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  2. I have pet bunnies.. I dreams of them every night. in some I save them from a huge anaconda…or secure them in a cage surrounded with many yellow snakes… in a few ones I carry them in my arms nd they talk with me sweetly. Also all my rabbits have brown patches over their white coat but in my dreams I always see them completely white.
    but I call them by their original names.
    I rarely dream about something else than them. what does it mean?

  3. I keep having this dream that this bunny is fighting me and then las night that same bunny bit my hand! I just don’t really understand Wat this means????

  4. Had a dream last night that I was at my exes house getting something. He was there trying to get me back…went outside and was in a busy town where rabbits were walking on their back legs with their people on a busy sidewalk. Some wore bowties. They were black and I immediately wanted one.
    There were gray rabbits also, they were off to the side eating grass and acting like normal rabbits. My son was with me – (unclear which one,I have two, one has passed.)he was very young 3-4, suddenly a white rabbit standing on his back legs was right behind him waiting for him to turn around. My son was afraid. I could see the rabbits face, he looked kind and wise. He wanted to tell my son something. Then suddenly we were back in the house and my ex and his new girlfriend was there with her young daughter. They were there for just a short time..then left to take her daughter to some lesson. We were lingering not really wanting to leave, and were still there when she returned. At one point my ex was kissing my neck and back…eventually we left and returned to our home which was in the country.
    So many weird elements. Would love to hear an opinion on what it all means.

    • I just lost my rabbit of seven years last month.I’m heartbroken. Last night I dreamt of her.she and I were in a place in the woods I used to take her. She ran around,like she did in my apartment. Finally, I picked her up to take her home but she jumped off me and I pet her one last time, and let her go.I miss her bad.today,a friend said she knows someone who has rabbits for adoption. I think bunny bun boo is saying, “I love you,we had a good time,but I must go now. You must carry on,daddy.” I’m crying as I write this.goodbye,bunny.I will always love you,my friend.

  5. I hands dream that my family and I were in an apartment building and when we walked out of our room we saw a big whole in the wall in side was another room with a bunch of baby bunnies hoping around and when we got down stairs of the building we found out they were going to kill them. By the the time we got back to the room they were in, they were all dead and there was this gass in the room. I was crying and screaming at the people who killed them.

  6. In dream i saw to 2 rabbit has been from my body.and my czn pull him out.so beautiful whites rabbits have never seen.plz guide.

  7. I had a dream that i was the grey rabbit that was escaping from humans that were hunting me in a facility and my only escape was through a gas pipe and i died. What could this mean?

  8. Hei! Am actually in a relationship. In my dream we broke up but we stayed friends and i was in a relationship with one of his good friends. so the 3 of us and our mutual friends we decided to have a little vacation in a beach house. But when i saw my ex boyfriend i felt uncomfortable and sad. My boyfriend saw that i was sad and tried to cheer me up but i didnt want any of his affection so he took me to a stuff toy shop and told me that he wants to give a stuff toy rabbit and to chose which one. When i saw the raw of stuff toy rabbit i remembered that my ex gave me the same one but his was special, in a light cream color. Then i realized that i dont want a new rabbit, i still want my old one. I wanted to go back with my ex, to go back in the past when i was with him but i knew it was impossible…And surprisingly on the same shelf of stuff toys rabbits, i saw my old stuff toy and when i took it in my arms it changed into a real gentle rabbit. I made a choice and i choose him. So the ex in my dream is my actual boyfriend in real life and i know that this rabbit is an important symbol in my dream! Why my boyfriend is my ex in my dream and what is the meaning of this rabbit?

  9. There were these little baby bunnies in this flower pot hanging. The size of chicks cuz there was a baby chick with them and I moved the baby chick. One baby bunny fell out and there were 2 dogs chasing this bunny but I doubled in size and was running around being chased by these 2 dogs. I was yelling at the dogs trying to slow them down so that the bunny could get away. Finally the bunny got through the fence and got away.

