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  1. I saw colorful spiders in my dream coming from the window told everyone in my dream they are poison be careful. Can anyone interpret this

  2. Opened a closet door seen a big web with a black & red spider then realized I was standing in a web the spider made tried to spray the web down & only a little came out of the can & it was empty then I woke up.

  3. During the last couple of weeks, I keep dreaming of a male motorcyclists riding very close past me on a brand new black motorcycle.

  4. Had a dream of giant spiders about 4ft in size. In the dream i woke up to realized my wife and i were being cocooned by these spiders. But, i had no fear. Still remember there color being beige and some crawling up and down the walls. But no fear.

  5. I keep dreaming remarrying my ex husband in my dreams very often while I am happily married to someone else after my divorce. Can someone interprete this gor me because it keep disturbing my actual life.

  6. Had a dream I was at my sis new place there was a pool it was dirty murky water.Everyone was swimming in it I would not get in.There was a second pool on the other side of the apartment. I almost jumped in and a man stopped me said it was too dirty and prove were in it.I stopped and didn’t jump in.

  7. I was asleep.. in the dream I was awaken by feeling something crawling in my hair with out looking I killed it… I had turned on the light and started to check my hair and felt another one. I took it out and realized it was a spider I dropped it on the bed and saw it was a little black spider with a bright yellow stripe. I tried to kill it… normally I am deathly afraid of any spider. Knowing that it was #2 I was looking for something to help me get ride of the spider. I found a brush and started to go through my hair. I was slightly afraid… but not determined to get them out of my hair and woke.!!!

    • I dreamed my friend wearing a green wedding dress and a green hat in her head on her side there are three words that are written but I failed to read them,that friend of mine we hardly talk to each other and it’s been a while now

  8. Was riding a black and red bicycle through my neighborhood until one point had to ride away from someone who was trying to steal my bike

  9. I dreamt I was in my garage with my younger and older brother and someone else I can’t remember, but there was this pretty big bright blue and green spider, with white and black stripes on top of it in a diamond shape. It was first climbing up the garage door and no one noticed it but me. my older brother kept pushing the button to open and close the door and the spider fell, it was almost squished but wasn’t only tapped by it, but when it was, its belly jiggled, my little brother was sitting on a stool next to the garage door,when all of a sudden the spider tried attacking him from above, it had a huge mouth, with sharp teeth all around it, I yelled at him to get away and then he noticed it and almost got bit but i pulled him away, but then he grabbed my wallet, threw a 50 at me then ran away with the rest of it, i chased after him, then Beyonce showed up, walking up the driveway and said “William, give me a hug.” and he went up to her and hugged her, then I walked up to them to get my wallet back, but before I could get to it, I woke up.
    Ik this is a lot to write, but I wanna know what this all means.

  10. I dreamt of a red and green spider medium size.
    It was located in my friends place where I’m visiting.
    It was just sitting in the bathroom watching me

  11. I dreamed about my friend wearing a green wedding dress and a green hat,I saw her and she hide herself,they where pushing her trolley,her dress on the other side was a small paper written three words, please explain

  12. I dreamed of spiders on puppy and I was trying to flick them off the puppy but the spider butts was yellow and one made a web but the spider was very small

  13. I dreamed a huge greyish black hairy spider was going into my house. Suddenly it turned around jumped exposing two fanged teeth and bit me on the wrist. I suddenly awoke. I felt afraid in my dream and minutes later flutter in my stomach. First this has happened. What does this mean insinuate. I just opened up to a new guy, no sex we are friends at present.

  14. Hello i was dreaming that I was living in NJ my parents house that is sold already since 1997. my cat tommy died and was found out side the house. then when i came in, my boyfriend had found 3 kittens one all grey girl, 2 one boy one girl brown Fluffy with rainbow colors around their entire body. then i said my god 3 is too much i9 still have a cat a dog and now three kittens. my dead mom said to me and you will raise them like the others without any problems. so i said ok, i was still sad that tommy my cat had died at age 19.

  15. i dreamt i was at a friends house. Myself and two other women were all getting married at the same house. and we were getting ready, doing our hairs and make up and shoe and preparing the bridemaids and guests for the wedding. in the dream i forgot to remind my current husband of almost 7 years to come to the wedding and im left there waiting in a yellow dress for him to come but i woke up before he did.

  16. Walked inside a small dark room then theres a red light shining thru the window. I looked outside and saw a building. Felt like im always on that side all my life, its like looking on a different angle.

  17. i had a dream that a clear read spider came down from my ceiling while i was i bed a was crawling on my face but was not aggressive and didnt seem to be poisonous and it just stayed there and did nothing and i felt uneasy about this.not sure what this means exactly but maybe someone could shed some light on this for me

  18. My mother dreamed about a rainbow, furry, majestic, dog, the dog lead her to, her puppies, the majestic dog was given her one of her puppies to my mother, what do you think it mean if you don’t mind me asking.

  19. Dreamt of using insecticides to kill crawling cockroaches (am not sure if in a house or an office) then another stage of a dream with a slightly robust chicken-like animal with shiny blue-yellow-green color approaching me trying to somewhat request for a coddle (like what dogs or cats do)

  20. i had a dream that i was holding my nephew (he’s 4) & my boyfriend suddenly throws me a lighter that i knew was going to be really hot. i threw it underneath my car, not meaning to, & it exploded which caught my car on fire. i immediately put my nephew down & told my niece & nephews to back up & get as far away as they could. i went back to put the fire out but didn’t know what to do. (my niece & nephews followed me) i ended up putting the fire out with my hands and feet. i never did get burned though. my mom ends up driving by & stops her car to see what was going on & if we were okay. i laughed jokingly & told her everything was alright. that i put the car out in time & no one got hurt. everything around me was in a black & white color or very dull colors (almost black & white) but the fire burning my car was mainly blue with some white & orange in it.

  21. I dreamt that I walked into a room with small trees, something fell on my head , when I looked down, I saw tons of dead caterpillars, I freaked out a bit but , then I realized the butterflies had shed their old bodies . These butterflies were beautiful blues with yellow and black dived the colors. Some were brilliant blue and black. I ran to tell my mom , when we got back to the room they were all gone . But a girl was there and she said no, they’re still some here . She pulled out a stick and this beautiful gold , blue, and black butterfly landed in it. I was so happy my mom got to see it!

  22. I saw an orange colour dog why walking in the road they rush me even without runing or screaming and they two orange dog place their month on my hip i was so sacred i can’t shout i dont no excatly what to do the next thing i saw myself tiring one of the dog month apart and under his neck their were red worm then i push them off my body wen woke up i was very hot i was hot as their were fire in the house so pls what those this dream means

  23. I had a dream, while I was standing in a open field, a brown horse came to me and some of the horse are like a fire burning. I am not afraid when he stood by me then I feel excited as if I’m saying “Is it now. Is this the right time?” Then I wake up. Can you help me interpret this.one for me please. Thank you so much and more power.

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