Shopping Dream Interpretation

Did you dream about shopping? To dream that you are shopping but only browsing without buying symbolizes your desires. Shopping in the dream and actually buying symbolizes your needs. The items that you are shopping for representing the opportunities and options that you come across in waking life. Interpret your shopping dreams based on the items that you are searching for.

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General Shopping Dream

If you cannot find a specific item you are shopping in the dream; it suggests that you trying to solve some life problems. To mindless browsing and shopping in the dream without any item, in particular; suggests that your life may be without goals or passion. If you are merely window shopping and eyeing over the items in the dream; it suggests waking life financial difficulties, perhaps you do not have the money and income to cover your lifestyle.

Dream About Different Things That You Are Shopping For

Food / Grocery Shopping
To dream that you are shopping for food and groceries signifies your attempt to buy the attention of others.

Apparel Shopping

Clothes Shopping
If you are shopping for clothes like a suit or normal dress, then it suggests that you are trying to put forth a new image. Consider the type of clothing being bought in the dream. This will help you determine the setting or image you want to push through.

Shoe Shopping
Depending on the type of shoes that you are dreaming about, the dream can be interpreted slightly differently. Think about the function of the shoes and derive the meaning. For example, dreaming about a dress show suggest that you are trying a new image just like clothes. However, sports running shoes suggest that you want to get ahead of others by being able to run smoothly.

Wedding Dress Shopping
Wedding Dress shopping inside dreams suggests that you are evaluating and assessing your personal relationship.

Big Ticket Shopping

Furniture Shopping
Shopping for furniture suggests that you want to improve the relationship that you have with your family. However, if the furniture shopping points to pieces out of your budget; it reflects that you have waking life financial difficulties and worries.

Hotel / House / Apartment Shopping
When you are shopping for a place to living and stay such as a hotel, apartment, or actual house; it represents that you are opening yourself up for life’s other phases or opportunities.

Other Goods

Weapon or Gun Shopping
Dreams about shopping for a weapon or gun, suggests that you are considering to solve your life’s problems through more violet and direct means.

Purse Wallet Shopping
To shop and buy new purses or wallets, suggests that you are undergoing changes that add to who you are as a person. These new changes would affect how you deal or look at money in general.

Dream About Shopping Related Concepts

Shopping Mall or Outlet Center
Dreams about a big collection of stores such as a shopping mall or outlet, represents the abundance of your life’s choices ahead. It signals that the choices can be quite overwhelming. Be aware if you are not confident about yourself and where you are going. It can also reflect that you desire the latest trends, fads, and technology. Consider the type of malls, your shopping actions within the dream, and the people whom you are with.

Shopping Spree
Dreaming about going on a shopping spree suggests that you are unsure about the direction you are taking in life. You usually end up going after everything you desire. However you are generally easily manipulated by others when others recommend something for you. Perhaps it is time to slow down, and rethink through your focus of life.

Shopping for Gifts
To dream that you are shopping for gifts for someone implies that you are looking or searching for acceptance.

Dream About Shopping Related Tools

Shopping List
To put together a shopping list, reflects an inventory of your desires and needs. Pay attention to the items list on the shopping list as they show your innermost calling.

Shopping Bag
To see or carry a shopping bag in your dream represents the reward for your hard work. Many shopping bags in your dream however refers to your materialistic attitude. Material gain is your number one priority with your actions.

Shopping Cart
To see or use a shopping cart in your dream indicates that you are reaping the rewards and benefits of your hard work. Consider the type of items in your shopping cart to interpret the type of rewards that you have gained. An empty shopping cart represents that your hard work has been in vain with nothing to show.

Dream About Shopping

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