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Lottery or Lottery ticket in your dream generally indicates that you need to leave some aspect of your life to fate. Although in most cases lottery winners will receive large monetary gains, however sometimes the gain can also be able other objects.

To dream of playing the lottery suggests that you are relying too much on fate instead of taking responsibility for your own actions or decisions. You need to reconsider some issue or situation before committing and giving yourself up for luck.

You may also be under strained financial situations where you are looking for a quick way out. The lottery offers you the glimmer of hope and luck.

Dream About Lottery Numbers
Dreaming about specific set of numbers for the lottery can be a foretelling sign. Pay attention to those numbers and see how they can relate to you. They can potentially be your “lucky” numbers for the time being. If you have spare money, why not have some fun and actually buy some lottery tickets. Seeing future lottery numbers in the dream can suggest belief that you have special insight or powers compare to other people.

However, if the numbers shown as lottery numbers do not match with the usual set of lottery numbers. The inconsistency can suggest that trouble is coming your way. For example if you see a set of 0’s as winning lottery numbers.

Dream About Buying Lottery Ticket
Buying a lottery ticket suggest that you want to rely on fate and let nature takes its course. You have little say in the outcome over the grand scheme of things. However, buying a single lottery ticket may also suggest that you make little effort in your success, you may feel too comfortable with your job or single investment. Perhaps it is time to try to branch out and diversify your sources of potential income.

To buy many lottery tickets and spending all of your money, suggest that you are too confident with your investment. Too much risk taking might end up costing you a lot of money and materialistic loss.

If someone gives you a lottery ticket, then it means that he puts his fate in your hands. You will be the ones to decide the fate or outcome of situations.

To pick up an old lottery ticket that has already been drawn, suggest lost opportunities or potentials of what could have been.

Dream About Winning the Lottery
To dream that you have won the lottery, it suggests that you will have good profits or windfall of money with lesser work. It can suggest that you may receive a promotion that you do not really deserve, or have a surprise investment that actually made money.

If someone else is winning the lottery in your dream, it can be a reflection of jealousy that you feel during waking life for others. You may have seen your friends having good fortunes, house or cars, and you subconsciously feel jealous of their materialistic belongings.

However, if you feel happy about someone winning the lottery in the dream, it could suggest that you wish good things for the person. And that person may come into huge sums of money shortly.


Lottery Dream Interpretation — 11 Comments

  1. YES! I dreamed the lottery and WON! I dreamed about certain numbers and they came through as colors and symbols. I have always connected numbers and symbols and I won over 7 million dollars.

  2. I dream of a lottery ticket that was already ready for me to look at i can’t remember but one number? What that mean??

  3. Last night i had a dream that I have won 24 000 EUR in a lottery… And the weirdest thing is that i am actually currently waiting and answer from one company if i got a better job.

  4. Back on June 4th of 2016 I had a vivid dream of winning the lottery when I asked my family who was in the dream if it was real or I was dreaming they said it was REAL, I went to cash in the lottery ticket and the lady told me I did not win 300ish million, that I have won an even $400 Million, than I woke up, when I woke up it felt so damn REAL, that I was eager that I had really won, and someone was playing a trick on me and took my ticket lol, than reality kicked in that it was a dream. I went and bought a ticket did not win nothing, since than the lottery has went up it is 390 million, almost at that 400 mark as in my dream that i won, I sure did buy a ticket 🙂

  5. I dreamed of 4 digits a couple of weeks ago. I tried to figure a meaning. I caming up. With the year my daughters were born. Last night. I had another dream of numbers. I was told to play the lottery. Anyone has an idea. Of what this means

  6. Last night I dreamt I win the lottery. I already had the ticket in my hand and I remember just hugging my partner when I found out. It was quite calm rather than running around screaming, whooping and yelling that is won.

  7. I dreamt my sister was awarded a £60,000 cheque for being such a good customer at her bank. It made me feel really jealous because I thought why her and not me, or both of us should have been rewarded. I’m with a building society, not a bank. She was also rewarded a special debit/credit card, which we used for some reason to attach to the wall light switch. When I hooked the card via a metal flattened hook it enabled us to turn the lights from green to blue.

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