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  1. I was driving a car on a highway exactly at 120 kmph. And while driving I started drinking something and took control of the steering with my left hand. I couldn’t control it. It hit the divider, bounced high and I was thrown away. Strange thing, I fell off the car, I couldn’t find my car. The place where I fell, there were dogs all around who started biting me as I tried searching for my car. Then I called a person. He tamed the dogs and tried helping me find the car. But in the end I woke up and didn’t find my car.

    • In the pasgner seat with the woman of my life and her baby in the back. And abruptly there was a gap in a Bridge and we fell into the water . my window was barley unrolled and I spent several moments trying to break it. Got a breath of air retrieved her and the baby. And woke up with a concussion and was looking for them and they both were in ICU and I could not find them.

  2. My dream is about a wood floating on the water an their is a big ship yard for large boats equipment. And if u don’t follow the woods floating then u fall in the water but we don’t the ppl in my dream I know an then we r on a highway an their is a lot of car accident s. An a dog . An then daylight breaks an I say we r not going to make it

  3. I dreamt that I was traveling and I lacked money on my way to pay the transport ,I found one of my friend and he was also going to the same place where I was going ,he asked me money for transport that I help him with some money, I told him that I don’t have any money and I have failed to get money to reach me home ,so from no where i saw him giving me money ,as we where traveling going home using a track ,we got an accident and everybody who was is the track died including my friend and i was the only one left without any injury

  4. I had a dream a couple of weeks go .
    My year co ordinatior was leaving my work and (I was watching her leave) she’s reversing and as she looks down to change the gear into drive a truck reversed on her and crushed the car and killed her . I rushed to the scene than my alarm had woken me up…
    Then in the real ,on the 21st March 2016 a teacher from my school who was also a year co ordinatior had been driving home from work and went head on with a truck it crushed the car and killed her !!

    I can never get this picture out of my mind , I’m always thinking about it ,that my dream came true.. I wish I knew it was going to happen , I would of warned some people ! RIP MEL , always in my heart โค๏ธ

    • ๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–Hhhhuuuuuugggggsss๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–

  5. I had a dream where everybody I knew was living on a tropical island like place and me and my two friends where at the top of this mountain at somebody’s house. We were leaving for some reason he had a Lamborghini there was a very narrow tight road at this house so we had to do a 2 turn manoeuvre to get out cause there was a straight drop, he joked that about falling off the edge and on the second turn we went off. In the dream I can remember falling in the car and seeing him in slow motion falling around in the car I can remember saying this is it and I love you guys. On the way done though there was like lots of vines and I managed to open the door and get out and grab on to them, the car exploded when it hit the bottom in flames. Some crazy reason I was able to slide down this mountain and when I got to the bottom was a beach and all the people I knew and the two of my friends that had just dieds friends where there and I broke the news to them everybody was upset and people were turning on me not believing how I survived it then later followed with an interrogation and a physciatric test, I was having a really hard time trying to convince them that I was telling the truth. I was glad when I woke up because it was quite an uncomfortable dream

  6. 3 totally different dreams 3 totally different situations but all 3 of car s first just weird damage to car no one even notice 2nd one 2 cars to hit in to side of third on it then drives off, the 2 drivers annoyed but go one their way the 3rd 2 famous people (brothers sort of) having heated discussion get in car back into wall drive off like nothing happened & all of this in less than 3 weeks wow…no idea why yet…..

    • I’ve had 3 car dreams 3 in a row about watching accidents of people being hit or the back of car being hit because I left handbrake off maybe I need to be more attentive and let go of what other people think of me and focus on the road

  7. In my dream this is worst dream that is involving two car accident and a compile of dead body of passenger mum, teenage daughter, toddler , young man and another side another man sit and dead like caught on fire in the road

  8. In my dream, someone else was driving and hit another car. I didn’t see my self in the car with them, I just saw the accident. And I took the car that they hit in my house to fix it(it was a white car). After I was done, I was waiting till it gets dark to put it back outside. So I went to a big store, saw some people returning some stuffs they bought. Can someone please tell me the meaning behind that dream?

    • That is so deep I’m up looking a bout dreams I woke up cause I had dream like 3 or 4 cars ran right into one another on everything I love I jus had this dream still in bed about to go back to sleep very interesting

  9. I am in the backseat of a car in which my deceased father is driving other people in car but not sure who we are going over a bridge but get to a curve and end up going over the edge there is water under the bridge but I wake up before we hit the water

  10. The other night I had a dream, I was driving my car with my mom around a close neighborhood that is by my childhood home. We don’t live around that area anymore. I was driving, I felt my blood sugar drop( I’m a type 1 diabetic). I couldn’t stop the car or pull over. I just kept my foot on the accelerator. I was going fast when I hit someone garage. The car flipped over it was just me inside.

    There was a crowd of people around, the paramedics came. They had to undress me because my clothes were torn up, they gave me hospital clothes. I was then in an emergency waiting room. I was walking around, bare feet. My right foot was puffy and swollen. I remember seeing chairs and magazines. I was waiting with my dad.

    Then I was in my own hospital room. In the bed, hooked up to various things. I was wearing a hospital grown. There where bruises all over my body especially my right side/torso. Big and nasty ones too. My dad and sister were briefly there then gone. I was by myself, then I got sick and threw up on the floor. I had some difficulty paging the nurse, she told me she had some patients to deal with. But she came. She was an older woman, short red curly hair and round glasses. She was nice. She helped clean up me and my mess. Almost like when you put a baby on a changing table and clean them.

