Cherry Dream Interpretation

To see cherries in your dream symbolize honesty, truthfulness, sweetness and good fortune. Fresh cherries relate to well-being, good news, and wish fulfillment. However, too many cherries in the dream also points to over-indulgence and temptation. Below are more specific cherry related dream interpretations.

Dream About Cherry Tree
Dreaming about a flowering cherry tree, it is a sign that you will soon fall in love. And this love will be successful if you are willing to be patient.

Dream About Bowl of Cherries
To see a bowl of cherries in the dream, it suggests that you should not take life so seriously. Take it easy and enjoy what life has to offer.

Dream About Cherry Pits or Seed
Dreams of eating cherry pits or seed, is a warning sign that you might suffer indigestion. You might have eaten more than what you could handle. You may have issues or disagreements with others. Things may not flow as well as before.

Dream About Eating Sweet Tasty Cherries
Eating sweet and fresh cherries in the dream, indicates that you will soon fall in love. However, the love may not last long if you dwell too much on the sweetness.

Dream About Growing and Planting Cherries
Growing and planting cherry trees, indicates that you will get material prosperity and obtain a happy change.

Dream About Plucking Cherries Off Tree
Plucking cherries off tree, suggests that your bosses will be satisfied with your work, and may decide to promote you.

Dream About Dried Cherry
To dream of dried cherry, foretells upcoming loss of feelings, which could result in parting and cooling of relations with a current sexual partner.

Dream About Frozen Cherries
Dreaming about ice cold frozen cherries, indicate that you will go a business trip for training purposes. You may attend conferences, seminars, or paid internship in the near future. You will be able to enhance your skills and abilities.

Dream About Cherry on Top of Cake Dessert
To dream of a cherry on top of a cake or chocolate covered cherry dessert, is a sign that points to self-indulgence. It may suggests that you are taking too much pleasure in life, and you want more to make yourself feel better. Be careful of over-indulging yourself in the desires. However, if you are placing a cherry on top yourself, it indicates that you will soon receive a bonus or commission based on your good work.

Dream About Cherry Pie
Eating a cherry pie in the dream, points to some form of virginity loss or loss of sexual purity. You might be tempted for prohibited love and sexual intimacy in the near future.

Dream About Over ripen Cherry
Dreams of over-ripen cherry in the dream can suggest false promises that lead to fragility of relationships. Your loved one may be making false promises that may seen sweet at the time, but he or she has little chances of delivering on such promises.

Dream About Sour or Rotten Cherries
To see or have sour or rotten moldy cherry in the dream, foretells tears and anguish. Your loved one or family may disappoint you by being either unfaithful or disloyal. Certain bad news may arrive sooner than later.

Dream About Cherry Blossom Tree
To see a cherry blossom tree in your dream symbolizes symbolizes mortality. Life is short and to take advantage of what life has to offer. You will have to be flexible and strong at the same time, in order to fully enjoy life to the fullest.

Dream About Cherry Blossom Petals
If you see the cherry blossom petals in the dream, it suggests that your life will take a turn for the better quickly. However, you only have a short time window to capture the opportunity. You will succeed by being at the right place at the right time.

Dream About Cherry Tomatoes
To see a cherry tomato in your dream symbolizes domestic happiness and harmony. Pay more attention to the little things in your family life, cherish the little moments that make you with joy and happiness.

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