Butterfly Dream Interpretation

Did you dream about the butterfly? To see a butterfly in your dream signifies longevity, creativity, romance, joy, and spirituality.

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Dream About Actions Related to Butterfly

To catch a butterfly
The dream actions reflect your possessive nature. You want to keep the good things to yourself only.

Killing a Butterfly
To kill a butterfly in the dream suggests that you are being too superficial.

Preserve or Mount a Butterfly
To dream that you are preserving or mounting a butterfly symbolizes sexual oppression.

Dream About Butterfly’s Actions

Butterfly Settling in One Place
The dream refers to your need to settle down, consider the term “social butterfly”. Perhaps it may be time to stop and rest your mind and body. Rest a little bit before going after your next destination.

Two Butterflies Flying and Chasing
The dream represents romance and a long and happy marriage.

Group of Butterflies
To see several butterflies in your dream, the sighting symbolizes acceptance, growth, inspiration, and freeness.

Dead Butterfly or Butterfly Dying
If you see a butterfly being killed by either an animal or a failure to launch; they refer to your unrealized goals.

Dream About More Butterfly Related Symbols

Butterfly Cocoon
Dreaming of the butterfly relates to rebirth and metamorphosis. You may be experiencing a new way of thinking. Or you are undergoing some sort of transformation.

Butterfly Tattoo
The butterfly tattoo reflects the display of your creative personal transformation.

Butterfly Wings
Dreams about butterfly wings reflect the nature of love and care.

Butterfly Effect
Dreams about the butterfly effect force you to think about cause and effects in your life. It is a reminder to force you to think more. Consider twice before making any small or minute decisions. Small decisions and lead to big final result shifts.

Dream About Colors of the Butterfly

Depending on the color of the butterfly in your dream, they can have slightly different meanings.

Yellow or Gold Butterfly
Indicates a fun and frolic person or mood.

Black Butterfly
Pure black butterflies in dreams can suggest the angel of death. Someone that you know may have died of a peaceful manner.

Brown Butterfly
It represents freedom from being material and worldliness.

Blue Butterfly
The blue butterfly represents the truth and wisdom of a carefree lifestyle.

Orange Butterfly
Dreaming about orange butterfly denotes a lively and social lifestyle.

Purple Butterfly
Dreams of a purple butterfly represent royalty.

Pink Butterfly
The pink butterfly represents a feeling of joy and sweetness.

Big Giant Butterfly
A bigger than normal, or even a giant butterfly represents the impression that you leave in a social setting.

Dream About Species of Butterfly

Monarch Butterfly
The monarch butterfly symbolizes the joy of being social and the ability to migrate and thrive in different places. You can stop and transform yourself to fit in any situation or environment.

Tiger Butterfly
Tiger Butterfly denotes your ability to adapt freely to nature’s rhythms. It represents the ability to be tuned into your world around you and transform yourself.

Dream About Butterfly

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