    I can’t quite tell what my dream it telling me. I’ve never had a dream where I got into an accident and had to be taken to the hospital. Makes me apprehensive.

  11. Mine was about leaving a place with four people in the car me in the back seat on the passenger side. The car looked like a station wagon on the front but had a more square back end. We drove several miles and then as we got on a on ramp people moved to the side to let us on the we were almost that area that has the fence by the bridge that goes over the freeway and 3 cop car enter the lane behind us “three more to let in” the driver said as he pulled off the the side. The car kept going and then almost off the side when the person in the backseat next to me on the driver side said “maybe you should turn the car so we don’t go over”. This at we were on the side of the bridge right where the the wall is (but we’re on the grassy area at the top of the wall). The driver turns to say something and we go over everyone screams at the top of there lungs but me. Just as we are about to crash I yell (kinda like scar from the lion king) “DIE”. Then we hit I side upward out of my seat belt then into the back of the passenger seat then I’m upside down. I righted myself and see no ones hurt except the drive has a bloody nose the car on the inside has nothing damaged but the whole outside front looks like a crushed can. And I’m in pain but only like I slept wrong. I open my door and get out while everyone else does the same. I then climb the wall back to the grassy area. When i reach the top someone I’m no longer friends (cause they hurt me emotionally really bad) looked at me and said my name questionally I got to my feet and stared at her. Then I woke up

  12. i dreamt of driving a car, my boyfriend was the passager. i hit a pothole and suddenly front windscreen of the vehicle broke and water came in, it was flooded. i couldn’t breath and couldn’t see anything and couldn’t get out of the car.

  13. The night before last night I dreamed that either a dog, cat or lion (i can’t remember) fell off a very high building and all we could hear was Nails sliding. We looked over the side and it had been sliding slowly down a pipe, when it reached the bottom it walked calmly away.
    Then last night I dreamed of this mentally challenged young lady playing around. I left that venue and stopped at another place and there she was dancing on the side of the road. She then decided to do a back flip but directly onto the road. Her body just slid backwards smoothly on the asphalt causing oncoming traffic to brake and serve to avoid her. I couldn’t watch but when it was over cars were piled up and she was spread eagled crushed by the cars. I didn’t look at her long enough to see injuries or blood. I told someone to phone the previous venue I was set and tell them but they just got into a huge fight..then my alarm went off๐Ÿ˜ž

  14. I dreamed that after a disagreement with my mom and my sister, I left hurt and in tears. I was driving somewhere in a daze, upset and crying. I wasn’t paying attention to an ending lane and hopped a median and hit a brick town sign. After hitting the brick sign, I tried to get out of my car. Holding onto the door, I realized I couldn’t move my right leg. A woman in a blue car pulled up, rolled down her window and asked if I was ok. I understood her, but couldn’t answer. I started having trouble breathing and began to feel blood dripping down my face. My back began to pulsate in excruciating pain. I was having trouble breathing and couldn’t respond to anyone.

  15. I had a dream that I was in a car and I was it the passanger seat the car was in auto drive for some reason and I was the only person in the car but then the car ran out of gas and I wanted to do something but I just sat there while it ran into a wall and then other cars crashed into my car because I was in a tunnel but a little girls mom and dad died I helped her and then I walked to the end of the tunnel and I went into a room and my mom was sitting on a bench and then she yelled at me because I told her that I’m left my phone and I pads in the car but she had them and told me that if I knew that I was going somewhere that I need to bring my stuff I wanted to tell her that I was just in a car accident but I didn’t I just stood there and then I woke up

  16. So my dream is weird. If you as like final fantasy weird. I witnessed a man having a heart attack in his truck while hauling his tree trimmings and mower. I saw my lose the breaks on my car and both of our cars and truck collided into a tree. His tee trimmings like stabbed me. I could taste the blood and feel the burning sensation from being cut. I was trying to get out and then the car and truck exploded. I woke up (or so I thought). I went through my daily day and then me “my dream” happened and I was apply to stop the explosion from happening. And then I finally work up. Wheat does it mean? I’m so confused, what if it happens in real life’…

  17. Hi I dreamt first we are inside the read car like 8 persons althogether first it’s a rough road then we didnot know we are going up to hill ang the driver stop lost engine and 3 of us out the car the rest stay in car the driver trying to reach on top the hil but it’s filed the car accident after we try to find the car then we saw two or 3 alive but the rest dead the car all burn so what it means that?

  18. I dreamt my family and I being in a car and the car went off the road. We were in the air for a bit and landed on the ground. Everyone was fine but my mother wouldn’t wake up. We found the pulse but strangely in the hospital it was for my younger brother I was running around for. My mother was fine. I was frantically asking for help to save my brother

  19. I was a passenger, my soon to be husband was the driver. He went to pass another driver in the road, a truck, and the truck was swerving angrily and hit us! Knocking us off the road and we were headed straight for a huge tree! I woke up because I hit myself trying to cover my eyes before the crash actually happened!

  20. My dream really will make me sound crazy .. But I dreamt about me and my sister in my car (me driving) I was drinking a cup of tea and I was speeding a bit while turning a corner and drove into a car a small van that were driving side by side but instead of crashing into them my car ended up on top of theres, no one was even a little hurt .. Then before I woke up I remember (going to sound so crazy) but I fell in love with one of the other drivers.

