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Blood Dream Interpretation — 14 Comments

  1. I dreamt that I was washing away blood from my daughter’s underwear. Sent me an interpretation of this dream, please.

  2. Had a dream that I was crying blood tears. It was a another person next to me but it was hazy and hard to notice if it was a girl or guy.

  3. Hai.plz help me i wake up with a dream that my friend had a miscarriage.then i small clot and mix with my poridge and i eat it.i then go home and come back i eat it again and spit it.i eat the first one and i spit the second one.

  4. hie please sent me an interpretation. I had a dream in a toilet with some unknown ladies I saw 3 drops of blood on the floor and inside the chamber one lady quickly wiped it off whilst she was angry. I was confused if the blood was mine or someone’s.

  5. I dreamt that I looked at myself in a mirror in front of me and that blood was dripping from my back in the area little lower than the shoulders and then another cut in the middle of my back buy they were cuts made by a blade nothing really deep in my body.

  6. Please help. My boyfriend dreamt about blood, when he was touching me inside my thighs then his hand came with dry blood, what does this mean

  7. Yesterday In my dream I’m stand up looking a bloods on 1 man. I was dream seeing one man has bloods on the down floor and his body break up from knife.. I see bloods color red. So… Can you tell me? That’s what happens to me? I’m seeing dream like that bad or lucky to me?

  8. I dreamed my one year old s mouth was bleeding but there was a square of duct tape placed diagonally over her mouth please, try to help me understand this?

  9. I dreamt I bought a phantom and looked at my hands and saw black blood running in my veins. I didn’t feel pain or sad in the dream.

  10. I had a dream where there was this couple very much in love having a picnic on what looked like a watch tower, it was in the middle of a field and I was walking with my sister when the woman was shot by some guy and her husband carried her down, me and my sister looked on top to find a scarecrow (corpse like) and a pool of black and red blood I looked over to her in horror and looked on to see the woman crying and holding her stomach as her husband held her while they both walked away, it was enough to wake me up with a jolt.

  11. I dreamt I was coughing blood in the bathroom sink, and my mother and sisters were watching indifferently while I was panicking. My sister was also preparing to travel.

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