Watermelon Dream Meaning – 12 Dreams About Watermelons

Did you dream about watermelons? Watermelon in dreams symbolizes the emotions of love, intellect, work and welfare, desire, and lust. It can also suggest fertility and sexuality. Below we will go through more detailed watermelon fruit dream interpretations.

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Dream About Different Actions Related to Watermelon

Buying a watermelon
Buying a watermelon from grocers is a sign of possible travel with a loved one. Perhaps a little unexpected rendezvous vacation is on the horizon.

Cutting watermelon
Dreaming of cutting watermelon tells suggests that you are dissatisfied with your sexual life.

Others cutting a watermelon
If you see others cutting a watermelon in your dream, it is a warning sign that you will have conflicts with people around you.

Eating watermelon
If you dream that you are eating watermelon, it indicates instant gratification. You will soon experience pleasurable and memorable sexual pleasure you have never had. However, if you share a watermelon, it suggests you are open to making new connections with others.

Eating watermelon with family.
Eating watermelon with family in a dream suggests conflict or disagreement with family members.

Growing watermelons
Growing watermelons is a symbol of success. It means that you will be successful in a project or venture. Planning to undertake new opportunities. You are investing in the future.

Selecting a watermelon
Selecting a watermelon at a fruit stand or market tells you that you will soon make an unwise decision. You may be deciding without all the necessary details or facts.

Dropping a watermelon
Dropping a watermelon in your dream symbolizes someone you know who is pregnant may have a miscarriage.

Dream About Different Types of Watermelon

Large-sized watermelon
If you see a large-sized watermelon in your dream; foretells good and profitable news.

Watermelon seeds or skin
Seeing watermelon seeds or eaten watermelon; suggests that you will soon face some very unpleasant situations with loved ones.

Watermelon field
Seeing a watermelon field in your dreams is a symbol of great fortune. You will acquire unexpected assets or fortune.

Misshaped watermelon
A misshaped watermelon in your dream symbolizes unexpected pregnancy.

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