Bank Dream Interpretation

Did you dream about bank? Bank in your dream denotes your desires for financial security and social safety net. The dream narrows in on the preservation of your resources and assets. Consider the type of actions that you are dealing with at a bank in the dream. Here are specific dream interpretations based on contexts with the banks.

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Dream About Money Transactions with Bank

If every banking transaction goes smoothly in the dream, the dream may be trying to offer reassurance that your fears of financial issues are unfounded. However, if any issues arise in bank-related dreams; it foretells that you may experience financial debacles and poor money management in waking life.

Dream About Withdrawing Money From a Bank
Withdraw money from a bank ATM in the dream, suggests that you tapping into your social network at times of need. They could represent your family, or different assets that you could draw money from. Perhaps you are drawing from the goodwill that you have placed with others.

Dream About Depositing Money in Bank
To deposit money in the bank, is a sign that you seek the protection of your assets from outside forces. You are afraid of potential losses that may be incurred. Perhaps you believe that some of your resources may be at risk. Your dream is telling you to seek out protection from those risks.

Dream About Money Wiring or Transferring at a Bank
To see money being transferred through peer to peer transaction, ACH, or international wiring in a dream, is a reflection of how strong or moral your relationship and interactions with others are. Consider the reason behind the transaction. Understand what type of resources and people that you need to use to achieve your goals. For example, a transfer to initiate concurrency transactions could symbolize your wish to break from the current system.

Dream About Banking Products

Dream About Losing Bank Card or Broken Bank Card
To dream about broken bank cards, points to obstacles will stop you from accessing people from helping you. The dream points to a break of communication between you and the network that may assist you during difficult times.

Dream About Bank Loan or Mortgage
To dream that you are trying to get a bank personal loan or even mortgage, reflects issues with allowing others to control your life. You will take some form of huge financial and life decisions. And by doing so you will relinquish some of the control and freedom of your own life.

Dream About Official Banknotes or Cashier’s Check
To use official banknotes or cashier’s checks, represent core values that are generally accepted in society. You need to find common ground and language with others in order to establish your presence and influence.

Dream About Bank Check
To get a bank check in the dream indicates that the money due to you is being delayed. If the checks appear to be voided or stopped, it foretells that a client or customer has changed their mind about paying for your services.

Dream About Bank Robberies

Dream About Robbing Bank
To rob a bank in the dream, signifies that you are spending and depleting your energy and resources too fast. You will become envious of other people with more resources and assets. And you might resort to unethical means to raid others in order to fill in your missing gap. You will take aggressive measures against your support network and reserves for cash. It reflects a negative, selfish, and even dishonest approach to achieve your goals.

Dream About Witnessing Bank Heist or Robbery
Witnessing a bank robbery or raiding heist in the dream, symbolizes a lack of financial and ethical stability in your waking life and environment. It suggests that some of your peers and competitors are using improper methods to achieve favorable situations.

Dream About Bank Services

Dream About Entering Bank Vault
A bank vault in the dream symbolizes the underutilized energies of the subconscious. You have personal resources, energy, and hidden potential that needs to be used. However, you might be afraid of losing them so that you have kept them locked and stored away.

Dream About Bank Account Balance and Money in Bank
To see a dream focused on the money account balance in the bank, points to a level of attitude about how you achieve your goals. It symbolizes how you feel about a waking life situation. Do you feel stressed out about how your life is heading? Or do you generally feel relaxed and resourceful?

Dream About Bank Statement or Bank Book
Bank statements in the dream, symbolize a list of talents and historical capabilities and support that you have. These are the items that give you a sense of security. Consider the decisions that you have made in the past. Check the bank statement in the dream to get clues on what matters to you.

Dream About Mobile Banking
Dreaming that you are banking through your mobile phone website or apps, symbolizes that you have close touch on the number of resources that you have. The dream indicates that you have self-awareness in your own capabilities. Take on opportunities as they come on the go.

Dream About New or Failed Banks

Dream About Bank Closure and Failures
Encountering a failing bank closure in the dream, foretells that you will have difficult times in material and spiritual terms. Be ready for financial difficulties and long complicated family quarrels over money.

Dream About New Bank
New banks in dreams foretell that there will be a surprise visit from an old friend or family member. He or she will bring up a certain business or investing ideas.

Dream About Other Banks

Dream About Piggy Bank
Piggybank in dreams represents financial worries, perhaps you have worries and fears that you do not save enough. The dream is a reminder that you need to adhere to a budget and cut back on spending.

Dream About River Bank
Pay attention to the river bank land that the water flows through, the area can give you some insights about your current life situation.

Dream About Bank

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