  10. I had a dream that a demonic human rabbit was in a chopped down corn field and as I was in front of him about an arms length away he just jumping up and down then came at me fast and I woke but now he keeps coming back but different places when it’s just me. What does this killer demonic white dirty bunny with gray pants, no shoes or shit. It has razor sharp teeth! .

  11. Hi i dram with lots of bunnies all sizes but mostly big. All colors and they were coming out of a gutter type from the house. They were in a line, but they were alot. Were coming out one by one and formed a line as they were leaving.

  12. Didn’t quite understand my dream, I believe I Was trying to get away from the authority’s after something that had happing , I was on top of a dirt like hill, I was looking for a way to get down the hill, I tried one way an i believe it was blocked by something like trees or something, then I went another way an there were 2 rabbits coming up the hill , I paused for a second then I just decided to run or slide down the hill, the rabbits began running away from me ,but one of the rabbits somehow fell in my pocket and it was hopping like crazy in my pocket , an was trying like HELL to get it out of my pocket as I was running down the hill trying to get away from whatever was chasing me..then I woke up. ..lol.. don’t know..

  13. Last week I had a dream I gave birth to a grey rabbit. Me and my husband have been trying to get pregnant for about 6 months now so I’m thinking that’s why a dreamt I was having a baby, but why it was a rabbit is strange. And in the dream I didn’t know I was pregnant, I just suddenly went into labor and had a rabbit while standing in line at the grocery store. It wasn’t a baby bunny either, it was a full grown rabbit. Does anyone have any insight on this? I tried to look up what it all might mean…. aside from most rabbit related dreams being a good omen I can’t find anything about a human giving birth to one. I’m very confused by he whole thing.

  14. Last night I dreamt I was in my backyard, pulling at a weed and suddenly the whole lawn caved in, revealing a network of rabbit holes and tunnels. In the dirt I spotted a brown rabbit staring at me and, sensing its disorientation I immediately worried about my dogs in the yard. I started looking for my dogs to make sure they stay well away while I tried cleaning the wrecked tunnels so the rabbit may return deeper into the hole, but he then left the warren and rushed into the larger part of the garden, into some bushes and out of sight. The rabbit was safe and so I woke up.

  15. I dreamed a cute little grey bunny came up to me after I fell down and just licked my face and said everything was going to be okay, and just to pet his ears. He said his name was ears as well. Is any of this good or bad?

  16. I just woke up from a very scary dream.I dreamed about my bunny pet moonlight wounded 2 huge wounds, and idk how he got the wounds. He meant the world to me so i remembered that it was pretty late at night and my mom was the only one who was awake. I told her about it and we took him to the vet immediately. And then i kinda dont remember what happens rest.

  17. Um I had a dream about a yellow bunny and for some reason it was my pet and i wad protecting it from my dog cause i wasnt sure what she would try to do the the bunny so i kept the bunny with me and then eventually it turned into a brown bunny but why was it yellow?

  18. My dream about rabbits was kinda scary sad and seemed somewhat sitanic and graphic the animal involved was a greyish or white rabbit,it was a dream i was not very comfortable and it scared me making me wonder why the hell did it happen i love animals and i don’t want to see them get hurt….Anyway my dream start out of me being in some kind of house and it that house i was in a dining room with a creepy black figure sitting at the left end of a table that cloaked black figure made me frightened and in the dream the lights were so dim as if all the happiness in the world had gone away in that instance i encounter a rabbit who wanted food or something but it somehow ended up getting killed and tossed outside but then when i look out the window a greyish brown rabbit can be seen looking through the windows with dead looking eyes that constantly follow me it was scary,but then again the dream turns againg to the black cloaked shadow like figure who was still sitting at that table and suddenly he rases his arms in his arms he is holding a greyish white rabbit again eyes of that rabbit scaring me and then the black figure with his hand infront of me crushes the rabbit i wanted to scream i wanted to cry that dream made me run out of breath and made me wanna cry again it was scary and then after crushing that rabbit infront of me the figure opens it mouth in an abnormaly large way and bites down on the rabbit and eats it after witnessing that i see another rabbit that is dead but this rabbit was white i took and grabbed that white rabbit so it does not meat the same fate even though it was already dead this white rabbit was small like a baby rabbit i took it with me to a window and placed him there and i told it “now you can be freed into the light” after that i covered this white rabbit with the curtains so that it is never found and gets eaten by the scary black cloaked shadow figure i was so distrought with this dream when i woke that i wanted to cry and ask myself why did i have such a terrible dream! Cus i hate seeing animals get hurt specially rabbits cus i got reminded of my own lil rabbit that died a long time ago which i loved so can you tell me what my dream meant cus it was a terribble dream for me.

