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Lottery Dream Interpretation — 11 Comments

  1. YES! I dreamed the lottery and WON! I dreamed about certain numbers and they came through as colors and symbols. I have always connected numbers and symbols and I won over 7 million dollars.

  2. I dream of a lottery ticket that was already ready for me to look at i can’t remember but one number? What that mean??

  3. Last night i had a dream that I have won 24 000 EUR in a lottery… And the weirdest thing is that i am actually currently waiting and answer from one company if i got a better job.

  4. Back on June 4th of 2016 I had a vivid dream of winning the lottery when I asked my family who was in the dream if it was real or I was dreaming they said it was REAL, I went to cash in the lottery ticket and the lady told me I did not win 300ish million, that I have won an even $400 Million, than I woke up, when I woke up it felt so damn REAL, that I was eager that I had really won, and someone was playing a trick on me and took my ticket lol, than reality kicked in that it was a dream. I went and bought a ticket did not win nothing, since than the lottery has went up it is 390 million, almost at that 400 mark as in my dream that i won, I sure did buy a ticket 🙂

  5. I dreamed of 4 digits a couple of weeks ago. I tried to figure a meaning. I caming up. With the year my daughters were born. Last night. I had another dream of numbers. I was told to play the lottery. Anyone has an idea. Of what this means

  6. Last night I dreamt I win the lottery. I already had the ticket in my hand and I remember just hugging my partner when I found out. It was quite calm rather than running around screaming, whooping and yelling that is won.

  7. I dreamt my sister was awarded a £60,000 cheque for being such a good customer at her bank. It made me feel really jealous because I thought why her and not me, or both of us should have been rewarded. I’m with a building society, not a bank. She was also rewarded a special debit/credit card, which we used for some reason to attach to the wall light switch. When I hooked the card via a metal flattened hook it enabled us to turn the lights from green to blue.

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