’s psyche – which would be her animus. For more information on the animus, see page 189 – 195 of https://monoskop.org/images/9/97/Von_Franz_Luise_Marie_Jung_Gustav_Carl_Man_and_His_Symbols_1988.pdf .
      2. What does it mean to go “belly-up”? “If you’ve ever had a goldfish, you probably noticed how it looked when it died: belly-up. The same term can be used for financial failures, like a store that goes out of business due to poor sales or a company that makes bad investments and has to fold. People use the term for other sorts of failures too: a sports team that misses the playoffs has gone belly-up. A failed dream has gone belly-up. Anything belly-up is finished.” https://www.vocabulary.com/dictionary/belly-up
      3. However, being upside-down is not always a bad thing in our dreams.
      a. Fans of Tarot cards know that The Hanged Man is almost always shown upside-down. “The Hanged Man is the card of ultimate surrender, of being suspended in time and of martyrdom and sacrifice to the greater good.” https://www.biddytarot.com/tarot-card-meanings/major-arcana/hanged-man/
      b. And many Christians have heard that the apostle Peter was crucified upside-down. Many years ago, I remember reading that this illustrates that the world is so messed-up that we can only see it as it really is when we are upside-down.

      Final thought –
      It may be wise to proceed with caution in the future. This may not be a good time to make any expensive purchases or risky investments.

  23. i dreamed that i and my wife have pland to flight,arrange by my mother in-inlaw,suddentely looking up high in the sky one of jet was inside cloud flying.while we are closely to enter one that still standing.i was been thinking to and suggesting to go high as much as that fisrt jet.what is the meaning of my dream?i need interpretation,help

  24. I dreamed driving the airplane ready to take off and waiting for the opportunity to take off. so what does it meams. Thanks

  25. I saw when we are flying the Areoplane cannot fly high and big tree
    cane near and plane pilot save by moving very fast like how car take a turn easily. lots of tree appear but the pilot cross it successfully and prevent us from crash. what does it mean?

  26. I dreamt when I and my sister were in an aeroplane as passengers but I so scared of the height in the dream and it landed when I was sleeping

  27. I had this strange dream that I was on the ground at this carnival and there was this large plane was crashing. It crashed and debris went flying everywhere but in the dream, I was only hit with glass in the hand. I fell down and was trying to yell for help but nothing came out until finally, a carnival lady in a suit came over and took out all the glass shards and helped me to my parents. What does this all mean? Should I be a little worried?

  28. What doe it mean in the end or last part. Surviving the dream plane crash? They you could survive any obstacle? Does it mean you would be able to reach your goals?

  29. I had a dream about airplane fall from the sky and crash in my village field, I was not a passenger. I was just observing it falling until it crash. when I came close observing, I found out that it crashes in pieces and a pilot is dead broken in pieces. Only a pilot died, one person escape unharmed.

  30. I had a dream about airplane fall from the sky and crash in my village field, I was not a passenger. I was just observing it falling until it crash. when I came close observing, I found out that it crashes in pieces and a pilot is dead broken in pieces. Only a pilot died, one person escape unharmed. What does it mean

  31. Hi, I had a dream I was in a plane and fly me from my country to the USA, I got down and saw some people.

    Can u tell me the meaning plz.

  32. I lived in a area. In my dream I witnessed an flying vehicle crashed near our community. I’m not sure if I can call that an aeroplane because it’s like a combination of an helicopter and a plane. In my dream it was landing when it lose control then a thick smoke is seen. I saw many o my companion watch in awe while I run to take cover. Without looking back I heard a loud thundering sound then a shockwave knocked down those who are watching the scene. I can still feel it, the burning sensation of that shockwave. I looked at my burned skin felt nauseous but glad I survived then I heard people talking . I turned around to have a look. I saw my friends also skin burned but they still looking at the plane crash site as if nothing happened. Then I woke up from that dream and close my eyes again . I was about to have another dream but I forced myself to stay alert Im afraid I don’t survive the 2nd dream

  33. I keep dreaming that myself and my best friend are moving to another country but the plane has trouble landing at a connecting airport, we both feel tense in the dream and as the plane lands I wake up.