  21. I was driving to go see a friend about 2 hours away after work (I was alone in the car) and it had started raining, I was going over a really high over pass and just before I got to the top my car flipped over backwards and I flipped over in the driver seat. I remember being completely calm and thinking that if I could just get myself back in my seat and get the wheel that I would be fine but the next thing I knew I woke up in a parking lot extremely disoriented. Outside the car I could see a lady (whom I didn’t know) yelling into her phone and gesturing towards my car. I was able to grab my phone and pull myself out of the broken driver side window. As I staggered to my feet another lady came running over and told me to call 911, as I called I looked back at my car and saw that it was totalled. I was still shaking and out of it as I tried to explain that I has just been in a really bad car accident. The people who had come to my aid we standing around me talking when I fell backward and started having a seizure, the next thing I knew I was on a gurney in a hospital hallway being rushed to a room accompanied by a doctor and a large staff and I couldn’t move but I could see that I was covered in blood and bruises and I could hear the doctor telling someone else that he didn’t think I was going to make it. I did end up pulling through and saw my friends and family trying to come see me while I recovered but there were guards outside my door that wouldn’t let anyone in, they were even using force to keep people out. I woke up extremely disoriented and shaking. This was one of the most lucid dreams I’ve ever had and lucid dreams aren’t a new thing for me.

  22. I was dreaming that i was in a car with a friend and I would tell her that she was wrong on something and was being stuburn. The car had turned off and we had witnessed a car accident flipimg over, it was these bad people who had coused it and were coming after us, I remember telling my friend to locknthe door but she wouldn’t so the bad people grabbed her and I San out the car and trough myself on the ground to not make a seen and they grabbed me and I knew these people all of them it was a huge pack of them. I remember telling myself what was going on with all these people and they were after me because I was diffremt and I don’t mean different looking or physically but different. Then I saw this guy i knew and grabbed his fun and pointed at him and taking him with me because i wanted to leave. I took him with me and his people were after me and we went to a pool area n i let him go because they were after me.

  23. I had a dream i was driving with my bf and out daughter and 3 other random people i didnt know who needed a ride we picked thwm up off the street my brother also appeared in the car..i was speeding while turning the wheel the truck skid and flipped what felt like 4 times in the air into the very shore of the water not enough to sink no on got hurt i told my brother to unbuckle my daughtera car seat in mid air during the flip cause i saw us aiming for the water i wanted ro be quick when landing to save her..i also rolled down all windows to prepare to escape before we landed in the water as well..everyone got out safe the truck was not damaged

  24. So I literally just woke up from this dream and now my head hurts. So I was with my sister and my mom and we went to in which I’m assuming was like a wedding celebration to which we all sit down and eat and I see my ex shows up and we see each other and my sister asks if I’m ok and I said no can we go?( And in my dream I felt extreme anxiety when I saw him) so me and my sister get up and tell our mom that we are going to leave because I don’t feel well, she say alright and my and my sister walk to the car and on our way out I see my ex and I say you’re al A**hole and open the building door and leave and we walk an walk through the parking lot and we seethe car that we took and get in but I get in the back seat she pulls out an starts driving while she is doing that I climb up front and put my seatbelt on and we stray talking about religion for some reason. (Btw it’s nighttime ) we hit a stop sign and she makes a right turn she continues to drive slowly but by us talking she got distracted and I think she though she could go staight cause we were stopping and we start heading for a brick wall and I start yelling walk wal wall and it took awhile to stop but we eventually did. We laugh it off and she puts the car in reverse but she floors it and I say what are you doing ,why didn’t you just back up and turn, and once I say that she makes a u turn that eventually turns into spinning out of control and she starts freaking out and I hold her hand that was on the e-brake and say it’s ok just breath but we seem to never seem to be stopping at spinning out of control and all I see is brick walls and us almost hitting them but then I hear my sister scream my name JILL!!! And then BAM a truck hits my side and I could feel glass fly everywhere but my eyes were closed I could me lift up a bit but my seatbelt do a little click and tug and everything went white and my ears rang and went quite and my body in real life felt very light but everything was still white in my dream, and I waited to stray dreaming again but then I just opened my eyes assuming that I died because my dream didn’t continue after that. What does all of that mean

  25. I had a dream where my mom was driving, probably around 40 mph , my mom was driving I was in the back seat. Before we knew it we were heading to a dead end & metal beams like you would find in the structure of a building were sticking out. Before we could do anything we hit the beam and it went right through the windshield where my mom was. I was in the back. Nothing gory or disturbing images about the dream because that’s where it ended. I tend to go very fast on the highway by myself & I get the feeling by me going fast if anything were to happen to me it would kill me, and the way I drive there is no room for error at those speeds. I don’t know what comes over me.

  26. I had a dream I was leaving my job and on my way home I thought I saw an ex of mine, so I started to follow the car but I went on the highway. I was in the middle lane with a cop in front of me and a huge white commercial truck behind me. I tried getting into the first lane but couldn’t so I stayed in the middle. I looked and noticed the cop car was slamming his breaks so I did and he slammed into someone then I slammed into him then the truck behind me slammed into me crushing me between the two cars and in the process of being squished I’m screaming and can hear bones breaking and saying “I’m going to die!!!!” And I remember thinking in my head no I’m too young (I’m 20) and thinking I’m going to die alone in this car… I woke up and stayed with my eyes closed because it felt so real I really thought I was dead.

