Lemon Dream Interpretation

Did you dream about lemons? Lemon in dreams indicates that a certain situation or relationship is going to turn sour. However, if you use lemons or enjoy eating lemon fruit in the dream; it instead refers to good luck and fortune while trying to make the best out of the situation. Below we will go over more lemon related dream interpretations.

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Dream About Getting Lemons

Dream About Receiving Lemon
Receiving lemons in the dream, portends that someone is going to tell you about their future plans. You may be discouraged or frustrated with what their goals may be. You will have to work things out with that person to sort out any misunderstanding and disillusions that he or she may have.

Dream About Picking Lemons
To harvest or pick lemons off a tree in the dream, indicates that you need to look out for sour opportunities that others may have overlooked. Perhaps it could be certain business deals or prospects that others do not want. But you may find a big profit tackling those.

Dream About Buying Lemon
To dream about buying lemons, indicates that you will soon be taken advantage and profited from. You may be overpaying a decent amount of money for items that may be cheaper or even free.

Dream About Consuming Lemons

Dream About Drinking Lemon Juice
Drinking lemon juice directly in the dream, is a sign that your plan for the future will not fall into places and you are going to be demotivated. You have focused too much on the results. And when things do not turn out exactly as you wish, you will become devastated for the outcome.

Dream About Eating a Lemon
Eating a lemon directly in the dream, indicates that you need to cleanse or heal your body. Let go of your negative thoughts and believes, and your life will take a better turn.

Dream About Preparing Lemons

Dream About Cutting Fresh Lemon
To cut fresh lemons in dreams, indicates that you will go through a new process of growth or cutting a new business deal. The deal is not going to be perfect starting out, but you will feel energized for the new venture.

Dream About Squeezing Lemon
Squeezing lemon in the dream, suggests that you need to be more economical. Consider getting more value of the things that you purchase.

Dream About Lemon Smell
The lemon smell in dreams suggests that you are going through a process of cleansing and refreshing your thoughts. Consider moving on from certain issues or jealous feelings that you have been experiencing. So that you will be mentally ready to accept new ideas and opinions.

Dream About Lemon Trees

Dream About Lemon Plant Without Lemon
To dream of a lemon plant or tree without any lemon, indicates that you will suffer disappointments, irritation, and bitterness in the near future. You are likely to encounter situations where you will act immaturely from your own ill-fortune.

Dream About Lemon Tree
A lemon tree full of lemons in the dream, indicates that you will have many successful business deals. You will be able to generate more related business from these deals.

Dream About Lemon Seeds
To see or eat lemon seeds in the dream, foretells that you or someone you know is likely to have a child in the future.

Dream About Green Unripe Lemon
Green unripe lemons in dreams suggest that your project is not ready to be started yet. If you rush things, the project may turn sour and go horribly wrong.

Dream About Lemon Food Items


Dream About Lemonade
Dreaming about making or drinking lemonade, suggests that you need to cool off. Perhaps you have been involved in arguments or sour arrangements that are getting too heated. Take some time off to relax and recollect your emotions before moving forward.

Dream About Frozen Lemon Ice or Frozen Lemonade
Frozen lemonade in the dream foretells that you will display proof of tact and diplomacy amidst heated discussions. By being calm and collected, you will be able to affect others to be calm as well.

Dream About Lemon Water
Lemon water in dreams, foretells that you are going to be cheated. You will be offered something but get less than what you have paid for. Perhaps it could be intentional or a simple misunderstanding of the contract and initial promises.

Pastry and Main Dishes

Dream About Lemon Pie or Lemon Cake
Lemon pie or lemon cake in dreams, indicates that you will work your way around a bad project. And you will earn a significant amount of profit from the fruit of your labor. You will need to use your creativity and your current resources. Come up with a plan that will change every aspect of this job.

Dream About Lemon Slice
Lemon slices in a dream is an omen of an unpaid debt. You are paying a little bit of principal plus interest towards your debt. And you feel a little sour and bitter for having to pay it.

Dream About Lemon Rice
Seeing or having lemon rice in the dream, indicates that you feel that your partner in your home life is turning sour towards you. There might be certain hard feelings that he or she is trying to get across either intentionally or unintentionally. Consider paying more attention to what your spouse is trying to say.

Dream About Lemon Zest
Dreaming about lemon zest or peel, is a sign that you need to act quickly and decisively towards your business or work. Your enemies or rivals will not have the time to react nor recover from your advances.

Dream About Conditions of the Lemons

Dream About Big Giant Lemons
Big giant lemons in dreams is a sign that you will enjoy a happy marriage and a big family. Be aware of certain disagreements and misunderstandings that come along with a big family. You will generally do well.

Dream About Sweet Lemon
Sweet lemon that is beautiful and yellow in dreams means prosperity and abundance in your house. You will have perspective and good business, without the hardship or bitterness that comes with hard work.

Dream About Spoiled Rotten Lemon
To dream of spoiled rotten lemon, is a sign that you have just missed out on an excellent opportunity that could have changed your life. You are now looking at others who have taken the chance. You feel that you have missed out and feel extremely sour about it.

Dream About Dry Lemon
Having or buying a dry lemon in the dream, indicates that you will encounter or purchase something that is inferior in quality. The merchandise or people might look great on the outside. But they have little substance and may lead you to plenty of issues down the road.

Dream About Other Lemon Terms

Dream About Lemongrass
Dreaming about lemongrass, suggests that you will be protected against bad spirits and people who wish ill of you.

Dream About Lemons

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