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To see a rabbit, hare, or bunny in your dream signifies luck, magical power, and success. Pay attention to the type of bunnies that appear in the dream, their actions and interactions towards you, and finally the surrounding area of the bunnies.

Dream About Your Actions Towards the Rabbit or Bunny
Catching a Bunny
Consider the actions that you are taking to capture a bunny or a rabbit. They may offer you important clues for you to achieve your success. For example, if you are setting a bunny trap in the dream, it can reflect careful planning and patience in your endeavors.

Chasing after a Bunny
To chase after a bunny in the dream, suggest that you are going fleeting happiness. If a bunny escapes your attempt to capture it, it indicates that your efforts will be fruitless. It can also suggest that you do not have a good plan to achieve your goals and success.

Killing a Rabbit
To kill a rabbit in a dream suggests that you will be the center of potential conflicts. You will initiate inappropriate behavior and fights that can hurt your reputation.

Eating a Rabbit
The dream about eating a rabbit can suggest that you are taking advantage of someone close to you, while the person is unbeknownst of your actions.

Dream About Rabbit Actions
Rabbit Running
To dream about rabbit running away to escape or hide, suggests that you need to be more confident about your surroundings.

Rabbit Hopping and Jumping
When the dream features a rabbit or bunnies jumping from one place to another such as hiding in rabbit holes, it suggests a lack of commitment and how you jump from one thing or another. Perhaps you are jumping back and forth in between relationship or work commitments.

Rabbit Attacking
If you dream that the rabbit scratches or bites you, then it means that you need to pay more attention to your personal relationship or love life.

Rabbit Biting or Nibbling
If the bunny bites your hands or feet, then it implies that this relationship is headed down the wrong direction.

Rabbit Giving Birth or Pregnant
To dream about pregnant rabbit or bunnies giving birth, it suggests that profitable investment is generating more wealth for you.

Bunny Playing or Humping
To see rabbits playing with one another or with a stuff animal, it suggests sexual activity. Perhaps your sex life needs to be kept in check, it could too much or too little sex where you should aim for a balanced life style.

A Rabbit Talking
Pay attention to the message being conveyed, they can offer you important clues to achieve happiness.

Dream About Other Rabbit Related Objects
Rabbit Hole
Dreaming about rabbit holes in the ground suggests hidden aspects and truths from your waking activities. To go down or falling through a rabbit is suggesting that you may be uncovering uncomfortable truths about the people or even yourself.

Rabbit Ears
Dreams that focus on the ear part of a rabbit suggest that there may be incoming dangers or predators. Perhaps your intuition is telling you that there is danger in someone who might be taking advantage of your good nature.

Dream About Different Rabbit Bunny
White Rabbit
In particular, to see a white rabbit in your dream symbolizes faithfulness in love. The white rabbit also serves as a guide to steer you toward the right direction.

Black Rabbit
To see a black rabbit in your dream refers to fear of intimacy. You are afraid that intimacy can result in sadness and unhappiness where your heart gets broken.

Brown Rabbit
Brown rabbit suggests that you are on track to achieve your materialistic and worldly goals, perhaps you are purchasing properties and investments.

Blue Rabbit
It represents happiness brought by the ones who are loyal to you.

Gray Hare
Grey rabbit in dreams suggests that you will encounter somebody who will trick you in the forthcoming future.

Dead Bunny
A dead bunny is a reflection of a dead relationship or dying relationship that you may have. You should be more careful and tread careful.

Pink or Red Bunny
Dreams of a pink or red bunny can signify that a woman figure in your life is afraid about something.

Evil or Killer Bunny
To dream about a evil or killer bunny, suggests that people are not what they seem around you. It can indicate that someone in your life whom you think are harmless can end up hurting your well being.

Big Giant Bunny
Dreams of a Big or Giant bunny suggest upcoming fortune or windfall.

Multiple Bunnies or Baby Bunny
To dream about a group of bunnies or baby bunny hare, the image indicates fertility and that you will be surrounded by children.

