Balance Dream Interpretation

To dream that you are trying to keep balance, suggests that you are weighing your options, choices, and resources in waking life. You are internally debating among different possibilities on how to move forward.

Dream About Losing Balance
Dreams of losing balance suggests that the problem lays within you. You are not stable at this moment and need grounding in your life. You need to find ways to become more confident with people and with yourself. Who was around you when you lost balance? The location and the people around you might give you a hint of what to look out for.

Dream About Balancing Objects or Animals
Dreaming that you are balancing objects in your hand or holding them, is a sign that you are trying to aim for justice and fairness with certain situations. Consider the hidden meanings and symbols that these objects hold and how they relate to your waking life.

Dream About Balancing Books
Balancing books in the dream, suggests that you are keeping scores of what people do and act towards you. For example, you are trying not to owe any favors towards people. You could also be trying to balance and find a solution for your financial needs. Perhaps you are worry about certain debts that you have such as credit card debt or mortgage. Balancing books in the dream is a sign that you want to make sure that all needs are being taken of.

Dream About Bank Account Balance
Dreams of bank account balance, could be a symbol for how you are valuing yourself and your work. You are keeping scores of your own achievements, perhaps you are wondering if the projects or career that you are taking up right now, is worthwhile of your effort and time. You are seeking your long term goals and trying to see if they match up with good value.

Dream About Balance Beam
To walk or run on a balance beam, indicates that there are situations and circumstances that require your focus and full attention. You are on the edge of losing your balance while trying to hold off things that have been thrown at you. The dream suggests that you may need to reevaluate your situation, so that you could juggle your responsibilities and well being.

Dream About Balance of Power
To dream about balance of power between countries or people, is your dream trying to remind you to maintain a balanced approach to work and family situation. You will be put on the spot to make certain decisions that may be difficult for important people in your life.

Dream About Balance Sheet
Seeing or reading a balance sheet in the dream, represents the importance that you need to balance your resources and goals accordingly. By knowing your strengths and weakness, you will have better means to plan out and project your future.

Dream About Balancing Scales
Dreaming about a balancing scale, refers to self managing and correcting through certain conflicts or difference in opinions. The dream foretells that you will be a mediator of some sort, and weigh the difference between people. You will try to based your decision that will be most beneficial and fair to all parties involved.

Dream About Balancing a Math Equation or Chemistry Equation
To see yourself solving or balancing equations for math or chemistry, is a sign that you need to widen your perspective on the world and life in general. Figure out the cause and effect of issues that you care about. You have the desire to figure out why and how things happen in your life, instead of taking the results for granted.

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