Lychee Dream Meaning – Top 6 Dreams About Lychee

Did you dream about Lychee? Lychee in dreams foretells that you will have good fortune and pleasurable relationship. However, you will need to act with the right time in the right place. If you miss the window of time, you will prove that you are incompetent and unable.

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Dream About Growing Lychee Tree
Growing lychee trees, indicates that you will have a happy marriage.

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Dream About Eating Lychees or Drinking Lychee Juice
Dreaming of eating delicious lychees or drinking lychee juice is a good omen indicating good fortune. You will enjoy the sweet taste of your hard work and undertakings.

Dream About Peeling Lychee
To see yourself peeling lychee but unable to eat it, foretells that you will marry an impotent man, or be in a loveless relationship.

Dream About Other Lychee Foods

Dream About Making Lychee Cocktail
To see that you are mixing a lychee alcohol cocktail drink, indicates that you are mixing together good parts of your relationship, and enjoy the contentment and satisfaction.

Dream About Canned Lychee
Canned lychee in dreams, denote delayed gratification. Perhaps you are withholding some type of sexual and pleasurable relationship until a later time.

Dream About Moldy Lychee
Moldy lychee in dreams, foretells that you will marry and suffer incompetence. You will no longer feel the passion for your spouse.

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