  19. I had three dreams my first one I was in my uncles ranch calling for my lost bunny’s name I was with my cousins and my aunt and I believe those were the only one there although the part I found sketchy was that my uncles ranch looked way different but I look to be the same age while we were walking I started to remember about Luna my bunny then when I did I started screaming her name over and over my older cousin Brittany told me not to cry but I started crying either way my second dream it started with me crying because I missed Luna then out of nowhere Luna Appears I got so happy there were no more tears on my cheeks I got so happy I put my bunny to sit down on here cage i believe I left the cage wide open out of know we’re while I was walking to the fridge Luna disappeared I went back and started crying and when I cry Luna usually go next to me and she follows me and also when I put my hand down she will come but only when we’re in the house I just sat there and cried then I woke up .the third dream I had Luna but this crazy girl was eating Luna I started to cry even harder and started to feel disappointed in my self and mad and furious at the girl and me because my goal was to never let Luna feel pain then the ending We were talking to our neighbors what happened then I woke up . I feel anxiety and a lot stress and I feel lonely Iand feel like I can’t depend on anything except for Luna for her to come back. Please tell me what it means does it mean he is dead or alive.thankyou for reading

  20. I dreamt that I was visiting my fiance’s family and my fiance was with me we are staying together but no one was there but o e of the neighbors was sitting in the front of the yard on a blanky so her mother came so when i looked at the other side the neighbors white and grey bunny is also in my fiance’s yard and I saw their dog come running to the rabbit and I’ve picked up the rabbit but the rabbit got scared and bit my finger he didn’t wanted to leave my finger what can this mean

  21. I dreamt that I was visiting my fiance’s family and my fiance was with me we are staying together but no one was there but o e of the neighbors was sitting in the front of the yard on a blanky so her mother came so when i looked at the other side the neighbors white and grey bunny is also in my fiance’s yard and I saw their dog come running to the rabbit and I’ve picked up the rabbit but the rabbit got scared and bit my finger he didn’t wanted to leave my finger what can this mean

  22. I dreamt I was on a tractor and a swarm of grasshoppers came and was gnawing on the tractor, but when I looked again, they were were rabbit with long floppy ears, so I started petting them and I woke up

  23. What does it mean to dream of two blue bunny dolls tied together with red string? It was in a room full of other toys and pictures on the walls. There were shadows outside of the window, and my imaginary ‘friend,’ a shadow that’s been with me since my birth was in the room with me. A friend was also with me in the room and told me that the bunny dolls were particularily ‘evil’ or ‘bad’ and to stay away from them. She also told me that the shadows outside were always there and to not be afraid of them.

  24. I had a dream yesterday night, and it was about an evil demonic man in a full rabbit costume. I was out with 1 friend and we went to the grocery store and nobody was there. I remember feeling a very strange feeling and then I saw this demon rabbit man in a rabbit costume for kids with a knife and blood on his costume. The rabbit demon also tried to kill me and knew where I was whenever I tried to hide at the best hiding spots.

  25. hi sorry i just dream about two young white rabbit that were in a box,give birth to 4 dozen of baby it was looking that they were not fed i can remember one of them went i open the box how desperate she was i took her and try to give her the proper place for her enough place for babies and her food and water and i felt so bad coz just beforei had to chase a pit bull out of that building went it was out i ve seen one rabbit running out i took him i know he had blood on him cant remember if i did give him a cage or what and i end up on that box their

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