Gift Dream Meaning – Top 50 Dreams About Gifts

Did you dream about gifts? They represent generosity and goodwill. You are expressing feelings and thoughts in a good way. Consider the type of gifts and presents that you are giving or receiving. Think about the contexts of how you are dealings with the gifts. It points to some form of understanding and persuasion. Is it for a special occasion like a holiday or birthday? It could also relate to the willing or obligated sacrifice that you are doing for others. Below we will note the most common gift dream meanings.

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Dream About Gift Actions

Giving and Receiving

Buying a Gift
To see yourself shopping for a gift for others in the dream; suggests that you want to give reassurance to others. You are showing gratitude for your life currently. You want to uphold your current relationship by showing appreciation.

Receiving and Getting a Gift
To dream that you receive a gift; indicates that you are being rewarded and appreciated. It is a reflection of what others think of you. If the gift is sweet and warm; others appreciate your generosity and giving nature. If the gifts are inappropriate and awkward; you might have an awkward relationship or attitude towards you.

Giving a Gift
To see yourself giving and presenting a gift to someone; reflects your positive feelings and abundance. You are paying it forward to share your fortunate life.

Returning Gift
Returning a gift in the dream indicates that you feel guilty or inadequate. You may think that you do not deserve certain gifts. This dream reflects your low self-esteem.

Gift Wraps

Wrapping a Gift
Wrapping gifts with wrap paper in the dream; suggests that you are trying to cover up or hide something. However, you are generally trying to hide good news before you are certain. It points to future celebration and happiness. You do not want to spoil the surprise by getting people’s hopes up. 

Opening Gift Wraps
Opening wrapped gifts in the dream point of discovering hidden talents and skills. You are finding other people’s goodwill feelings that have been hidden. Soon everything will be revealed.

Dream About Who Are Gifting You

Deceased Dead Person Giving Gift
To see a deceased dead person like a celebrity or family giving you a gift in the dream; represent a gift from the spiritual world. You are considering the belief and opinions of others. Have you been searching for an answer to a question? Perhaps the answer lies with history. Think about how a person in the past would handle the situation. Use the wisdom of people in your past to find the way.

Gift From Husband or Wife
To dream about gifts from your significant other such as husband or wife; suggests that you long for more affection. You will experience extraordinary happiness soon. You enjoy the presence of your loved ones. However, if the dream features bad or cheap gifts; it suggests that you are not happy with how your family’s finances are doing.

Dream About Utility Gifts

Pencil Gift or Pen Gift
To dream about a pencil or pen gift; suggests that you need to be careful about what you write or say to people. Your positions or signatures will be hard to take back once it is given. Someone is hinting that you need to consider twice before making a decision. He or she might also be pushing you to make some decisions fast.

Telephone Gift
To dream that you receive a new cellphone or mobile phone as a gift; suggests that someone wants to reestablish a connection and communication channel with you.

Gift Knife
A knife gift in the dream such as a trophy or ceremonial knife; points to the sacrifices that you have done in the past. People will recognize your personal sacrifices that severe and give up.

Gift Towel
To dream that someone gives you a gift of towels; points to the circumstances of cleaning up your act and moving on. It points to an end of a relationship, job layoffs, or simply moving to new places. You will soon enter a new phase of life. A resolution is near.

Car Gift
To see someone giving you a car, motorcycle, or even a bike as a gift; indicates that someone is giving you the blessing of direction and mobility. You are given the approval to expand your horizons.

Dream About Home Related Gifts

Blanket Gift
To dream that someone gives you a security blanket or comforter; indicates that he or she wants you to know that you are loved. It could also hint that someone thinks that you are emotionally cold towards them.

Carpet Gift
To dream about someone gifting you a carpet; suggests that someone is inviting you to see their reality. The ground that you are standing on is different than other people’s experiences. Soon someone will try to tell you more about their lives. Be open-minded about what others tell you.

Doll Gift
Seeing someone gifting you a doll or puppet out of nowhere; points to some disappointment or deceit. He or she is thinking lowly of you. Perhaps you are not standing up for yourself. You count on others to help you solve your problems. Consider deal with the current reality other than the dreams of your childhood.

Gift Candle
To see someone gifting you candles; suggests that they think you bring them to light and hope. They will reciprocate your positivity back to you in the near future.

Dream About Gift Materials or Values

Diamond Gift
Seeing diamond-related gifts in the dream point to protection and promises. It signifies male influence in regard to work and family relationships.

Golden Gift
To dream about gifts made of gold; points to a recognition of value. Someone thinks that you are highly valuable to him or her.

Silver Gift
Silver gifts in dreams indicate that you need to be more mindful of the reputation. People will offer you gifts because of your high regards. Work hard to make sure that your image is not tarnished.

