Mold Dream Interpretation

Mold in dreams dream indicates that something in your life had been once useful, however, they might now be detrimental to your well being because you have been ignoring and not maintaining it well.

Dream About Mold Growing
Mold growing in dreams refer to negative emotions that are expanding and growing in your subconscious. These negative thoughts feed on your positive attitudes and turning them negative. If left unchecked you will soon lose all of your motivation and chances to thrive.

Dream About Mold Testing in Labs
To see that you are testing for mold and growing mold culture in lab, represent transformation under controlled situation. You are trying out how much you could handle in waking life. Perhaps you are gradually taking in negative criticism, and in turn transform how you approach the world.

Dream About Eating Mold
Eating mold in the dream, indicates that you are being desperate and taking in wasted opportunities to be perfect. You are likely to get sick or fail before of bad timing. You are too late to take up on certain opportunity.

Dream About Cleaning Mold
Cleaning and scrubbing mold off the wall in bathroom or kitchen, means that you need to rid yourself of the pessimistic and negative attitude. Consider the place where the mold exist in the dream to get an idea on where.

Dream About Moldy Cheese
Moldy cheese in dream reflects money lost due to irresponsible gambling or poor investments.

Dream About Moldy Bread or Cake
Moldy bread and cake foretells that you may get sick in the near future, due to a result of negligence for your health and what you eat.

Dream About Mold Water
Moldy water in dreams reflect a lack of emotional hygiene. You are not taking good care of your mind.

Dream About Mold Hair
Mold hair in dreams represent a parasitic relationship that will constantly bother you.

Dream About Mold on Walls
To see mold on walls, floor, or tiles, implies that you are too easily susceptible to negative energy and influences around you.

Dream About Black Mold
Black mold indicates that your negative thoughts are growing out of control. You are entering the dark side.

Dream About White Mold
White mold in dreams foretells that your affairs and relationship will go badly.

Dream About Green Mold
Green mold in dreams suggests that your creativity might grow out of control.

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