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  1. Had a dream that I was crying blood tears. It was a another person next to me but it was hazy and hard to notice if it was a girl or guy.

  2. Hai.plz help me i wake up with a dream that my friend had a miscarriage.then i small clot and mix with my poridge and i eat it.i then go home and come back i eat it again and spit it.i eat the first one and i spit the second one.

  3. hie please sent me an interpretation. I had a dream in a toilet with some unknown ladies I saw 3 drops of blood on the floor and inside the chamber one lady quickly wiped it off whilst she was angry. I was confused if the blood was mine or someone’s.

  4. I dreamt that I looked at myself in a mirror in front of me and that blood was dripping from my back in the area little lower than the shoulders and then another cut in the middle of my back buy they were cuts made by a blade nothing really deep in my body.

  5. Please help. My boyfriend dreamt about blood, when he was touching me inside my thighs then his hand came with dry blood, what does this mean

  6. Yesterday In my dream I’m stand up looking a bloods on 1 man. I was dream seeing one man has bloods on the down floor and his body break up from knife.. I see bloods color red. So… Can you tell me? That’s what happens to me? I’m seeing dream like that bad or lucky to me?

  7. I dreamed my one year old s mouth was bleeding but there was a square of duct tape placed diagonally over her mouth please, try to help me understand this?

  8. I had a dream where there was this couple very much in love having a picnic on what looked like a watch tower, it was in the middle of a field and I was walking with my sister when the woman was shot by some guy and her husband carried her down, me and my sister looked on top to find a scarecrow (corpse like) and a pool of black and red blood I looked over to her in horror and looked on to see the woman crying and holding her stomach as her husband held her while they both walked away, it was enough to wake me up with a jolt.

  9. I dreamt I was coughing blood in the bathroom sink, and my mother and sisters were watching indifferently while I was panicking. My sister was also preparing to travel.

  10. my husband dreamed he took me to the doctors then he went to the bathroom where he began peeping blood and pus in his urine can you help me answer this thankyou

  11. I dreamt I was drinking a juice out of a golden cup. The ones used in ancient times. In trying to drink again, I lifted the cup to my lips but the contents dripped on my white T shirt. I was surprised that it was actually pure, viscuous blood, like something alive. I remember trying to hide it as I frlt the heat of it touching my chest. I was kneeding it, trying to rub it off without being seen n although my shirt was soiled, the redness was not noticeable anymore. It was like the blood had been absorbed through my skin.

  12. I dreamt that i cut myself with a sharp object. And i was expecting that it would hurt me and that there will be a lot of blood coming out from my hand. And it turns out that i didn’t feel any pain and there’s a small amount of black blood coming out from my hand.

  13. I had a dream and in that dream some group of guys killed a man and gave me his blood to drink and I did. what does it mean? am terrified.

  14. Good day, I dream a Blood comes out from my mouth its a long tough blood. & i pull it to stop & i pray to GOD that it will stop. Coz I’m little bit affraid. Please help me what’s the meaning of ny dream.

  15. I had a dream of big spiders and the only way o get away from them is to swim through blood. The ground was just blood pool with side walks that are walls between each pool. These spiders was the size of kiwi and almost rubbery. There was people like in a colt type trying get me. And the only way was to jump in the blood and swim through to get o the next wall or side walk. Please what does this mean?

  16. Recently I just had two very close friends pass away, my best friend and my wife’s best friend who I found dead in her home. Last night I dreamt of a fat African American lady drinking blood from others they would stab themselves in the chest she would be waiting for the blood to spill out of their chests then catch it in a cup and drink it. She would guzzle it down it would pour all over her and she would making noises of enjoyment while doing it..

  17. last night I had a dream that the whole floor at my house was full of blood and i slipped on it and I saw my husband dragging me by my hair up the stairs that were also full of blood. What could this mean?

  18. What does it mean when you dream that someone you know is beating up kid’s till they die. And you happen to walk into the room and one of the kid’s blood splats on you. And the blood is on your face, neck, front of your T-shirt and on your hand’s?

  19. Idreamt different people showing me my menstrual blood one from my underwear and others showing me my blood that needs to be tested.What is the meaning?

  20. Hi,
    i dreamt of my collegue. there was blood all over her desk and then i called her and said ” come i understand” what does it mean?

  21. Hi, I dreamt of two ladiess looking for my friend’s place. the next thing the ladies’s clothes were full of blood claiming that they are not yet finished with her and there was blood around them. the kept on saying why is my friend still with her boyfriend who does she think she is? That was very scary and I would like know what does it mean……


  23. i had a dream of blood on white big rags all around me it was coming from behind me every time i looked there was red blood all over the rags i tried to give them to some one in the dream what does that mean?

  24. Last night I had a dream where me, my sister in law and the third unknown person travelling with a car I did not know where to then suddenly the car stopped and a well known abnormal person came and started stabbing us with two big knives, he stabbed me deep on the left shoulder and i started bleeding so hard,my sister in law and the other unknown person were stabbe ld

  25. I had a dream,I don’t exactly remember but just before my dream end,I dream about suddenly my whole face is bleeding cover my whole vision to red.What does it represents?

  26. I had a dream that is pretty weird,jist before i woke up,my face have no injuries but my whole fave suddenly bleed, bursting out and my whole vision become red.What does it represents?

  27. So a few minutes ago I had a dream that i went to the supermarket with my parents and had a fight about some ingredients for a chocolate cake my Aunt Lena want to make in real life. Then once we returned from there I went to have a shower when I came out of it, it was raining outside and the hall’s ceiling was leaking at first small drops and then fully force! I yelled out for my parents and my two aunts that live with us but no one answered so i did what I thought it was OK I took plastic buckets and laundry baskets and put then haem underneath the leaking parts of the ceiling. Then I went to the apartment above us to check if the elderly resident was okay if he had forgotten yet again his bathtub’s tap open again but he wouldn’t answer. Then I return home only this time the buckets were overflowing and i couldn’t empty them fast enough so i yelled out for my mum and my sister but got no answer suddenly the water that was coming from the leaking ceiling transitioned into blood and in seconds I was soaked in it. Then my parents showed up and looked at me in horror as I yelled at them for not being here when I need them the most. After that my sister woke me up because I was sleep talking.

  28. Hello. I had a dream about me chopping 4 bodies to death, 2 were trying to kill me while the other 2 were innocents, the girl I killed was trying to kill me so I ran around the house and she went the other way so I threw my kitchen knife at her legs and started chopping her, and when I was done some random guy showed asking if I wanted pizza, so I threw him over my shoulder thinking he was a zombie or someone trying to hurt me, and chopped him to big pieces. But there was no blood coming out of either 4 of them. But earlier in my dream, this lady looked at me, she had scary eyes, with blood all over her face.

  29. I dreamed I got some cuts, but instead of just blood, I started bleeding fresh water. Any suggestions on bleeding other substances?

  30. I had a dream i got into a fight with some girl and i was kicking her ass and i heard the bones to her jaw break and i blacked out in my dream then when i came back my jaw was broken i was the one bleeding and dripping tons of blood some was liquid and some was chucks like meat and my nana came she started to eat my blood tell me i need to stop getting into stuff

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