  27. Had a dream last night of a massive car accident, I was not involved in the accident. I was looking at the aftermath of the accident, it was about 2 kilometres of dead people on the road, very gruesome accident, their were no vehicles visible in the dream, n i was then walking through this 2 kilometers of dead people, I then woke up sweating.
    Please help me interpret this dream.


    • OMG! I had the exact same dream a couple nights ago. I was driving a scooter like thing and saw the aftermath of a massive car accident. Dismembered heads, legs, bodies all over the road. Just gruesome and scary. I tried hard not to look at anything around me. Like you, there were no cars on the road and I had no idea what caused this massive accident. I ended up at a hospital where all the victims were taken to and I was tyring to hide from all the dead bodies being brought into the hospital.
      For me, that was a very weird dream that I’ve never had before. Spooked me and disturbed me. Would love it too if someone can analyze and interpret this dream.

  28. In my dream I’m in a car in the passenger seat, my mother and sister are in the back my father (who has been dead in real life for over 9 years) is the driver. All of my immediate family is in there except my son, who is my world. .. he’s in daycare. We are on a dirt road on a grassy hilltop. My dad looses control of the car on the edge it teeters and we know we’re going to flip. .. we all know we might die at this point. We tell eachother we love eachother whatever happens and I start to pray for my son. “Please Lord don’t let him grow up afraid or hurt without a mother. Keep him safe. Keep him happy and strong” the car start to flip. … it flips 5 times. And crashed to the bottom of the hill. We are not dead. (My father might be but I’m unsure) we are tangled in our seatbelts and disoriented. we have to wait for someone to find us and help us because we cannot move.
    I don’t remember being saved but I remember being disoriented and still trying to call people to pick up my child from daycare.
    Flash forward im at some bbq and explaining to people how I almost died in a car accident that flipped 5 times and how scary it all was. No one cared. They kinda just gave me the “mmmhmmm ” and went about their business which hurt.
    And then I woke up. =)

  29. We have a up coming trip to Florida and I keep dreaming that on the trip down there my husband is driving and all of a sudden he rear ends another vehicle (keep in mind he’s had 3 accidents in a year). Ive had this dream a few times and each time it’s always a little different, one time we hit a tractor trailer, once it was suv, and usually a car. But every time I end up waking up in tears on impact. Part of me is wanting to cancel the trip every time I have it knowing he will be doing most of the driving

  30. I dreamt about being in a truck with my aunt driving three kids in front and me and three of my friends (one is my crush) in the back seats and my aunt turns right and tells one of my cousins to.hold the wheel and she turned to us and was putting her hair up and holding the accelerator and i.saw there was a downhill and she turned but it was too late and we smashed into a wall so we all got of no one hurt then we saw the truck and water started coming out of the engine that was all smashed….idk what this means???

  31. Twice last night I had a similar dream. I was a passenger in a car not sure if I knew the person or not but think it was a female and she made a mistake while driving and all the sudden we are going off a high cliff over water I tell her to open the window part way so that if for some reason we land in the water we can kick it out and get out I’m also thinking we should shut off the ignition because the impact may cause the car to explode and I’m just waiting to see what happens when a car hits ground or the water

  32. My partner Craig had a dream we were both in a car ” the car flipped upside down rolled ended up
    In flooded water the right way up “

  33. Read this, is very curious…

    I had a dream of my friend drop my phone on purpose at the ground. And I got mad by beating my friend up. By a KO.. after that I had a short dream of a Street Race just outdoors. And the first car took of fast and fine.. the 2nd car took of to beat his time, he was faster but he lost control over the car and up crashing into another car.. And I DO NOT know any of these racers… If you have any suggestions on how this could affect my waking life… please replay..


    • Actually for some reaso , I forget to write what happens De day after my dream. I’m actually meeting my friends at a bar, of of the friends is the guy I beaten up in my dream. We had a couple of beers, but I didn’t wanna tell them my strange dream.. but after the bar we decided to bring the bout out for a ride, and we got out on the ocean.. and we went to an small island.. just before I got of the bout my phone drop out of my pocket and right into de ocean.. and this story IS IN MY waking life, the day after my dream..

  34. had a dream last night i was in a terrible car accident i was thrown through the windshield and died lying on the ground bloody. not sure what it means?

  35. Last night around midnight I went to bed.,, and literally right when I closed my eyes I saw myself hitting th back of a Chevy Equinox..but right after that I woke up as if I was panting and hurt like as if I really got into the accident…. Since that mini episode I didn’t sleep the rest of the night and I’m worried. What does this mean?

  36. Last night i dreamt that i was in the car with my husband and two grandbabies. I was driving. We were getting on the express way as a jack knifed semi truck was coming toward us. I slammed on my brakes freaking out. Yelling of no over and over again. I was stuck and couldn’t move. The truck ended up barely missing us but crashed into a lot of other cars. I woke up right after all the noise from the impact of the semi crashing into all the other cars. What does this dream mean. It freaked me out so bad

  37. I had a dream of driving off the overpass that was full of construction. the way I could only see was through my phone. I hit the screen with my thumb or finger and the gps went all wonky and I lost the view of my screen where to go. I felt my car go over the edge and I could feel my body falling with the car but ended up waking up before I hit the ground. I’m still really freaked out about what it could mean.

