Flood Dream Meaning – Top 44 Dreams About Flooding

Did you dream about flooding? It forewarns of an approaching illness. The problem is generally caused by emotional problems and chronic stress. You need to release some of the hard feelings and personal tension. Your repressed emotions are overwhelming you. Try to figure out ways to drain out the things or people that cause you problems. Below we will note the more detailed dream meanings for floods.

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Dream About Actions in a Flood

Surviving Flood
To dream that you survive a major or raging flooding event; foretells that you will overcome huge sorrow or significant illness like cancer. However, if the flood is continuous that does not drain away. It points to some type of chronic illness or fluid build up in your body like diabetes. Consider paying attention to your health and take better care of yourself.

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Walking Through Flood Stream
To dream that you are walking through a stream of flood; points to circulation problems in your lower body including feet and legs. Perhaps you’re cold during winter while sleeping. Consider keeping yourself warm with socks. Tread carefully in waking life.

Swimming in Flood
To dream that you are fighting for survival while swimming in the flood; points to emotional turmoil and stress time. You will try hard to keep your head above the water. It could point to an extremely busy time at work, or a significant event like a mass layoff or a pandemic. You will fight to stay alive.

Driving Through Flooded Roads
To dream that you are driving through flooded streets; suggests that you will see some type of suffering in your surrounding life like homelessness. However, they will not affect your path and direction. You will simply overlook and ignore other people’s problems.

Dream About Dealing with Flood

Flood Flow Blocking Your Path
To dream flood flow blocking your path in the dream; indicates that others are overwhelming you with demands and strong emotional opinions. There will be some lines that you cannot cross. If you do get tangled in other people’s business; you will get your shoes, clothes, and feet wet. You will also become emotionally involved.

Cleaning Flood
To see yourself cleaning the aftermath of a food; indicates that you are on the right path. You will soon solve your problems. Deal with repressed issues that have been long-standing.

Flood During Pregnancy
To see a flood during pregnancy in the dream; is a bad omen. Perhaps you are overly emotional about how other people treat you. You feel isolated and cold. Or it could relate to some type of fluid build-up that exists within you.

Carried by Flood
To dream about a flood carrying you; indicates that your worries about certain problems will sweep you away. You will be unable to handle the flurry of problems thrown at you. The dream foretells that you will lose your foothold on the problem. Soon you will simply go for the waves and grabbing whatever support that you can find.

Drowning in Flood
Drowning in a flood in the dream reveals your subconscious fear of drowning.

Escaping Flood Warning
To dream that you are escaping after getting a flood warning; suggests that you need to be more prepared and alarmed going forward. You can see certain disasters unfolding before your eyes. Grab your belonging and head for the exit. Move on to higher places where you will be safe. Think higher of yourself so that other people’s negativity will not bring you down.

Dream About Flood Causes

Flood and Earthquake
An earthquake together with the flood in the dream points to a significant shakeup. An important structure in your life such as a harbor or dam will be damaged. The safe spots in your life are under attack. Soon you will feel a prolonged sorrow until the flood fades away.

Flood and Heavy Rain
If you dream about a small flood after heavy rain; suggests that people will criticize you much in the near future. These criticisms will bring you sorrow and worries. You will become emotional over what other people say to you.

Thunder Storm Flood or Hurricane Flood
To see a thunderstorm or hurricane flood in the dream; foretells that there will soon be a crisis. A transformation or revelation will present itself. Harsh feelings will be built somewhere else. It will move to impact everything that you know of. Your best bet is to wait for the lifecycle to end. So that you can start picking up the pieces.

Flood Tsunami Wave
A dream about a flood caused by a tsunami; points to future depression from repressed feelings. You will soon experience unhappiness and emotional instability. A big change will upend your life. Watch out for sweeping changes with long-lasting damage.

Dream About Flooded Family Home

Flood Family Home
To dream about a family home or apartment flooded; suggests that cold emotions will smother your household. It could also reflect certain financial difficulties as your livelihood is “underwater”.

Living Spaces

Bedroom Flooded
To see your bedroom flooded in the dream; suggests a recent catastrophe may have flooded your private life with unwanted emotions. This incident will impact your intimate relationship with loved ones.

Flooded Bathroom
Dreaming that your bathroom flooded; indicates that you will be unable to cleanse and purify your thoughts. Negative thoughts that should be expelled will linger instead. You feel dirty about something.

Flooded Basement
Dreaming that water floods your basement; is a sign that you have serious unresolved issues. Your blocked ego and subconscious will not allow you to move on and explore until you sort your emotions out.

Non Living Spaces

Flooded Kitchen
A flooded kitchen in the dream; forewarns that your willingness to nurture and help will backfire. Be aware of emotional pushback when you try to offer help and support.

