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  1. What does it mean to be giving instructions to the church in an open field where as there’s a permanent structure of the that church

  2. The dream about pastoring a big church full of the kind of people I want to help-people in need. I left a church -people I left behind were at the church I dreamed of helping me to make the church I pastor work. Great ministry to people in need. I was very happy about the dream. One little girl was following me could refused other people to come near me. It is with joy and apprehension-I love the dream. I want to help people in need with the TRUTH and LOVE. Another joy ofit was that I rejected openly other people’s money. I sait that I need nothing buy GOD. I love that part woke singing. I don’t like what most pastors have done with church –money and money and money and the life of people still in a wreck. I’m looking for for complete freedom of humanity in TRUTH and in LOVE. Pray for me.

    • i think this means that god is talking to you and wants to use you and the way he is showing this is by giving you a dream . listen he is calling you.

  3. I a friend pastor hold my hand to talk me to seat close to the alter . I was wearing Cardigan. Light green. What is the meaning.

  4. I dreamed I walked in and they had completely redecorted the church. Changed the seats to a color and style I didn’t like painted the walls a dark grey which I did like expanded it to make a break area etc. I found myself very frustrated at first and then accepted it and embraced it.
    During the service I accidentally used the bathroom (diarrhea) and got it on the new seats. Then I woke up.

  5. It says about the dream of a dead guy in the church but. I had a dream where i got shot and was bleeding out in church and as that wad happening i saw red everywhere everything was red

  6. I Dreamed that I was in this Structureless white beautiful place I am a musician so I was playing my bass guitar and I was singing acapella to a song by Hillsong (healer) and in that dream, I saw my wife and our foster-son worshiping with me. and because of that dream, I have come back to the lord as I was astray from HIM. and in that dream the presence of the lord was so overwhelming I woke up in tears

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