  38. my dream was very strange and disturbing I was in my home amd i saw a homeless man crawing on the street in front kf my house he was crawing forward he seemed very poor I was too afraid of going out side I started developing fear on this then I try to get away from looking outside and just ignore it but I hear a car and I heard something get ran over ithe sound was very rough and more and more cars came then there was traffic it was odd because not a lot of cars go through my street like that its very small too I just didn’t get it then I heard someone it was more of a women and she said there goes his ribs and then thats when all the cars dissapeard and I saw bits of corpse like bones thats it

  39. My nitemare dream was so real.I woke myself up to.stop it.
    Back in June 2016 in my.dream my oldest daughter.2 oldest daughter. 2 born granddaughter& unborn granddaughter were in a horrific accident were a 14yr old.boy killed my 2.daughters and unborn granddaughter.my 2 born granddaughter survived.
    On August the.8th I had.any parents worst phone call.my oldest daughter.unborn grandaughter & 2born granddaughter were.in a horrific car accident.
    My 2nd.daughter was driving her own car.and was only minutes away from the crash science.My daughter was taken to the royal women’s hospital and later that night had a emergency csection.were my granddaughter was.born..she was so strong she was a little fighter.my daughter and son in law were told it would b best for her life support to be turned.off our sweet angel passed August.10th..
    I feel partly to blame as I had a dream and it actually did happen..but only 1.life was lost..unlike my dream 3.lives were LOST..
    PLEASE.HELP.I’m not.coping with my granddaughters.passing nor the pain my daughter is feeling for her baby girl.
    What is this all telling me
    Thank you
    Feeling helpless.numb.empty

    • Somestimes stuff is totally out of our control: in other words – shit happens. It’s terribly tragic but we have to have faith in God and move on. I know it makes no sense to you at all but that deep wound; that burden you carry will kill you if you don’t release it. A caring friend who lives in Durban, South Africa.

  40. I dreamt about my family in a car and I was sitting on my mom’s lap? in the front passenger seat, my dad was driving.Then, the car ran off the rode to a cliff down to some water.The car was flooded with water almost immediately, and I could hear my dad’s voice telling me to get off my mom’s lap and save my mom. My dad was struggling to get the seatbelt off my mom as my mom couldn’t swim. Whereas I take the headrest of the carseat and started using the metallic end of the headrest to hit the window of the car. The window broke and all the water came out from the car, my family was saved. What does this dream indicates, please tell me.

  41. i dreamt my husband had bought a new car it easy a mini we had to go pick it up. he had a big breakfast and he’s stomach swelled i told him to stop eating fatty food as he would have a heart attack. We went with my young daughter to collect the car i was the front passenger he the driver. He had a heart attack at the wheel and the car ploughed into the front of a house i was fine as was my daughter but i had to get a passer by to call an ambulance as my phone had no battery. I tried to contact the rest of the family to get them to go to the hospital as he was critical but everyone’s phone was off i woke up annoyed that i never got hold of anybody

    • So this site only helped partially! My accident was me alone with no car damage. It’s like I was speeding around a curve on a hill on a dirt road. Then the wheel couldn’t catch the ground and I started to slide down a mountain sideways but then it’s like I was floating in the car over a body of water. Maybe a big lake or the ocean. It’s like I missed the accident. But I knew I was dead and I was floating to heaven. But I remember the last thing I said in the accident was I love you Connor and baby girl. (That’s my kids)
      But as I was floating to the sky I said I’m coming home daddy.
      No I’m not depressed or dying. But I’m wondering what this could mean. Any ideas?

  42. I dreamt I could have fallen asleep while driving my car and when the car left the road I tried to regain control. I do not recall seeing any trees or other obsticles nor did I see my wife in the car. I only remember the car lying on its roof and a strange woman telling me that my wife “didn’t make it”. I was not hurt in the accident.

  43. I dreamt about my son’s father and I whom are still together and our 1 yr old were driving on the key bridge, he was driving agresivly in the rain then we started sliding off the Bridge, just flew off. Ass I’m watching this as an outsider at this point watching my baby go down with us, I’m thinking what to do . Open a window and unbuckel him, next my son starts crying and woke me up in fear

  44. I dreamt last night that I was in a vehicle with my parents and I happened to be looking in the direction of another lane of traffic, going a separate direction than us at a 4 way intersection…. all lights were red, and as we waited, a traffic light came off of it’s wire, and fell onto a car, this car then started moving and going in circles in the center space of the intersection so fast that it flipped itself, then hit something else, and literally just fell apart, flat to the ground crushing everyone in it even a child. In my dream, it was as if my own child didn’t exsist as there was no car seat beside me, but I was the child in the carseat in the other car. I just don’t like that dream at all.

  45. I had a dream that I was sitting on a park bench and I was looking at the street and cars were passing by, then all of a sudden one of the cars crashed into a flower shop building…crazy shit…so vivid.

  46. I dreamt that I as driving my car and hit another car that was parked at the corner of the street and it engine fell and my bumper also fell and I did not wait but just drove away and afterwards I was afraid that they could trace me via the street cameras.

