Persimmon Dream Meaning – Top 6 Dreams About Persimmon

Did you dream about persimmons? They symbolize joy, victory, and glory at a cost or other associated feelings. You will have to make certain sacrifices to achieve victory. Surrender to the costs of your passions in order to achieve great things. Below we will note more detailed persimmon dream meanings.

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Dream About Actions with Persimmon

Eating A Persimmon
Eating a persimmon fruit in the dream foretells that you will soon experience a showdown between competing choices. You will find true pleasure once you go through with the plans.

Picking Persimmon
Picking persimmons in the dream at a grocery store points to your costly hobbies. You will spend a considerable amount of time and energy on your passion.

Planting a Persimmon Tree
Planting persimmon trees in the dream symbolize the death or loss of your family. To achieve your personal goals and ambitions, you will put your family members second. However, the cost will eventually be worthwhile.

Dream About Other Persimmon Themes

Unripe Persimmons
To have unripe or bitter persimmon in the dream; indicates that you have built-up resentment towards people in your life. You are paranoid about how others think of you.

Persimmon Gift
To dream that you are giving away persimmons as gifts; suggests that you will entice people to make certain sacrifices. Perhaps you are offerings pay raises for others so that they will accommodate and entertain your requests.

Rotten Persimmon
A rotten or moldy persimmon in the dream indicates that you have underestimated the cost. You are not taking your own resolve seriously. You will soon fail at something. Be careful about not putting necessary items and agendas on hold for too long. Do not delay what you have to do.

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