    what does this mean

  34. I dreamt that I boarded an airplane in my own country and left my car on the tarmac only to discover that the keys were with someone else as I boarded the flight. I already felt bad because it was going to cause a inconvenience to my family to remove the car without keys. As I was late I was put into the front of the plane with 2 pilots and 4 stewards. But it was a odd open plane with Windows and we sat awkwardly around inner structures of the plane. There was no take off but we were suddenly in the air and 2 pilots were smoking joking casually which I was shocked but said nothing. The stewards I sat near said nothing but joked with the pilots. Stewards in red uniform, pilots looked disheveled. Then a steward went to pilot and kissed passionately playfully which I was disgusted by but felt I could say nothing. It was ckear to me by now they were intoxicated. I was then allowed to move to passenger cabin and as I entered saw the plan near a tree top just hovering around the tree just as a helicopter could. I knew we were in grave danger as did the other passengers who I felt I knew but didn’t recognise anyone. We hovered and flew unbalanced wings going up n down until we all took brace positions for a crash landing. We all knew what to do were generally calm as the plane wasn’t zooming fast but gently into a crash landing. I yelled calmly to some people to brace with arms overhead. This cabin wasn’t witj seats we were in a plane that just had a floor. Almost like a gutted plane. So we could see outside the scenery going past heard the engines roar as we neared the green grass houses etc. We crashed into suburban setting up a hill with houses around. No one was hurt there wasn’t wailing screaming carnage no alarm nothing as we looked outside the windows . A fireman sprayed me with foam though we nor the plane weren’t on fire and helped us out. The fireman wore a black and yellow type fireman suit. He loomed large over me as he sprayed from afar as the plane was angled he sprayed from above. It was very movie like with light behind him and foam spray in front and on me. I felt relieved the ordeal was over. My feeling was not of terror or life glazing past me, more just relief. I then woke up

  35. I just had a dream i was in a light aircraft, very small, the guy who was flyig plane wanted me to go out the door and step onto another plane flying next to us, i was too afraid as in real life i am scared of heights. He then took giant stride out and he went over to the other plane that was flying next to us. He just stood on the bar of the other plane and he didn’t wobble or anything. I realised i was on my own flying my own little plane, more like those slim planes. I flew over some water ad i saw like a giant plastic penguin in water. I think i grabbed controls so not to hit anyone. Next thing i was back on the ground. I was ok but i thunk i was carrying bits of the plane with me. I was stressed trying find my way back but was not stressed in the dream!!! I ambtrying to get a good job or start a business at the moment.

  36. I dreamt that i saw two airplanes take off one right behind the other they both were trying to climb and then fell to the ground with an explosion that shook the window and room that i was watching from. What does that mean.?

  37. I had a dream about flying back from my actual recent vacation 3 nights in a row now, the night before last night I was just sitting in the plane chilling but nothing happen. LAST NIGHT I had a dream that again we were returning from vacation and we were sitting in the plane when it started spinning around in circles facing down to the ground and then I woke up. But sadly, the only thing I remember from the first night was sitting in a plane. THE WIERD THING IS in all these 3 dreams I was sitting in the exact same seat, not only that but it was the same seat that I sat in real life…

  38. I dreamt I was in an aeroplane but the pilots were inexperienced. So on taking off the plane became very unstable till it crushed into some bushes and got burnt. But no one died. I came out safe. But my bag remained in the burnt aeroplane

  39. I had a dream on the 1st of SEPTEMBER at 5:14am, i was in the airport with my 2 kids, i sent the youngest outside to buy something for us and he went and came back with it, not long h left without my notice so i had to send his brother to go look for him outside so the brother left, few minutes later the plane start it engine, that was when i realise am inside the plane already and meanwhile my kids are not in the plane. i started crying looking for a way to tell them my kids are not in but all to no avail, finally i met with a stranger in the plane but there people well known in the plane, as i about to tell him that my kids are in the airport so he could help me put them on another flight that’s whem the plane lose control and it was going down with full force to crash, the force it was coming down with made me to wake up and when i check the time it was morning already…still contemplating what could be the meaning.

  40. I had a dream last night (sep. 5) and I want to know what it means. So me and a group of people, we were standing on a terrace in the airport looking down on a wedding that was happening in the runway. After that the bride and groom were to leave in the airplane. The groom looked like a guy i knew but when i asked people kept telling me the groom was his brother. Only seeing this guy from the behind, me and the group of people i was with decided to jump on the wing of the airplane. The plane took off with the bride and groom inside and the rest of us on the wing. It got really hard to hang on at some point and we somehow made it inside the plane through a window. Inside the plane i couldn’t find him. Finally, the plane landed. After that, i actually saw the groom only to realize that he was indeed the brother and not the guy i thought he was. Then i woke up. What does this mean?

  41. I just dreamed that a plane shot at me from a tower. Then at another point it was onto of a lookout tower and suddenly cattle broke out of a fence. From the flat roof of a building I called out warning the plane to take off before the cattle broke down the tower (???) but the plane couldn’t fly. I think it was Skipper from Planes (???????). The plane tried to take off but crashed. And broke.
    I put the plane back together.
    I don’t know what this means. This isn’t my first flightless plane dream that’s actually a character from a movie, either.

  42. I just dreamed myself watching an aeroplane in high altitudes so dark(the word eclipse was used) and the information was it will be in air for 40 days….
    Please decode ✈ meaning and the number 40

  43. I dreamed of a small fighter plane wwi style chasing and firing on a mondern day commercial plane, they came down from the sky up in the left to the right of my house then really low right over it from the back, then it was gone.

  44. I had a dream last night about Several Planes were catching fire and there were from Small planes to commercial plane. I remember that one plane I went and saw people alive. I remember that one said that they were going from Brazil to Miami and that they have been told to fly to California. I’ve been searching on line what does it mean but to now I haven’t found any information whatsoever.

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