Rose Gift
To dream that you are given a rose gift or bouquet, suggests that you will receive some type of proposal soon. You are getting special treatment from someone.

Cash Money Gift
Dreaming that you receive paper cash as a gift; foretells that you will soon get a raise. Someone will pay you paycheck bonuses or additional tips in the near future. Specifically, it might arrive as an unexpected payment such as a tax refund or stimulus money.

Gift Card
To dream that you receive gift cards; suggest that there is something you did not realize you needed. Something is missing from your life. You have trouble putting a number to things or people that you value.

Emerald Gift
Emerald gift in the dream points to inheritances or estates. You will soon receive wealth from the passing of your elders or grandparents.

Envelope Gift
To dream that you receive a white or red envelope with gift cards or credit card, indicates that someone will be interested in your causes or events. You will receive appreciation and compensation for your hard work. You are likely to participate in a social event.

Dream About Accessory Gifts

Necklace Gift
A dream featuring necklace gifts relates to an obligatory relationship. You will soon have to meet someone or your family out of obligations.

Bracelet Gift
To dream about bracelets gifts; reflect secrets that will be difficult to keep to yourself. Someone will ask you to keep your opinions or thoughts to yourself.

Wrist Watch Gift
Dreaming about a wristwatch gift; relates to a gentle reminder that is time-sensitive. It points to the expectation of others. Perhaps your parents are counting down to the time of you growing up or graduating. Or maybe it could relate to your significant others looking out for a wedding or pregnancy. The clock is ticking in a way.

Gift Earrings
Earrings gifts in the dream suggest that you will have a hard time living up to the expectation of others. People will try really hard to make you listen to their opinions.

Ring Gift
A gift of rings in the dream point to promises.

Hairpin Gift
A dream about hairpin gifts; suggest that someone will try to control your thoughts and worries for the better. He or she will intentionally hide information from you in order to manipulate the narrative.

Dream About Cosmetic Gifts

Lipstick Gift
To dream that you are being given lipstick, means that someone’s image of you is changing for the better. You are standing out in his view and he is digging the way you look.

Perfume Gift
Seeing perfumes as gifts in the dream, suggest that you will receive some kind of unexpected and very pleasant gift. The gift will usually from a stranger or someone that you have not talked to in a long time.

Dream About Edible Gifts

Chocolate Gift
To receive chocolate as a gift on Valentine’s or other occasions, suggest that you will receive unexpected help or affection. Consider the person who is giving you the chocolate to get some clues.

Melon Gift
To dream about melons gift; foretell that you will soon receive good news about someone getting pregnant.

Fish Gift
To get fish as gifts in the dream; suggests that someone will soon share the fruit of their labor with you.

Pineapple Gift
To receive pineapple as a gift; foretells that someone will bring what they make at work to you. You will get special treatments because of your insider connection.

Dream About Clothing Gifts

Bra Gift Or Underwear Gift
To dream that someone gifts you a bra, underwear, or even lingerie; suggests that he or she wants a more intimate relationship with you.

Dress Gift or Suit Gift
Dreaming that you get a dress or suit as gifts; foretells that you will soon obtain more prestige, responsibility, or promotion at your work or organization. You are getting trained to be a successor.

Sweater Gift
To dream that you receive sweaters as gifts; indicate that people are worrying about your well-being.

Tie Gift
A gift of ties in the dream point to expectation of actions and responsibilities. Others appreciate you for taking on tasks that you do not necessarily like.

Sandals Gift
Receiving sandals as gifts; indicates that you should take things less seriously. People are asking you to chill a little.

Shoe Gift
Giving shoes away as a gift in dreams, relates to your expectation of that specific person. You want the person receiving the shoe gifts to walk a certain path.

Dream About Gift Conditions

Luxury Expensive Gift
To see yourself getting luxury or expensive new gifts; points to self-interest and flattery. You are holding yourself in high regard. And you expect others to treat you especially well.

Old Gift
To dream that you are going over old or previous gifts; portends to financial difficulties. You will rely on the good-will of your past relationship to get by. Consider asking for loans or favors to get you through the hard periods. You are counting on the generosity of others.

Surprise Gift
To receive surprise gifts in the dream without any reason; relates to the good news. You will soon receive pleasant surprises.

Dream About Gift Occassions

Birthday Gift
Dreaming about birthday gifts point to your high self-esteem. You believe that you are worthy of good things. You love yourself and you expect good results in the near future.

Wedding Gift
To see wedding gifts in the dream; suggests that your relationship will be blessed by your friends and family.

Holiday Gifts
Holiday gifts like Christmas gifts under the pine tree; suggest that good times will soon arrive. Take the time for a break and rejoice.

Housewarming Gift
To see or give housewarming gifts in the dream; indicate that you will soon offer important life advice or lessons to people. You will help people to reach the next stage of life.

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