Rabbit Pet
Dreaming about rabbit as pets, suggest the act and daily routine of raising children in your home.

Wounded or Injured Bunny
It suggests that someone whom you care for has been hurt, perhaps you have unintentionally hurt your children or someone who may rely on you. If the bunny is sick, it suggests that something is bothering those people in waking life, but you cannot exact pinpoint the cause.


Rabbit and Bunny Dream Interpretation — 11 Comments


  2. I have pet bunnies.. I dreams of them every night. in some I save them from a huge anaconda…or secure them in a cage surrounded with many yellow snakes… in a few ones I carry them in my arms nd they talk with me sweetly. Also all my rabbits have brown patches over their white coat but in my dreams I always see them completely white.
    but I call them by their original names.
    I rarely dream about something else than them. what does it mean?

  3. I keep having this dream that this bunny is fighting me and then las night that same bunny bit my hand! I just don’t really understand Wat this means????

  4. Had a dream last night that I was at my exes house getting something. He was there trying to get me back…went outside and was in a busy town where rabbits were walking on their back legs with their people on a busy sidewalk. Some wore bowties. They were black and I immediately wanted one.
    There were gray rabbits also, they were off to the side eating grass and acting like normal rabbits. My son was with me – (unclear which one,I have two, one has passed.)he was very young 3-4, suddenly a white rabbit standing on his back legs was right behind him waiting for him to turn around. My son was afraid. I could see the rabbits face, he looked kind and wise. He wanted to tell my son something. Then suddenly we were back in the house and my ex and his new girlfriend was there with her young daughter. They were there for just a short time..then left to take her daughter to some lesson. We were lingering not really wanting to leave, and were still there when she returned. At one point my ex was kissing my neck and back…eventually we left and returned to our home which was in the country.
    So many weird elements. Would love to hear an opinion on what it all means.

  5. I hands dream that my family and I were in an apartment building and when we walked out of our room we saw a big whole in the wall in side was another room with a bunch of baby bunnies hoping around and when we got down stairs of the building we found out they were going to kill them. By the the time we got back to the room they were in, they were all dead and there was this gass in the room. I was crying and screaming at the people who killed them.

  6. In dream i saw to 2 rabbit has been from my body.and my czn pull him out.so beautiful whites rabbits have never seen.plz guide.

  7. I had a dream that i was the grey rabbit that was escaping from humans that were hunting me in a facility and my only escape was through a gas pipe and i died. What could this mean?

  8. Hei! Am actually in a relationship. In my dream we broke up but we stayed friends and i was in a relationship with one of his good friends. so the 3 of us and our mutual friends we decided to have a little vacation in a beach house. But when i saw my ex boyfriend i felt uncomfortable and sad. My boyfriend saw that i was sad and tried to cheer me up but i didnt want any of his affection so he took me to a stuff toy shop and told me that he wants to give a stuff toy rabbit and to chose which one. When i saw the raw of stuff toy rabbit i remembered that my ex gave me the same one but his was special, in a light cream color. Then i realized that i dont want a new rabbit, i still want my old one. I wanted to go back with my ex, to go back in the past when i was with him but i knew it was impossible…And surprisingly on the same shelf of stuff toys rabbits, i saw my old stuff toy and when i took it in my arms it changed into a real gentle rabbit. I made a choice and i choose him. So the ex in my dream is my actual boyfriend in real life and i know that this rabbit is an important symbol in my dream! Why my boyfriend is my ex in my dream and what is the meaning of this rabbit?

  9. There were these little baby bunnies in this flower pot hanging. The size of chicks cuz there was a baby chick with them and I moved the baby chick. One baby bunny fell out and there were 2 dogs chasing this bunny but I doubled in size and was running around being chased by these 2 dogs. I was yelling at the dogs trying to slow them down so that the bunny could get away. Finally the bunny got through the fence and got away.

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