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Did you dream about apple? Apples as a dream symbol denotes prosperity, wealth, perfection and beauty. It is generally a good symbol that also relate to harmony, pleasure, fertility, and sexual desire. In this complete dream interpretation for apple, we will go through related apple items, colors, and several common contexts.

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Dream About Apples Growing

Dreaming about apples growing in a tree symbolize knowledge and wisdom. If the dream depicts many apple trees in an apple orchard, the context symbolizes magnificence. Picking apple from an apple tree in the dream represents your thirst and quest for knowledge. If the apples have fallen and scattered on the ground, signifies that you need to pick your friends wisely.

Dream About Eating Apple

Eating an apple in the dream relates to fulfilled goals and physical desires. If you are planning to get pregnant, eating apple in the dream can suggest success and fertility.

Dream About Apple Related Products

If the dream does not feature apple by itself, but rather apple related products, take those items into consideration when trying to interpret your apple dream.

Apple Pie
Baking or Eating Apple Pie in dreams represents creating something out of the knowledge that you have gotten. Your mind is telling you to transform and recreate what you have learned into special work.

Apple Juice or Apple Sauce
Drinking apple juice or eating apple sauce in dreams, suggest that you may be hasting or hurrying your studying. You are not taking the time to fully digest what you have learned or gained. You are looking for immediate profit and results.

Apple Cider
Having apple cider in dream suggests good health and festive times is near.

Caramel Candy Apple or Toffee Apple
Dreaming about sugar or chocolate covered apple candy, suggest that you may be overindulgent with physical desires. These desires may be materialistic or sexual, it may be time to pull back before they cause issues with your life.

Dream About Condition of Apple

Spoiled or Rotten Apple in Dream
The rotten apple dreams suggest that you have missed the boat or critical timing to profit. The fruit is now spoiled and you cannot enjoy your profit any longer. This is your subconscious reminder to take better chances and good timing the next time opportunities knock at your door.

Bad Apple
To buy a good looking apple but that is bad inside or foul tasting, suggest that your investment may turn sour. Consider double checking where your money lies and try to make better decisions.

Big and Juicy Apple
Dreaming about a big and juicy apple suggests good health and vitality.

Apple Core or Seeds
Dreams that focus on apple core or seeds, suggest that you need to look beneath the surface. Try to find the essence behind all the outer wealth and prosperity. Figure out what truly matters beyond the materialistic belongings.

Worms in Apple
Seeing worms in apples in dreams suggest that you may have a traitor in your organization. This bad influence is eating away at your potential profit.

Half Eaten Apple
Seeing a half eaten apple in the dream suggest that whatever you striving and aiming for may not be fulfilling. You may only be looking at half of the full picture.

Dream About Different Apple Colors

Red Apple
Seeing bright, ripe, and red apple denotes fulfilled love relationship and sexual needs.

Green Apple
Green apples as a dream symbol represent developing love or love that has yet to blossom.

Golden Apple
Gold apple in dreams indicates that hefty and bountiful rewards are on the horizon for you.

Blue Apple
Blue is not a typical color for an apple. When you dream about colors that are rare or non existent, consider what the color means to you and make that dream interpretation connection. For example, if you think blue is related to the color of sky and heaven, blue apple may be interpreted as fruition of soul searching activities.

Black Apple
Black Apple can be a bad sign that relate to your health. Consider going for a health check up at your doctors for any hidden or unseen sickness. The dream typically relates to long term illness that can be hard to detect.

Dream About Apple

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