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Tomato Dream Interpretation — 7 Comments

  1. I dreamt that my tomatoe plants were shifted by an aunty who is deceased and I was so upset it woke me up .what does it mean .

    • I dreamed of walking along up a road that was parallel to the actual road. The road was a wide path. In reality, it leads from my first husbands home place to mine. I often dream of this road. In this dream, I was with my first husband (I think). In my dreams, I can’t tell the difference between the first and second ex. There were bushel baskets of huge, beautiful, ripe tomatoes that my second (now deceased and much loved)mother-in-law was going to can. I was evaluating which ones were the ripest as I walked along. She was sitting in a chair at the end of the path. We then went into her kitchen (a kitchen I’d never really been in) to fry some green tomatoes, although I think they were red. The slices were huge and already browned as I was turning them.

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