Maze Labyrinth Dream Interpretation

Seeing or dreaming about being in a maze or labyrinth usually indicates some forms of confusion or being lost at the center of issues and problems.

Pay attention to your emotions during the maze and consider your role or position while tackling the maze. For example, if you are stuck in a maze and feeling hopeless, it suggests that you may feel lost and think that there is no way out in the waking life. If you are however looking at a maze or labyrinth as an overview map, it denotes that you need to deal with a waking task on a more direct level.

If the dream focuses on making the decision at the decision point of the maze leading to different directions, it can suggest that you are making the situation harder than it really is. The dream symbolizes your indecision and inability to make the call.

By going around in circles in a maze dream, it can signify life’s twists and turns, you may feel that you are missteping or being misled back to square one. Finally, depending on the type of walls that make up a maze, that can have meanings into your labyrinth related dream as well.

House Maze / Office Maze
Dreams that feature a specific location becoming a maze, suggest that the relationship that you experience in those places have become more complex. For example, dreams about the rooms in your house becomes scrambled, indicates that your relationship with your family members may become more confused. You are not sure what to do with certain family members. Consider the type of rooms that come into focus such as restroom or bedroom to get some idea.

If the dream features office maze made up of cubicles, it can suggest that you are having trouble navigating through the varying office politics.

Stair Labyrinth
Dreams of a stair labyrinth or maze typically relates to where you are standing in life. Stairs Ladders generally relates to social or economic standing. Perhaps you feel that you are going anywhere with your work title or financial health. You feel lost and being in circles and the stair labyrinth dream is reflecting on that emotion.

Corn Maze
Corn maze in dreams typically relates to confusion related to financial decisions or economic plans. You may have come or saved up some money and you have little idea on how to navigate through the complex financial walkthroughs.

Garden Hedge Maze
Dreams of a hedge maze located in a garden, typically foreshadows unexpected happiness while experiencing hardship and downtime. The hedge maze may seem scary and there is no way out, but by slowing down and enjoying the flowers that come about along the way, you might make your complex trip much more enjoyable.

Mirror Maze
Mirror maze is usually dreamed of when you are at odds with your inner selves. You are at war within yourself between the different life choices, different parts of you may want different things in life and you are having trouble figuring out your self-identity and true desire.

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