About Us

First established in 2015, is organized and created by a couple who loves to discuss and interpret dreams together. Several years later, we are now discussing the dreams with our lovely children as well!

Through decades of learning, we have obtained many available dream books and resources. Now we are giving back the knowledge and research that we have gathered throughout the years. We are going through the most common dreams one by one to help you decipher and understand them.

We continue to create and come up with interesting and accurate dream interpretations based on the latest trends, understanding, and culture. And we hope that you would find them useful and enjoy them as much as we did writing and putting them together.

We are humbled by thousands of people who visit our pages of dream meanings and interpretations. We sincerely hope that they will add understanding and insight into your current or prospective dreams. Have fun and keep having good nights of sleep!

Random Dream Meanings
Thank you for sharing your dreams! We update and improve our dream interpretations based on your feedback.