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  1. YES! I dreamed the lottery and WON! I dreamed about certain numbers and they came through as colors and symbols. I have always connected numbers and symbols and I won over 7 million dollars.

  2. I dream of a lottery ticket that was already ready for me to look at i can’t remember but one number? What that mean??

  3. Last night i had a dream that I have won 24 000 EUR in a lottery… And the weirdest thing is that i am actually currently waiting and answer from one company if i got a better job.

  4. Back on June 4th of 2016 I had a vivid dream of winning the lottery when I asked my family who was in the dream if it was real or I was dreaming they said it was REAL, I went to cash in the lottery ticket and the lady told me I did not win 300ish million, that I have won an even $400 Million, than I woke up, when I woke up it felt so damn REAL, that I was eager that I had really won, and someone was playing a trick on me and took my ticket lol, than reality kicked in that it was a dream. I went and bought a ticket did not win nothing, since than the lottery has went up it is 390 million, almost at that 400 mark as in my dream that i won, I sure did buy a ticket 🙂

  5. I dreamed of 4 digits a couple of weeks ago. I tried to figure a meaning. I caming up. With the year my daughters were born. Last night. I had another dream of numbers. I was told to play the lottery. Anyone has an idea. Of what this means

  6. Last night I dreamt I win the lottery. I already had the ticket in my hand and I remember just hugging my partner when I found out. It was quite calm rather than running around screaming, whooping and yelling that is won.

  7. I dreamt my sister was awarded a £60,000 cheque for being such a good customer at her bank. It made me feel really jealous because I thought why her and not me, or both of us should have been rewarded. I’m with a building society, not a bank. She was also rewarded a special debit/credit card, which we used for some reason to attach to the wall light switch. When I hooked the card via a metal flattened hook it enabled us to turn the lights from green to blue.

  8. Three months ago, i had a vivid dream,someone told me that you are a big winner and i saw an amount ,i could not remember it was 77 m Dollars or 7.7 m Dollars. The dream was very live for me.
    What is the meaning of this dream?

  9. About three month ago i had a dream about winning a big lottery,someone in my dream told me “you are a big big winner ” the dream was for me very live.what is the meaning of this dream?

    • I dreamed I saw three numbers on a lotto ticket and they put real money Five dollars on the lotto ticket. In the dream it was television I was watching before I saw it in the television . please what does it mean?.

  10. I just dreamt about all the varies lotto numbers and I was moving them around in the air with my feet. I woke up rubbing my feet together.lol

  11. I keep having the same dream about the numbers over and over again i wake up in pool of sweat i have no idea of what is going on but i do know this i do believe in God and he is trying to tell me something

  12. Back in June of 2009 4months after my father past I missed him so much I spoke to him in a picture I had by my table telling about my day how much I missed him and the litter was 365million .my heart was racing (have bad Heart)and I jumped up and my dad was sitting in my chair.. He said play the numbers. The numbers I had for the week just numbers no people. So I wrote them down and each number had something to do with my dad. If I would have listened and played I would have won

  13. I felt evil spirits surrounding my bedroom last night, i dreamt being chained by a beast with white powder on the face, it was strangling me that I ended scream for my mother and it kept pull me towards it and i tried to escape to my mothers room. i heart was pounding with pain, i felt like i cried my heart out

  14. I dreamt that I had a bunch of tickets needed to be checked. Can any one explain this. I wonder if there are opportunities I should be exploiting.

  15. I dreamed about my ex boyfriend, he called me and my younger cousin picked it up and told him am not around. he called again after some minutes and we talked he told me when am I gonna visit him. his voice was down like someone with fever. I kind of told him there will never be us again

  16. No I never dreamed about winning a lot of money from a scratcher. I have won from scratcher but never dreamed about it.

  17. I dreamt inserting a E10 note in a slot machine and there came out a lot of South African Rand notes off the Machine and I took the money with me…

  18. Dreamed of being in a cemetery looking for my two dead sons lost shoes. Then a monkey man
    comes out and says I’ll see you later.

  19. as I was asleep I dream a friend or schoolmate her name is Sandra or sandy for short and she was singing, then she started singing to me ” you better get out of that bed, and I replied i’m getting out of the bed. then I came to my self or awaken and thought if I don’t get up I will be late for work, after taking the previous day off. does any one have a Interpretation of this dream?

  20. I dreamt I was supposed to take a flight home with some people that I didn’t realize I was close to until I missed the flight because I was cashing in a lot of tickets that I got from a video game for prizes. Then I called them in a panic and said bye and asked to keep in touch.

  21. So I had a dream which very weird of lotto cards on doors with black writing on one card which had # on front it that not only dream I ve had also dream won lotto seen the number 36 on winning ticket then a dream again or myself seeing shooting star & asking win lotto iam getting no stop dreaming about this could mean something if someone know please contact me bk

  22. When I have dreams I always play what ever I remeber from the dream for a least three days my daughters always give me number to play i hit most of the time

  23. I had a vivid dream of purchasing a single ticket and the guy gives me a ticket that is partially scratched. A man with dark curly hair and tall. I do view myself continuing to scratch ticket before interrupted by a black women trying to swap cell phones with trickery. Leaving the situation with the woman I view a truck backing over a car and crushing a white blonde haired woman. I’m told by another person who stood in front of me, “you didn’t see anything”, I agreed. As I looked up, I view a baby in a car seat (girl) left alone. I continue to search for my car when I am approached by a small child threatening me. A larger man picks the child up and tosses him over a metal fence and warns him not to do again. The larger man guides me in the direction to locate my car. Very vivid dream.

  24. A while back exactly two years ago, i had a dream of winning the lottery. In my dream i was checking my tickets and as i was checking them the one ticket said 3.2 million. There was nothing strange about the dream, no weard tgings nothing. Everything looked normal. And i rember saying oh my god. And i quietly walked out the door. The same week i had another dream that a man in a gray suite was handing me a big cardboard check for 3.2 million. He was saying congratulations to me. There were about 5 to 6 people in the room none i have ever mete befor. I was blowen away by this dream. I must admit i do play the lotto not alot like crazy. But once a week. Hears my problem with this. I was not shure if i was playing the super lotto or power ball?. Thats the hard part to this dream. I stay positive in this and dont go overboard in playing. So thank you for your time.

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