Flooded Toilet
To see a flooded toilet in the dream; indicates that you will have trouble handling certain views or beliefs of the world. You will fight hard against anyone who tries to push their own views onto you.

Flooded Garage
The dream about a flooded garage points to financial problems. You will soon encounter serious problems that hinder your assets or ability to move. Watch out for damaged tools or other valuable objects like cars or boats.

Dream About Flooded Roadways

Flooded Bridge
A flooded bridge in the dream forewarns important decisions or critical junctions in your life will be underwater. Important discussion channels will be emotional and blocked. You will have a hard time getting across your thoughts to other people.

Flooded Road Street
To see flooded roadways and streets in the dream; reflect the turbulent way that you connect facts and think. Your mind is a flooded maze that is weighed down by emotions. You are trying to navigate around destabilized environments to avoid potholes to fall into water traps. You are swamped emotionally.

Dream About Flooded Buildings

Flooded Church
To see the flooded church in the dream; suggests that your faith is under emotional turmoil. There are organizational issues and problems at your church. You will have to work very hard to take into consideration everyone’s opinions.

Flooded Cemetery
To see a flooded cemetery or grave in the dream; forewarns that your values and traditions will be under attack. Others will trample on your conservative or traditional views about something. It will be hard for you to stay dry emotionally.

School Flood
A school flooded in the dream points to problems with your education. Watch out for distractions that affect your study and tests. Outside forces and reasons will prevent you from learning. You will soon become disappointed with your results or scores.

Dream About Other Flooded Places

Flooded Yard or Garden
A flooded backyard or garden in the dream suggests that there will be difficulties on the horizon. You are ill-equipped to handle upcoming challenges. You will lose certain balance aspects of your life when a certain disaster strikes, and your personal life will be drowned in sorrow.

Something that you have worked hard on like the grass or flower will be lost. Your emotional negativity will be your own undoing.

Flooded Elevator
To dream about an elevator filled and flooded with liquid; indicates that you are feeling swamped. Specifically, if you have been promoted or demoted from your job or status.

Flooded Beach
To dream about a flooded beach because of a rising tide; suggests that you have trouble letting go. Your desire to hold on to the old is going to hinder your ability to embrace future waves and opportunities.

Flooded Parking Lot
To see parking lots and cars flooding; point to a loss of control. You will become stranded and isolated. You will soon drift from your plans because of other people’s emotions. Be careful of other people’s forceful agendas that force you out of your way.

Pond or Lake Flood
To dream about a pond or lake flooding; foretells that you will over ideas overflowing out of your mind. Consider the contexts of the flood to see if it is positive or negative.

Dream About Types of Flood

Flash Flood
Flash flood in the dream forewarns sudden emotions will cause damage. Be careful of other people’s emotional outbursts and panic attacks. Be ready to evacuate and protect yourself when others starting to act out of their impulses. You will race against the clock for your own safety.

Mud Flood
Encountering a mud flood in the dream, suggests that you are not making the best decision right now. Great time stress and pressure is forcing you to make poor half-assed decisions.

Milk Flood
Seeing yourself in a milk flood in the dream; indicates that people are overprotecting you.

Urine Flood
To dream about urine flood; foretells that you will soon receive a long stream of rejections. You will propose or try something, only to be rejected over and over.

Blood Flood
Blood flood in the dream is a bad omen; you will make strong sacrifices and give up your life about something. However, the result might be bad. Potential disasters will soon arrive.

Red Wine Flood
To see a flood of red wine alcohol in the dream; points to a realization of an upcoming promise. Someone is going to make good on his or her unlikely words.

Dirty Black Water Flood
To see a flood with polluted black water and trash or sewage in the dream; suggests that you will soon have powers taken away from you. You will lose energy and become tired to continue fighting.

Fire and Flood
To dream fire, gasoline, and explosions that come with flood; point to emotional sabotage. You will be at the wrong place at the wrong time. Causing unlikely chemical reactions and consequences.

Fish Flood
To see fish that is swimming towards in within the flood; suggests that you need to look for opportunities amongst turbulent times.

Dream About Sizes of Flood

Small Little Flood
To see a small little flood in the dream; suggests that you should try to overlook the current difficulty. Tough times will soon pass.

Big Heavy Raging Flood
A big heavy and raging flood in the dream; forewarns turbulent times ahead. Buckle time and prepare for the ride. It might be hard to regain control over your fast running thoughts and emotions.

Slowly Rising Flood Water
To see slowly rising water in a flood; suggests that you need to make the plan now. Trust the signs that are given to you. You are getting boiled slowly like the frog. Make preparations to protect yourself.

Great World Flood
To see a great global flood like in the apocalypse; relates to the fact that you are feeling constrained and powerless. There will soon be a very likely and deadly event in your life. You will have to trust your instincts. Do not listen to ridicule. Create your own path to deal with your problems. You cannot change the world. But you can change how you face the challenges.

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