  47. i had a dream about my and my fiance walking down a highway and all of a sudden an 18 wheeler runs in and over the divider and nearly hits me and him and the 18 wheeler hits a bunch of other cars that werent there before and theres jsut a huge car pile and i could no longer see my fiance i was being thrown between the cars and under the trucks then i woke up i dont know what it means but it scares me.

  48. I dreamt last night that I was driving behind a van and could not see what was ahead of the van. I then hit a waterpool and my car was spinning and swerving out of control and hitting into other cars and barriers and ended up hitting a huge water wave and coming to a standstill. I remember looking up to see if I was ok and then going to sleep. There was no pain and my logical brain told me that it was obvious, because you never feel pain when you are in shock and then I went to sleep

  49. I was in my car taking a little snooze before going into my job and right before i woke up i dreamed i hit the back of a vehicle. I was trying to lift my head up in the dream to see what i actually hit but kept going in and out. I also heard sirens and my phone ring

  50. i dreamt i was driving my mum car to the church and colided with another car mine got damaged beyound repair and the person who we colided car got burnt but nothing happened to me i was only scared in the dream of how to tell my mum u
    i crashed her car.what does this mean?

  51. I just woke up from a strange dream thats still on my mind. I was driving my car, but i was on the right hand side (in US so its normally Left) as I was driving I believe to my grandmas house, it was just my mother and me. I was on a freeway very high in the air, the signs on all the left hand sides said closed, so i had to turn right, yet when I started going right the road ended and it sent me and my mother off the edge, we fell a few hundred feet into a big building of somekind, i believe it was made out of ceramic. My mother survived but I did not, but i didn’t see myself dead, just saw images of people talking about my death.

  52. Dream i have an accident In a red sports car a few family members are passengers I drive through a tunnel and don’t turn with road instead go staight off flip car on top of 2 others in underneath road everyone in my car was ok. I woke with fright went back to sleep and dreamt back at scene walked around could see my line manager in background, checked all cars and the car that was underneath mine there was a man dead in drivers seat I didn’t know him or recognise him, I tried to save him and then woke up when ambulance services turned up!!!

  53. I dreamt I was driving a car with someone in the passenger side and nearly ran up the back of a white car! Just before nearly hitting the car I suddenly woke up with a sudden jolt

  54. I had a dream I got killed in a car accident and I’m going to six flags tomorrow its a long trip with my friend and my mom just told me about how there was an accident twords over there I’m freaking out I dont know what to do

  55. I had a dream last night that I was sitting on the back seat on the passage side of a very high class black car. I was alone in the car and suddenly the car started and proceeded to take off by itself with no driver and no one else in the car. I could not remove my seatbelt to attempt to stop the car and all of a sudden I saw the corner of a brock building, I closed my eyes, I was very relaxed, no fear at all and then a few seconds later hit the brick building. I felt my body lift from the seat and projected onto the back of the front passage seat and return to the back seat where the seat felt very cushiony and then I woke up. I was very relaxed when I woke up! It did not feel like a nightmare! I felt at peace for some reason…Please let me know what this could mean… Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

  56. av just had a horrific dream of a car crash it was awful av woke up sweating nd out of breath I feel sick like a actually felt me injuries happen..A didn’t get me seatbelt on in time there was a hijacked lorry chasing the car a was in the back seat nd we hit the bus stand a heard my body crush nd blood down my face.. a feel so strange right now xxxxx

  57. My dream was my car has drived by my brother and it was committed with accendants . due to that my accendants my father’s house brocken as well damage to Vehical I’m crying continuously

  58. I dreamt that I was being tailgated whilst driving and smoking with my uncle and my cousin, the car behind was so close that I sped up to 100mph and ended up crashing into a huge car dealership completely made of glass, very futuristic and expensive.

    I remember thinking I was dead but all of the sudden I was perfectly fine, my uncle and cousin were also unscathed. The car vanished , and we found ourselves trying to convince the same people who were tail gating me, not to call the police as I was smoking.

    What does all this mean? At no point I was scared throughout the dream I just accepted that whatever happened happened

  59. I dreamt that I asked my dad to take me school.. even though it was dark and maybe around 3AM(?)
    So he did, he drove in the wrong direction though, and then I told “Wait, can we go back I forgot to make my lunch and get my bag.” And I think he was angry so he kept driving until we drove onto a wooden dock driveway, with in front of us was a very small cabin with a triangle roof, a window, and a door made of old wood (We could only see it because of the front-lights)
    So he tried to turn around, but it was too small and started to crash down, so he kept driving and then the car just started to flip or something, and I don’t remember how we got out.
    The car had broken windows and stuff, but that’s all the damage.
    And also, the road seemed to gone and we were by a river that had trees next to it.
    I was calling “Dad!?” a lot, and I walked up to the edge of the river and saw a blue toy in the shallow part of the water. I kept calling until he popped up beside me and said he was okay.

    I’m really confused by this dream, the same night I dreamt I hung myself.

