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Watermelon Dream Interpretation — 6 Comments

  1. Hi, I dreamt of buying watermelon which was cat in to two and there was a lot of seeds in it so ask the person whom i was buying from to remove all the seeds in it. Please what does it mean

  2. I dreamt that I was holding a watermelon. My sister and my X were sitting at a table nearby in my kitchen. But it was different to any kitchen that I’ve known. It did look like a kitchen though. I was reluctantly prepping the watermelon, because my sister and my X had requested that I make something to eat for them. When I took the watermelon over by the sink with the intention of cutting it, it sort of started slipping out of its skin. Then as I started to slice through it, a baby bright green snake emerged rapidly followed by a crocodile. I was scared sh*tless. Then I realise that me, my sister and my X are cowering inside the hallway jammed up against the front door.

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