Sink Dream Interpretation

Sink in dreams represents the ability to remove and control your feelings and emotions. You have found the way to finish certain aspect of your life. You are cleansing yourself of certain ideas, feelings, and situations so that you could renew your plans and start fresh. Consider how and where you are using the sink in the dream to get the best dream meanings.

Washing and Cleaning Sink
To dream that you are washing and cleaning your sink, suggests that you are regaining control of a situation that has gone out of control. Perhaps you have been lazy and let the previous mess or negative thoughts affect your ongoing life. The dream symbolizes that you wish for a refreshing start out of a troubling relationship.

Draining Sink
To dream about water draining from sink, indicates that a challenging time has passed. You will be able to move forward and take on any upcoming emotional issues. You will not bottle up all the negativity and let them pile up until something breaks. The dream suggests that you must rely on some type of outlet to vent your frustrations and hard feelings.

Overflowing Flooded Sink
To see overflowing and flooded sink, portends that there are too many things going on at the moment in your life. You are taking way more than you could handle because you are overachieving and trying to multitask. Something is about to go wrong and make everything much worse if you are unable to finish tasks from start to finish.

Repairing or Installing New Sink
To repair or install new sink in the dream, indicates that you want to try to keep your family together. You are nurturing your family and loved ones emotionally and physically. Consider to be more personal and interactive in your family dealings. Be open to suggestions that have the big potential to improve your social dynamic.

Object Falling Into Sink Drain
To see an object calling into the drain of the sink, reflects sinking or drowning of the object that they relate to. For example, a wedding ring falling into sink might indicates that your marriage is failing and sinking emotionally.

Peeing in Sink
To dream that you are peeing in the sink instead of the toilet, indicates that your emotions have come out of control. Your trouble thoughts and relationship problems is seeping into every other area of your life.

Pooping in Sink
To dream that you are pooping in sink, suggests that you are being too emotional about your money. You are unwilling to spend and hoarding money at all, at the expense of your emotional and social well being.

Blood Sink
To dream about a sink full of blood, indicates that you are taking feedback and remark too personally. Other people’s innocent or unintentional thoughts have hurt you. It relates to disappointment that you have experienced in the recent past.

Full of Dirty Dishes in Sink
To dream about sink being full of dishes, relate to responsibilities that you have taken on during your daily life. Perhaps you have made too many promises to people that you are unable to fulfill them all.

Bathroom Sink
The bathroom sink in dreams represents the small yet effective steps that you can take to renew yourself.

Kitchen Sink
Kitchen sink in the dream is a reflection of ways and means on how you deal with emotional stress in the family.

Under Sink
To dream that you are looking or working under the sink, indicates that you are curious about the next step or how things work. Perhaps you wish to learn more about how you deal with problems, so that you could take on more challenging projects. You try to figure out what motivates you similar to an engine dream.

Black Sink
Black sink in dream relates to sudden and unknown change.

Dirty Sink
Dirty sink in the dream reflects that your life may be out of control. You are neglecting certain parts of your life. You are letting some hard feelings lingering longer than they should.

Big Sink
Seeing a big sink in the dream, is associated with becoming the best in life. You are up to take any mental challenges that come at you.

Clogged or Blocked Sink
A blocked or clogged sink, points to bottling of negative emotions. Perhaps you need some time to distress and release yourself from the pressures of life from time to time. Consider taking a vacation or find the root of your emotional blockage.

Old and Broken Sink
To dream that a sink is chipped, old, or even broken cracked, suggests that you have been neglecting your emotional health. Be aware if it’s leaking and growing mold, as someone whom you once trusted may betray you because you have let your relationship gone stale and toxic.

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