  60. Just awoke from a nightmare in which i was driving in Wales,i lost control of my car and went off a mountain road plunging several hundred feet to my death…..Strange thing is although i`m an Englishman who lives in Norway i did recently turn down a job offer in Wales.Now it`s not really me to look to deep into this but to wake up shaking and feeling…..i`m not sure how to explain it,perhaps someone on here can help me out with a deeper meaning to this.x.x.x

  61. Hi, I had a very bad dream last night, dreamt me and my children were travelling with my father and his girlfriend, me and the kids were in the back cab of the bakkie, for some reason we pulled to the side of the road, my son was outside of the vehicle while me and my 2 girls were still in the back, next thing I saw was a huge truck losing controll and smashing into a car that just passed us and then slammed into us. Folding my dad’s bakkie in half, I heard my dad being crushed in the front, my 2 girls were screaming in pain and I could not get a word out to call to my son who was still outside while this was taking place. Before the accident concluded I woke up feeling very anxious and overwhelmed with sadness that I actually kept my kids home from school today… Does anyone know what this all could mean? It really shook me…


  63. I had a dream my son was chasing me as I was crossing the street and a white car came and got him the car him over so slow and I ran up to the car and knocked on her window them ran to my son who was bleeding from his head I wanna know what my dream meant I woke up scared…

  64. I was in the backseat of the car and my aunt was the driver. In the seat beside her was my uncle and beside. My sister is to my left and my cousin (my aunts youngest daughter) is to my right. (My sister and cousin are one year younger than I am.) I am in the middle able to see the road. We are going down a one way road very close to my house and I know that road well. My aunt turns to look at me because I was talking to her but I don’t know what I am saying. She smiles at me and then all of the sudden a very large truck turns the corner and is heading towards us. I can see it because I am in the middle and point at it saying “look!” very loudly. So my aunt turns and as she does her smile go’s away and she see’s the truck. She pushes on the brakes but they don’t work and we all scream for about 2 seconds and then we crash. At that moment I wake up with a jolt upward in my bed. Only to see that it is 3:32 am. I go back to bed but I still feel the horror of the crash. This dream happened 4 years ago but I still remember it very clearly and I started to wonder why and what it means so I searched it up. So if you know what this means in more detail can you please let me know?

  65. I dreamt of my daughter’s car being driven over an embankment due to a truckdriver’s negligence where I subsequently ran down that embankment screaming her name. I guess the dream was so shocking that I awoke from it immediately without knowing if she had survived. I try and analyse it like this: I am at retirement age now and had to seek her financial assistance (she lives overseas) but feel that this could now damage our relationship and the way she views me … hence the dream I had

  66. I remember this dream where I was a passenger in my mum’s car and only mum and me were in the car. We drove where we usually drive but this time there was a building and we crashed into it. The bad part was that the building was a butcher place and my mum flung up somehow and smashed though the glass window and got stabed by a knife a died and I can just remember being parralized. I had this dream when I was 8!! ๐Ÿ™

  67. I dreamt that I was driving a car by myself on the highway. All of a sudden I veered off the shoulder for no reason. I was inching that way but didn’t think I would go off. I was on road for like 2s and then ended up in a grass where the field progressively got higher. I believe that I passed a few cars in that field and was sortoff like judging them like “I don’t know how they ran off the road. Anyway, when the car came to a stop, I walked through the field and ended up at a church of a Pastor friend that I know. When I took him to show him the car, it had disappeared like someone took it or that I just couldn’t find out the location of it. I was baffled and trying to figure out what happened in my dream and as I woke up.

  68. My dream was me and a woman are driving (she is driving i’m in passenger) but we are going to fast to turn so we end up sliding off a short cliff. I jump out but she get thrown out the car against and onto the top of a building i scream and see her try to look back up at me and go run from help. (Then I woke up)

  69. I saw I was driving a car with one of my office friend and suddenly we were hit by a van. It was breaking the car in my side massively. But nothing happened to me and I survived. The driver and his wife of the van blamed me for the accident. But my friend said it’s not my fault as they came on the wrong side. There was another passenger in that van and he said he will help me in the police as it was the van driver Who came in the wrong side. Anyway we came home from the police as we knew it will take some time and since the other person is going to help me. When I came home I saw that I was having some bubble type wounds on my leg even though those are not bleeding.

  70. I was in the car with my husband! He was driving, suddenly he gets out and the car was going backwards really fast! I tried to stop it and struggle to find the brakes! Fortunately I stopped the car! People came to check because the car endet on n the a little forest! My husband came and started looking at the car!

  71. In my dream I was with my colleague at work were both nurses, at that day we were going out at this point she was driving my car a Honda CRV 2015, my friend with me I asked her if we turn right or left I told her we turn left..so we turned left. as we turned left the road was going up but as I saw myself I wasn’t in the car anymore I was walking outside the street like directing my friend the road. I suddenly saw a big long truck speeding behind my car the scene was so fast that I saw the big long truck sliding and trying to break but it was too late the long truck was sliding and curled into an arch..didn’t saw my car which my friend was driving and then it surfaced it stop in the side of the road and suddenly the car curled from the back to the front and made a loud crash before that happened I saw my friend peeped in the window..the car was wrecked and impossible to have anyone inside be alive.I didn’t report the incident but was waiting if there’s a news about the accident. I was about to go to the Honda office where I leased the car but I woke up can’t get the dream since i woke up

  72. Me, an both my younger and older sister were in a old car. I think it was an old purple Triumph Dolly(Dolomite). My older brothers child was driving the vehicle – unfortunately he drove it into a tree, and front of the car was all mashed up; probably a ‘write off’! I started laying into my older sister; asking her why in the hell did she let him drive, when he hadn’t even passed his test. in reality I’ve always looked up to my older sister, because my mother would often treat her with disdain – so I felt very protective towards her, and tried to be very sensitive to her feelings. she’d also been fostered when she was first born, until about the age of 6 or7.

