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Dog Breeds Dream Interpretation — 4 Comments

  1. I dreamed of a white poodle and two other small dogs took me in a new dirction a new jurney it was fun than we go to the water and i seen an old whire woman standing infront of me saying thats not how you talk to dogs she then proced to pet my dogs I told her no i was lining them up so she could talk to them say hi than she was gone by the time i was done and than i seen lots of toads going into the water one of the toads turned knee high size and a rotweller came and stod beside me and the toad went away

  2. Please help i have had 3 nightmares about a pack of dogs attacking and comsuming me as a pack red always dominates the dreams weather the dog or the area is red. I dont know what it means and all i can find is normal dream interpretations not nightmare ones.

  3. I keep having dreams about my pitbull attacking my shiz Suz.. I never find out what happens as I never make it to the end of the garden… I have the pitbull 2 years and the shiz Suz about 4 year’s..

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