    The second crash dream – this time, my older sis was driving me and my younger sis – she ended up driving us into a river and the car started sinking. She thought she could make the car afloat again by opening the drivers side door. She just ended up falling through a hedge into the river. Somehow my younger sister an me manage to free ourselves from the car – – and ironically our clothes were ‘bone dry’. My older sis cannot drive in realise, me an my youngest sis can though. We tried to convey this fact to her, in no uncertain terms, but it was like talking to a ‘brick wall’.

    The third Crash involved complete strangers. I witnessed a van full of maybe musician type characters, they were very casually &elegantly dressed, an there was an aroma of hash, wafting out of their car., – run into the back of this car. The Grandmother ended up with whiplash. The granddaughter who was bout aged 10, ended up giving the driver a piece of her mind.

  73. I had a dream where I was coming back from a convention of some sort but I think it might have been two separate dreams one right after the other because two random friends of mine were driving were driving us down through a very strange tunnel in a hill but one side of the hill was open and there was a huge field next to it, In the field was a weird rock/island-like platform with trees and grass growing on it and the ground of the field was all rocky. So we were driving through this tunnel and my friend turns the car into the field and I yell “what are you doing?!?” And she replies with “Its just a small bit of fun” and she starts turning and faces the tunnel from a far distance. I screamed “no,stop!” but she just said “have some fun” and she sped up and we were rocking because of the bumpy ground. The car came to a rock out of the ground and we went flying and hit a tree. The my friend who was driving looks at me and says “I’m so sorry” while the other passenger coughs and get and out which I do after her. We went to go look for help and my two friends ran along the Tunnel side and I yelled “Don’t do that!” And I walked along the special tunnel built and came across these bathrooms to where my friends spat out in whispers ‘HIdE!!! Hide! Hide!!” So I frantically locked myself in a stall like the other two. I hear little footsteps and I climb onto the toilet so the cannot see my feet and the footsteps were right outside my stall. I stood still as the figure peeked under the gap under the stall door and it was a little girl, she was so little and cute! Her hair was a hazel-blonde color and her eyes blue and she was wearing a light pink and white dress. The little girl claimed I was her mommy and to stop hiding from her, And I had to pursuade her I wasn’t, Later the father came to take her with his other daughter.
    A man in a colored work suit came and asked us to “show him it”amd I was confused for a moment but then lead him to the car. The cars front two seats were gone (idk why?) and there was bits and bobs all over the floor, I picked up my mothers car keys (The keys,bits and bobs and car were identical to my mothers car that she has right now). I stood back and saw the car, the bonnet was off and the car had a giant red L shaped (micro)chip (with squares applied all over the outside destroying the L shape) and there were little golden pieces like a microchip usually has. The chip was resting on the dusty bonnet and the rest of the car was fine. The man who wore the red work uniform had keys hanging from his belt (They jingled loudly). His hair was black and and spicky and his eyes were blue, he had a nicely shaped beard and he had a blank expression on his face while examining the car. The when the car crashed and when he was examining the car I was yelling “I CANNOT AFFORD THIS!”. If anyone could possibly relate or explain this please share it, it would bw greatly appreciated โ™ฅ

  74. I had a dream that someone broke in my apt and I was hiding in the closet he pulled me out and rape me, he was stock because I stop fighting and laid their, he left and I ran across the street and the whole top of my car was beat in I remember so my car was wreck but I wasn’t driving I just seen it wreck went to the neighbors house and they were arguing and said they couldn’t take me to my family’s home and then I sat their, but when the guy ran across the street it was some other friends of his met him they had stolen from someone else

  75. I dreamed I was driving my “real life” car, and (I think because I wasn’t paying enough attention?) I slammed head on into a bright red concrete pylon (the kind you would see in a parking lot, near a fire lane or something…).
    I was thrown from the car and as I lay on the ground I was wondering if I was going to die right there on the spot. I was thinking “I am going to die right here.” I was alone. It was raining lightly.
    Soon after a policeman came by to write up a report about the accident. I was able to stand up (I thought “Oh, OK I am not as badly hurt as I thought”). My car was completely “totalled”, and I could see that the radiator was leaking fluid onto the ground.
    The policeman told me I had to move the car, I said “Are you kidding me? It’s not driveable, how am I supposed to move it?”
    He was no help. We were in a parking lot, so I was wondering to myself why I needed to move the car.
    A man and a woman nearby said they could give me a ride.

  76. 2 different dreams on the same night:
    1) I seem to be standing in a road (maybe I was crossing the street) and 2 cars race towards me going the wrong way. I have to jump out of the way to avoid being hit. A few seconds later another car races by the wrong way too, seeming to be chasing the first 2 cars. The cars seem to be coming at me head on, then pass by me moving from my right to my left. It is daytime but over cast.
    2) I am standing on the side of a road. It is night. My cat runs into the street in front of an oncoming car. I’m afraid she will be hit, but she makes it safely across. I watch the red taillights of the car go by, then run after my cat, catch her up in my arms and carry her onto the porch lit landing of a building on the far side of the street. The car was moving from my left to my right.
    If anyone can help me understand the meanings of these dreams, please comment. Thanks.

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